Top 20 Places To Visit Near Gurgaon

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Places To Visit Near Gurgaon

Gurgaon, a bustling city located in the National Capital Region of India, offers a plethora of attractions and activities for both residents and visitors. However, sometimes we all crave a change of scenery and the chance to explore places to visit near Gurgaon.

In this article, we will take a virtual tour of the places to visit near Gurgaon for weekends and delve into fascinating places to visit near Gurgaon within 300 Km that promise a delightful getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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Discover Serene Places To Visit Near Gurgaon

If you are a travel enthusiast or food lover, there are numerous places to visit near Gurgaon within 300 Km that are worth visiting. Join us on a journey to discover the wonders for travellers and must-visit attractions in the vicinity of Gurgaon (Gurugram).

Places To Visit Near Gurgaon Within 50 Km


Resort in Manesar
Credit: Thrillophilia

Manesar, a place to visit near Gurgaon within 50 Km, is a captivating blend of modern and traditional lifestyles. This up-and-coming destination is a must-visit on your trip. Take at least a day to explore and indulge in its unique farm tourism and rejuvenating spas before continuing your journey.

The town’s farm tourism is a highlight, with resorts providing a rustic Haryanvi experience. These resorts, similar to Jaipur’s Choki Dhani, offer a range of activities during the day and cozy campfires at night. Manesar provides a refreshing rural escape from the bustling city life of Delhi, promising an engaging and offbeat experience.

  • How to Reach Manesar? Manesar is located approximately 15 kilometers from Gurgaon and is well-connected by road. You can take the Delhi-Jaipur Highway (NH48) and drive towards Jaipur.
  • What is Manesar Famous For? Manesar is famous for hot air balloon rides, camping, hiking, biking, etc.
  • Best Time to Visit Manesar: Plan your visit to this destination between November and February, when the weather is delightful and perfect for outdoor activities.

Places To Stay In Manesar

Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake
Credit: Wikipedia

Damdama Lake, located near Gurgaon, is a serene and stunning getaway within 50 km. Just an hour’s drive from New Delhi, this beautiful lake is a haven for over 190 species of birds. With its picturesque setting surrounded by the Aravalli hills, it offers a peaceful atmosphere and ample opportunities for picnics and adventure sports.

Resorts in the area provide exciting activities like paddle boating and rock climbing. With its vast expanse and captivating beauty, Damdama Lake is a must-visit for those seeking a refreshing escape from bustling city life.

  • How to Reach Damdama Lake? Damdama Lake is located approximately 33 kilometers south of Gurgaon and is well-connected by road. You can take the Gurgaon-Alwar Road and drive towards Sohna. From Sohna, you can continue on the road that leads to Damdama Lake.
  • What is Damdama Lake Famous For? Damdama Lake is famous for adventure sports facilities such as parasailing, kayaking, cycling, angling, rock climbing, and valley crossing. 
  • Best Time to Visit Damdama Lake: Plan your visit between August and February to make the most of the pleasant weather and captivating experiences.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary
Credit: Bharat Stories

Located just 20 km from Gurgaon (Gurugram), Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is a popular weekend destination. This National Park is a haven for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and birdwatchers. With its stunning landscape and ongoing conservation efforts, the sanctuary showcases towering trees like Acacia Tortilis and Beris.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary provides optimal birdwatching opportunities, and visitors can enjoy clean facilities and access to drinking water. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature at Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.

  • How to Reach Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary? Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located approximately 20 kilometers from Gurgaon. You can start by taking the Gurgaon-Farukh Nagar Road and continue towards Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.
  • What is Sultanpur Sanctuary Famous For? Sultanpur Sanctuary is famous for different kinds of bird species including the common hoopoe, paddy-field pipit, purple sunbird, little cormorant, Indian Cormorant, common spoonbill, etc.
  • Best Time to Visit Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary: Plan your visit between October and February, when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities. 

