Top 5 Resorts Near Nagpur For One Day Picnic!

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Olive Resorts

Nagpur is a wonderful and culturally blessed city that is worth a visit! You might not be aware but Nagpur gets its name from the river Nag that flows through the city. This beautiful place is also famous for being the Orange City of India and for the production of export-quality silk. We will discuss some resorts near Nagpur for one day picnic.

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Top Resorts Near Nagpur!

Read more for further information on some ideal places to see in Nagpur and have restful accommodation there as well. This article will also give you a lot of information if you are planning to stay in the best Resorts Near Nagpur For One Day Picnic.

Best Jungle Resorts Near Nagpur

Greenland Resort

Greenland Resorts Top 5 Resorts Near Nagpur For One Day Picnic!
Credit: Expedia

First, we have the Greenland Resort & Adventure Park which happens to be a short distance from Khindsi Lake and is a great Jungle Resort Near Nagpur. Some of Greenland Resort and Adventure Park’s best features include wildlife tourism, eco-tourism, adventure activities, and a plethora of other outdoor activities.

Greenland Resorts also has a large garden, nightclub, concierge, and room service. Some of the indoor and outdoor games include Night Club, Chess, Cricket, Tennis Courts, Karaoke, Water Sports Facilities (On-Site), and Wildlife Safaris. If you are also looking for one-day picnic spots near Nagpur, this just might be the perfect resort for you to relax and unwind after your travels.

  • How To Reach Greenland Resorts? By plane, by train. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Nagpur International Airport (81 km) Ramtek Railway Station (10 km)
  • What Amenities Do Greenland Resorts And Villas Have: Greenland Resort has a large Garden, concierge and room service. Apart from that it also has Chess, Cricket, Tennis Courts, Karaoke, Wildlife Safari, and Water Sport Facilities.
  • What Is The Average Price Per Person At Greenland Resorts And Villas: ₹ 2,500 /Person/ Per Night
  • Places Nearby Greenland Resorts To Visit: Ramtek Temple, Sitabuldi Fort, and Maharajhabagh Zoo

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Resorts near Nagpur for Family

Olive Resorts And Villas

Olive Resorts
Credit: Agoda

Olive Resorts and Villas is located in Pench, which has several amenities such as a pool, library, karaoke, wildlife movie show, airport transportation, etc., and around 50 fully furnished air-conditioned villas. It also has a huge air-conditioned conference hall and a large lawn area. Olive Resorts and Villas is also one of the best Resorts Near Nagpur For One Day Picnic if you are planning one.

  • How To Reach Olive Resorts And Villas: By Plane, by Train. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport (61 km), The Nagpur Railway Station (50 km)
  • What Amenities Do Olive Resorts And Villas Have: Pool, Karaoke, Library, Wildlife Movie Show, Airport Transportation
  • What Is The Average Price Per Person At Olive Resorts And Villas: ₹ 3,300 /Person/ Per Night
  • Places Nearby Olive Resorts And Villas To Visit: Ramtek Ram Mandir, Khindsi Lake

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Karhandla Farm & Resort

Karhandla Top 5 Resorts Near Nagpur For One Day Picnic!
Credit: Tripadvisor

Located in the Karhandla Wildlife Resort, this resort is another of the great Resorts Near Nagpur For One Day Picnic,  having beautiful ambiance and fauna. It is built in a typical Machan style, and the accommodation is spread out among the fruit trees and plantations.

Karhandla Farm & Resort also has amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, restaurant, hotel bar, and gym. You will also enjoy the safari activities and bird watching. The resort is the perfect mix of modernity and nature and is a wonderful idea for a great resort near Nagpur for a family.

  • How To Reach Karhandla Farm And Resort? By plane. Nagpur airport (46 km)
  • What Amenities Does Karhandla Farm And Resort Have:? Karhandla Farm And Resort is the perfect blend of modern sophistication and natural scenes. It also has some amenities such as a swimming pool, restaurant, spa, and gym.
  • What Is The Average Price Per Person At Karhandla Farm And Resort: ₹ 7000 /Person/ Per Night
  • Places Nearby To Karhandla Farm And Resort? Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary

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Luxury Resorts Near Nagpur

Hotel Sunrise N Resorts

Sunrise N Resorts
Credit: Agoda

Hotel Sunrise N Resorts is a great luxury resort near Nagpur. This luxury resort has a swimming pool, restaurant, free parking, a fitness center, and a garden. It also has a facility for airport transfers, room service, and free WiFi.

  • How To Reach Hotel Sunrise N Resort?: By Plane. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport (38 km)
  • What Amenities Does Sunrise N Resort Have?: Hotel Sunrise N Resort is a great luxury resort, which has a swimming pool, free parking, a fitness center, a garden, room service, free Wifi, and a facility for Airport Transfers
  • What Is The Average Price Per Person At Hotel Sunrise N Resort: ₹ 3,338 /Person/ Per Night
  • Places Nearby To Hotel Sunrise N Resort To Visit: Sitabuldi Fort, Zero Mile Stone Nagpur

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Le Meridien Resorts

Le Meridien Top 5 Resorts Near Nagpur For One Day Picnic!
Credit: Booking.com

Le Meridien is another of the best luxury resorts near Nagpur. This fabulous resort is owned by a world-class chain of hotels called Marriott.

Known for its first-class elegance in terms of décor and architecture, each room in this fancy world-class hotel is fully furnished for both style and comfort.

Its amenities include a coffee shop, the finest restaurant, spa, sauna, massage parlor, wellness center, swimming pool, free WiFi, a flat-screen TV in every room, a 24-hour business center, and an airport shuttle.

  • How To Reach Le Meridien?: By plane. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport (6 km)
  • What Amenities Does Le Meridien Have?: Coffee Shop, Restaurant, Wellness Center, Swimming Pool, Free Wifi, Flat Screen TV in every room, 24 hr. Business Center, and an airport shuttle.
  • What Is The Average Price Per Person At Le Meridien: ₹ 2,150 /Person/ Per Night
  • Nearby Places To Le Meridien To Visit: Sonegaon Lake, Hari-Hara Dharmasastha Temple

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Can I Spend Time In Nagpur?

All of the resorts described above are good suggestions for Resorts near Nagpur. Some of these will suit your budget whereas others are considered luxury resorts, so you might have to spend a little extra. Anyhow the resorts mentioned above for resorts in and around Nagpur, are just right for you, and you will have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Is Nagpur A Cheap City?

It is considered cheaper to stay in Nagpur than it is in Delhi, so as you can guess, Nagpur is not an expensive place to stay!

Is Nagpur A Village Or A City?

Nagpur is the world’s fifth growing largest City. Nagpur is not a village.

Is Nagpur A Good Place To Live?

The City of Nagpur has great infrastructure, and the properties there are affordable as well. Considered an educational hub, Nagpur is blessed with a good network of roads.

What is Nagpur Famous Food?

Saoji food which is quite spicy and nonvegetarian is considered the main delicacy in the state of Nagpur.

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