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7 Top Resorts With Adventure Activities In Gujarat

The following Resorts with adventure activities in the state of Gujarat are definitely a must-visit. If you are looking forward to visiting a resort in the area, which will provide you with all the thrills, then check out this small but inviting list of Resorts with adventure activities in Gujarat that will be not only memorable but also give you the adventure you are craving.

Most Popular Trekking Places Near Kolhapur 2023

Kolhapur, said to be a one-in-a-million town in Maharashtra, provides visitors with a unique experience with its sacred religious and historical landmarks. Apart from pilgrimage sites, this fascinating place has a wildlife sanctuary, a museum, a ghat, a dam, and a lake, as well as a few forts and palaces. Kolhapur, known for its leather …

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Best Kayaking spots in Pune

Kayaking is slowly gaining popularity among the many recreational watersports activity in India, a sport that has a much larger fanbase worldwide. There has been a significant development in the Western half of India, and Pune, a city belonging to the State of Maharashtra has finally hopped on the trend.

16 Best Night Treks Near Pune You Must Visit

Monsoon in Maharashtra means a lush green environment, powerful waterfalls and mesmerizing ghat views. This season is perfect for trekking and outdoor activities especially if you like to get wet. Some of the most beautiful trekking sites in Maharashtra may be found around Pune, with verdant hills, thick woods, flowing springs, and gleaming waterfalls. Night …

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Top Refreshing Adventure Places In India To Visit

India is a kaleidoscope of different experiences, For those seeking an adventurous vacation, India’s varied terrain guarantees maximum adrenalin rush. A dynamic travel experience can be experienced on land, on the water, or even in the sky. With the massive megadiversity, India lacks in nothing when it comes to adventure with its bone chilling landscapes. In this list we have tried to sort out the best of the highs and the lows that the subcontinent of India has to offer.

21 Best One Day Adventurous Treks Near Mumbai

It’s a peaceful experience to explore hiking places near Mumbai. It’s a rejuvenating getaway that can help you rejuvenate and get away from the daily grind. To reconnect with nature, it’s always a good idea to step outside and explore your surroundings. Mumbai is filled with several adventure spots on its outskirts. It includes several …

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