Pataudi Palace

Pataudi Palace
Credit: Housing.Com

Pataudi Palace, built in 1935 by Nawab Ibrahim Ali Khan, is a magnificent architectural marvel located in Pataudi, Haryana. The palace reflects the grandeur of colonial-era mansions in Royal Delhi and is surrounded by lush gardens. Once the ancestral home of the Pataudi family, it has now been transformed into a luxurious heritage hotel under the Neemrana Group.

With its charming fountains and a perfect blend of royalty and luxury, Pataudi Palace offers a delightful experience to its guests. It is not just a place of historical significance but also a symbol of royal heritage and architectural marvel.

  • How to Reach Pataudi Palace? Pataudi Palace is approximately 30 kilometers away from Gurgaon. You can take the NH48 (Delhi-Jaipur Highway) and drive towards Pataudi.
  • What is Pataudi Palace Famous For? Pataudi Palace is famous for its sprawling gardens, lush greenery, large swimming pool, and 150 rooms.
  • Best Time to Visit Pataudi Palace: The best time to visit Pataudi Palace is during the winter season, from October to March. The temperature is mild, making it comfortable to roam around the palace gardens and enjoy outdoor activities.

Places To Visit Near Gurgaon Within 100 Km

Neemrana Fort

Neemrana Fort
Credit: Pickyourtrail

Neemrana Fort, nestled in the scenic Aravalli ranges, is a captivating 15th-century palace turned luxurious resort. Once the home of Rajput Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan III, it now offers a perfect blend of Rajasthani heritage and modern comforts. With its stunning architecture, spacious grounds, and delightful rooms, the fort is a popular destination for weekend getaways.

The fort’s beauty is enhanced by its hanging gardens, pools, and breathtaking night views. Additionally, it serves as a remarkable venue for weddings and cultural events. Neemrana Fort Palace promises an unforgettable experience, making it a must-visit place near Gurgaon for a day trip or longer.

  • How to Reach Neemrana Fort? Neemrana Fort is located approximately 89 kilometers from Gurgaon. You can take the NH48 (Delhi-Jaipur Highway) and drive towards Jaipur. The fort is situated off the highway, and there are signboards indicating the way. 
  • What is Neemrana Fort Famous For? Neemrana Fort’s historical significance, architectural beauty, luxurious accommodations, and cultural events make it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts, architecture lovers, and those seeking a royal experience.
  • Best Time to Visit Neemrana Fort: To make the most of your visit, plan your trip between July and March. During this time, the weather is pleasant, allowing you to fully indulge in the beauty and experiences that Neemrana Fort has to offer.

Places To Stay In Neemrana Fort


Hotel Home IN (Murthal)
Credit: Hotelhomein

Murthal is a popular tourist destination located near Gurgaon, Haryana. It is well-known for its delicious and mouthwatering food, especially its iconic roadside dhabas (eateries). Murthal is famous for its hearty and authentic Punjabi cuisine, with a focus on North Indian dishes like parathas (stuffed flatbreads), dal makhani (lentil curry), butter chicken, and lassi (a yogurt-based drink).

The dhabas in Murthal attracts food lovers from far and wide, offering a unique dining experience. These dhabas are open 24/7 and provide a rustic ambiance where visitors can enjoy their meals amidst the lush green fields of Haryana.

  • How to Reach Murthal? Murthal is approximately 70 kilometers away from Gurgaon. You can take the Delhi-Ambala Highway (NH-44) and continue driving north towards Karnal. Murthal is located on this highway, and there are multiple entry points leading to the dhabas and restaurants.
  • What is Murthal Famous For? Murthal is famous for its highway dhabas and mouth-watering North Indian food, particularly its delectable parathas. It is a popular food destination for travelers.
  • Best Time to Visit Murthal: You can visit Murthal from November to February. The weather during these months is pleasant and ideal for enjoying the outdoor seating arrangements at the dhabas.

