What Is Web Check-In?

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What Is Web Check-In

These days choosing to fly to your destination of choice is becoming more common. With the advent of the internet, it has become easier to book your flight tickets at discounted rates. The number of people opting to fly to their destination is surely on the rise.

Read on for more information, on how to speed up the process of completing airport-related formalities even more quickly with the concept of Web Check-In.

What Is Web Check-In? 

In short, The Process of Web Check-in allows the concerned person to have the opportunity to choose their seats and print their boarding passes by themselves. Through the Web Check-in option, passengers can also avail of the said documents from the comfort of their own home/office as long as they have access to the internet.

Another advantage of this option is that the hassle of waiting in long lines at airport kiosks or check-in counters is minimized. Web check-in as the term suggests is an online option involving self-service.

How To Do Web Check-In For Flights?

Web Check-In usually requires that you register with the airline’s website before attempting to use it at the airport. Standard procedure usually indicates that the passenger checks in at least 24 hrs. before the flight takes off. However, the time of check-in often differs with different airlines.

This is a free service that the passenger can avail of right until your presence at the boarding gates. A bar-coded boarding pass is generated once you check in online.

Some of the other advantages of Web Check-In include being able to select your seat from the seat map rather than being indicated by the airline staff. Also, you can check in your luggage ahead of time, rather than having to drag it around with you during the times of your travel.

How To Do Online Check-In For Flights?

Online Check-In or Web Check-In is the same process. It usually involves going to the airline’s website and clicking on the “Online Check-In” section. After that, the concerned person has to fill out their confirmation number along with other details. After filling in all the information you will get the option to download your e-ticket or send it to your personal email.

When Can We Do Web Check-In For Domestic Flights?

Web Check In for Domestic Flights is usually available between 48 hrs. and 3 hrs. before a Domestic Flight departure. Also, Airport Check-In is available 60 mins before a domestic flight departs. The government makes it mandatory for the concerned person to web check in for their domestic flight.

How To Do Web Check-In For Air India Flights?

screen shot of Air india Web check in
  • First, visit the Air India Web Check-in site
  • Next, click on the option called “Manage your trip”
  • Then click on the tab called “Booking Reference”.
  • You will be prompted to provide your E-ticket number or booking reference id along with airport of departure details.
  • After that press Continue and that means Air India’s Process Of Web Check-In is completed.

Air India normally doesn’t charge any refund fee if you cancel your ticket after web check-in. Also, you must complete your Air India web check 45 mins on the day before travel. The different air India check-in options include mobile check-in, kiosk check-in, and web check-in.

During the time of the web check in, air India usually requires that you provide your mobile number to get SMS updates regarding the status of your flight itinerary. Air India requires that the passenger checks in at least 2hrs for international and 1 hr for domestic before the departure is scheduled.

In case the web check-in is not done it will have to be completed at a ticketing desk, airport desk, or online.

How To Do Web Check-In For Domestic/International Indigo Flights?

scrshot of air india web check in Indigo’s Web Check-in is quite structured in nature. Usually, the customers are allowed to download the boarding pass from their homes. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the indigo website,
  • and enter the required details such as flight code, booking reference number, last name, and email in the fields given.
  • Now click the check-in button.
  • Once you are on the next page click on the ‘download the indigo boarding pass’ button 
  • In this way, the indigo boarding pass will appear on the screen or be downloaded as a pdf file. You can see the boarding pass on the indigo mobile app as well if you log in with your details.

What Are Some Useful Tips For Indigo’s Online Check-in?

Some useful tips for Indigo online check in include carrying no more than 15 kg per piece. That luggage might include anything from ladies’ purses, infant bags, laptop bags, etc. Passengers with these items should go directly to the bag-drop counter while carrying a printout of their indigo flight boarding pass.

As for timings, online check-in time is slightly different for domestic and international flights. Indigo’s Online Check-In is available for 1 hr. to 48 mins before a domestic flight and 24 hrs. to 75 mins before an international flight.

How Can We Do Online Check-In At The Airport?

Airport check-in is done by the passenger when he/she confirms his desire to board a flight. Upon doing so he/she will receive a boarding pass for the same. At Airport check-ins the passenger’s arrival at the airport will be recorded and their travel documents will be prepared.

This is the normal way that passengers usually get their boarding passes. Once the passengers have their boarding passes they are prepared to get through the departure gates.

You might now be well-acquainted with the benefits of web check in as compared to the ordinary procedure, which usually involves waiting in long lines at an airport. Have anything to say/add? Let us know in the comments! Also if you found the above information helpful, share the article with your friends! You may also like 8 Best Domestic Airlines in India 2022.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When was the Web check-in process first introduced?

The Process Of Web Check In was first introduced by Alaska Airlines in the year 1999 for selected flights. Since then several airlines have started to adopt the system, and since then the trend of kiosks for self-service has emerged.

What information does Web Check-In usually require?

Web Check-in usually requires a person to present his/her passport number, flight details such as place of landing and departure, PNR (booking number), email id, etc. in case of an international flight. Another really important detail is the number of bags you’ll be carrying as part of your luggage that will either need to be tagged or stowed.

Why is Web-check In Compulsory for many airlines?

According to the latest rules and regulations, it is necessary to provide the details of your domestic flights in the country and so in this case, Web-Check In is necessary, especially after the onset of the pandemic. 

What is the main requirement of web check-in?

Web check-in is only allowed 3-48 hrs before a domestic flight departs, and around 3-48 hrs before an international flight departs.

What will completing a web check-in formality ensure?

Doing your web check-in will ensure Boarding pass and seat selection. Also, it will free you from having to wait in long lines and related inconveniences

What is the penalty for not doing your web check-in?

Many airlines make you pay a small fee for not complying with their process of web check-in.

Is there any mobile app, for doing Web Check-in?

A mobile check-in involves using an airline’s mobile app, rather than having to report to an airline’s kiosk or counter. The app will be available on the google play store or apple store. Upon downloading the mobile app of your airline,  you need to ensure that you click the check-in button to get further information.

Are there other ways for passengers to check in at airports?

These days airlines employ several ways to check in including online check-in, self-service kiosks, mobile apps, web check-in counters, and even ticket agents. Passengers can also avail of last-minute tickets at a discount by checking in just before a plane takes off. 

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