Camp Wild Dhauj

Camp Wild Dhauj
Credit: Booked.net

Camp Wild Dhauj is an adventure camp located in Dhauj village, near Gurgaon (Gurugram). Surrounded by the picturesque Aravalli hills, it offers a perfect retreat for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The camp provides various outdoor activities like rock climbing, rappelling, ziplining, trekking, and obstacle courses.

With its serene surroundings and thrilling adventure opportunities, Camp Wild Dhauj is a popular destination for weekend getaways and corporate outings.

  • How to Reach Camp Wild Dhauj? The most convenient way to reach Camp Wild Dhauj is by road. The distance between Gurgaon and Camp Wild Dhauj is approximately 38 kilometers, and the journey takes around 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • What is Camp Wild Dhauj Famous For? Camp Wild Dhauj is known for offering thrilling activities like rock climbing, rappelling, ziplining, trekking, and obstacle courses in the scenic backdrop of the Aravalli hills.
  • Best Time to Visit Camp Wild Dhauj: The best time to visit Camp Wild Dhauj is during the winter season, from October to March. The weather during these months is pleasant, with mild temperatures and clear skies,

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Surajkund in Faridabad
Credit: DelhiSpeaking

Surajkund, located in Faridabad district of Haryana, is a popular tourist destination known for its historic significance and vibrant cultural heritage. The main attraction of Surajkund is the Surajkund Lake, a reservoir built during the 10th century AD.

The place derives its name from the Sun Temple (Suraj meaning sun and Kund meaning reservoir) that once stood on the eastern bank of the lake.

  • How to Reach Surajkund? Surajkund is approximately 20 kilometers away from Gurgaon. You can take the Faridabad-Gurgaon Road or the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road to reach Surajkund.
  • What is Surajkund Famous For? Surajkund is famous for hosting the Surajkund International Crafts Mela, a vibrant and colorful fair that showcases traditional arts, crafts, and cultural performances.
  • Best Time to Visit Surajkund: The best time to visit Surajkund is during the months of October to March, which marks the winter season in this region.

Places to Stay Nearby

Places To Visit Near Gurgaon Within 150 Km


Moosi Maharani Chhatri cenotaph in Alwar.
Credit: TripAdvisor

Alwar is a historic city located in the state of Rajasthan, India. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, magnificent forts, palaces, and stunning natural landscapes. Alwar is often referred to as the “Gateway to Rajasthan” and offers a blend of historical and natural attractions.

One of the main highlights of Alwar is the majestic Alwar Fort, also known as Bala Quila. It is perched on a hilltop and offers panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes.

  • How to Reach Alwar? Alwar is well-connected by road and can be reached by buses, taxis, or private vehicles. National Highway 48 passes through Alwar, linking it to nearby cities. The distance between Alwar and Gurgaon is approximately 125 kilometers by road.
  • What is Alwar Famous For? Alwar is famous for its historical forts, palaces, and rich cultural heritage. The city is known for its magnificent Alwar Fort, stunning City Palace, and vibrant arts and crafts.
  • Best Time to Visit Alwar: The best time to visit Alwar is during the winter season, from October to March.

Places to Stay In Alwar

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve
Credit: Viator

Sariska Tiger Reserve is a wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, India. It spans an area of around 866 square kilometers and is known for its diverse flora and fauna. The reserve is particularly famous for its population of Royal Bengal Tigers, which are one of the main attractions for visitors.

Sariska Tiger Reserve is home to various other wildlife species as well, including leopards, striped hyenas, wild boars, sambar deer, chital (spotted deer), langurs, and a variety of bird species.

  • How to Reach Sariska Tiger Reserve? Start by heading towards Sohna Road from Gurgaon and continue on NH 48 towards Alwar. Once you reach Alwar, take the Alwar-Bhiwadi Road and follow the signs leading to Sariska Tiger Reserve. The distance between Sariska Tiger Reserve and Alwar is 150 Km.
  • What is Sariska Tiger Reserve Famous For? Sariska Tiger Reserve is famous for its population of Royal Bengal Tigers.
  • Best Time to Visit Sariska Tiger Reserve: The best time to visit Sariska Tiger Reserve is during the winter months, from October to March.

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Deeg Palace
Credit: iStock

Deeg is a small town located in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, India. It is known for its magnificent Deeg Palace, a historical monument that showcases the architectural brilliance of the Rajput era. Deeg Palace was built in the 18th century and served as a summer retreat for the rulers of Bharatpur.

The palace features beautiful gardens, intricate frescoes, ornamental fountains, and impressive pavilions. Visitors can explore the grandeur of Deeg Palace, enjoy the serene ambiance of its gardens, and experience the rich heritage and cultural traditions of Rajasthan.

  • How to Reach Deeg? To reach Deeg from Gurgaon by road, you can take the NH48 and drive towards Jaipur. After reaching Alwar, take the Alwar-Deeg Road and continue for approximately 150 kilometers to reach Deeg.
  • What is Deeg Famous For? Deeg is famous for its magnificent Deeg Palace, which is a stunning example of Rajasthani architecture and design.
  • Best Time to Visit Deeg: The months of monsoon (July – September) is the best time to visit Deeg.


Temple in Mathura
Credit: Thrillophilia

Mathura, located in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, is a city steeped in religious and cultural significance. Known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, it attracts millions of devotees and tourists every year. The city is adorned with numerous temples and ghats along the Yamuna River, where pilgrims gather to offer prayers and take part in religious ceremonies.

Mathura also holds great historical importance, with its association to various dynasties and empires. It is a vibrant and colorful city that showcases the rich traditions and beliefs of Hinduism.

  • How to Reach Mathura? To reach Mathura from Gurgaon by road, you can take the National Highway 2 (NH2). The approximate distance between the two cities is around 140 kilometers.
  • What is Mathura Famous For? Mathura is famous for being the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is a sacred city for Hindus and attracts pilgrims from all over the world.
  • Best Time to Visit Mathura: The best time to visit Mathura is October to December.

Places To Stay In Mathura

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Places To Visit Near Gurgaon Within 200 Km

Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park
Credit: Viator

Keoladeo National Park, also known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, is a renowned avian paradise located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Spanning over 29 square kilometers, the park is home to a diverse range of bird species, including both resident and migratory birds. During the winter season, the park becomes a sanctuary for thousands of migratory birds that travel here from as far as Siberia and Central Asia.

  • How to Reach Keoladeo National Park? If you are traveling from Gurgaon, you can reach the park by following the Delhi-Agra Highway (NH 44). The distance between Gurgaon and Keoladeo National Park is approximately 185 kilometers.
  • What is Keoladeo National Park Famous For? Keoladeo National Park is famous for its rich biodiversity and as a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Best Time to Visit Keoladeo National Park: No matter the season, this destination welcomes you with open arms throughout the year. However, the best time to visit is August to November.

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Camp Tikkling

Camp Tikkling
Credit: Indian Holiday

Camp Tikkling is a thrilling destination near Gurgaon that offers a unique combination of adventure, cultural experiences, and eco-friendly practices. Surrounded by the majestic Aravalli ranges, this camp is a haven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

It presents an array of exciting activities such as artificial rock climbing, obstacle courses, rappelling, and pottery, providing an adrenaline rush and a chance to test your skills. Additionally, you can enjoy traditional experiences like camel cart riding and tractor riding, immersing yourself in the rustic charm of village life.

  • How to Reach Camp Tikkling? You can drive to the campsite by following the Gurgaon-Faridabad Road (NH 48) and taking the exit towards Mandi Road. Camp Tikkling is situated in Tikli Village, which is around 25 kilometers from Gurgaon.
  • What is Camp Tikkling Famous For? Camp Tikkling is famous for artificial rock climbing, pottery, tractor riding, etc.
  • Best Time to Visit Camp Tikkling: You can visit Camp Tikkling from November to February.

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Tughlaqabad Fort

Ancient Tughlaqabad Fort
Credit: India-a2z

Just an hour’s drive from Gurgaon (Gurugram) lies the ancient Tughlaqabad Fort, constructed by Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq, the founder of the Tughlaq Dynasty. While the fort has suffered the ravages of time, it still offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes.

Exploring the ruins, you can imagine the grandeur of the past as you wander through the remains of royal residences and passageways. One of the highlights is the mausoleum that houses the grave of Ghiyas Ud Din, drawing visitors with its historical significance.

  • How to Reach Tughlaqabad Fort? The fort is located approximately 35 kilometers away from Gurgaon. You can start your journey by taking the Mehrauli-Badarpur Road from Gurgaon, which will lead you to the fort.
  • What is Tughlaqabad Fort Famous For? Tughlaqabad Fort is known for its massive stone walls, imposing gateways, and intricate carvings.
  • Best Time to Visit Tughlaqabad Fort: The best time to visit Tughlaqabad Fort is during the winter season, from October to March.

Pratapgarh Farms

People at Pratapgarh Farms
Credit: TripAdvisor

If you’re searching for an exciting and entertaining escape, Pratapgarh Farms is an ideal place to visit near Gurgaon within 200 km. It offers a unique experience of traditional village life, immersing you in the charm and customs of rural India.

Indulge in authentic local cuisine, participate in traditional games like pithoo and gilli danda, and embark on camel rides for a truly immersive experience. The farm organizes a range of cultural activities, including music and dance performances, as well as sports activities to keep you engaged and entertained.

  • How to Reach Prataphgarh Farms? You can take National Highway 48 and continue towards Manesar. After crossing Manesar, you can follow the signs and directions to Prataphgarh Farms.
  • What is Prataphgarh Farms Famous For? The farm offers a range of engaging experiences, including traditional food, ethnic games, camel rides, cultural performances, etc.
  • Best Time to Visit Prataphgarh Farms: The ideal duration to visit Pratapgarh Farms is from mid-November – March.

Places To Stay Nearby

Places To Visit Near Gurgaon Within 300 Km


Jal Mahal in Jaipur
Credit: Jaipur Stuff

Jaipur, known as Pink City, is a popular weekend destination near Gurgaon, especially during the winter season. It is renowned for its magnificent forts, palaces, and pink sandstone buildings that give the city its unique charm.

Jaipur offers a range of must-visit attractions, including City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, and Birla Temple. The city also provides thrilling experiences like tiger safaris and hot air balloon rides.

  • How to Reach Jaipur? To reach Jaipur by road, you can take the well-connected National Highway 48 from Gurgaon. The approximate distance between Gurgaon and Jaipur is around 250 kilometers.
  • What is Jaipur Famous For? Jaipur is famous for Tiger Safaris, Forts, and Pink monuments.
  • Best Time to Visit Jaipur: The best time to visit Jaipur is from November to February. During this time, the weather in the Pink City is pleasant and favorable for exploring its magnificent forts

Places To Stay In Jaipur

Jim Corbett National Park

Tiger at Jim Corbett National Park
Credit: Holidify

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Jim Corbett National Park is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. With its diverse range of flora and fauna, this ancient national park offers a thrilling experience. Explore the lush forests that are home to a wide array of trees, birds, animals, and reptiles.

The park is renowned for its majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, elephants, various deer species, and much more. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on an exciting jungle safari and create unforgettable memories at Corbett National Park.

  • How to Reach Jim Corbett National Park? To reach Jim Corbett National Park from Gurgaon, you can take the NH9 route. The approximate distance between Gurgaon and Corbett National Park is around 250 kilometers, and it takes about 7-8 hours to reach.
  • What is Jim Corbett National Park Famous For? Jim Corbett National Park is particularly known for its wildlife, including the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, which are one of the main attractions for visitors.
  • Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett National Park: October to February is the ideal duration to visit Jim Corbett National Park.

Places To Stay In Jim Corbett National Park


Castle Mandawa Hotel
Credit: Savaari

Mandawa, a charming town in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district, is renowned for its magnificent havelis, grand forts, and stunning mansions. The highlight of the town is its splendid fort, constructed in 1812 by Thakur Nawal Singh. The fort captivates visitors with its intricately painted arched gateway depicting Lord Krishna and his cows.

Inside the fort, you’ll be mesmerized by the exquisite frescoes, adorned rooms, and intricate artwork, including mirror work and engravings. For a unique and offbeat weekend getaway, Mandawa is an excellent destination to explore.

  • How to Reach Mandawa? Mandawa can be easily reached by road from Gurgaon. The most convenient way to reach Mandawa is by driving via NH11 and SH 8, which takes approximately 5-6 hours.
  • What is Mandawa Famous For? Mandawa is famous for its beautifully preserved havelis, forts, and mansions that showcase exquisite Rajasthani architecture.
  • Best Time to Visit Mandawa: The best time to visit Mandawa is during the winter season, which spans from October to March.

Places To Stay In Mandawa

Agra – Taj Mahal

TajMahal at Agra
Credit: Pixabay

Agra, a popular weekend getaway from Gurgaon (Gurugram), is known for its iconic Mughal-era buildings. The city attracts tourists throughout the year with its UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri. Exploring these architectural marvels offers a glimpse into India’s rich history and Mughal art and culture.

Agra also delights food lovers with its delectable snacks and famous sweets, including the renowned “Agra ka Petha,” mouth-watering chaat, and refreshing lassi.

  • How to Reach Agra? To reach Agra from Gurgaon by road, you can take the Yamuna Expressway. The distance between the two cities is approximately 230 kilometers, and the drive takes around 3-4 hours.
  • What is Agra Famous For? Agra is famous for being home to the iconic Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Best Time to Visit Agra: No matter the season, this destination welcomes you with open arms throughout the year.

Places To Stay In Agra

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The vicinity of Gurgaon ( Gurugram) is a treasure trove of captivating destinations, offering something for every traveler. From natural wonders and cultural experiences, these places near Gurgaon are waiting to be explored. So, pack your bags and make a memorable journey.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I reach Neemrana Fort from Gurgaon?
Neemrana Fort is approximately 89 kilometers away from Gurgaon. The most convenient way to reach is by road via NH48. You can hire a taxi or drive your vehicle, and the journey takes around 2 hours, depending on the traffic conditions.

What are the popular activities to do in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary?
Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary offers a wonderful opportunity for birdwatching enthusiasts. You can explore the sanctuary’s trails and watch a wide variety of native and migratory bird species. It is also a great place for nature walks and photography, allowing you to immerse yourself in the serene natural surroundings.

What are the popular attractions near Damdama Lake?
Besides enjoying the scenic beauty of Damdama Lake, you can indulge in adventure activities such as rock climbing, trekking, and paddle boating. You can also visit nearby resorts that offer facilities for team-building exercises and enjoy a relaxing stay.

How far is Manesar from Gurgaon, and what makes it a popular destination?
Manesar is located approximately 33 kilometers from Gurgaon. It is famous for its rustic charm, farm tourism, and beautiful views of the Aravalli Hills. Many resorts in Manesar provide a rural experience and offer activities like village tours, bullock cart rides, and cultural performances. It is an ideal place for a day trip or a weekend getaway from bustling city life.

How far is Agra from Delhi?
The distance between Agra and Delhi is approximately 200 kilometers (124 miles) by road. The travel time can vary depending on the mode of transportation and traffic conditions.