Mumbai Alibaug Ferry – Options, Prices & Tickets

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Mumbai Alibaug Ferry

Alibaug is a coastal location blessed with a perfect beach and scenic beauty. You simply take some time off to unwind and go beach hopping along the coast.

The much-talked-about and eagerly anticipated Mumbai to Alibaug ferry service is fascinating. With this, you can go from Mumbai to Alibaug in a little over an hour and a half, as opposed to the usual three hours. The view is like a cherry on top.

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How to Get to Alibaug by Ferry?

The quickest way to travel to Alibaug is to take a ferry to Mandwa Pier from the Gateway of India in the southern Mumbai suburb of Colaba. Ferries to Alibaug depart from the Gateway of India and ‘Bhaucha Dhakka.’ The seaside is 30-45 minutes south of the port by bus or auto cart. The bus fare is included in the Ferry fare.

It is the quickest and least expensive way to travel from Mumbai to Alibaug. You can even choose air-conditioned ships, which are also accessible, especially during the summer. This ferry service connects Mumbai to Alibaug in 50 minutes. The ferry leaves from the Gateway of India at the times stated below.

Ferry options

PNP, Maldar, Ajanta, and M2M are all unique to each individual. Ajanta is less expensive than others, and the prices for the higher and lower levels, as well as the air conditioning, vary.

RORO Ferry (M2M) operates between Mumbai’s Ferry Wharf and Raigad’s Mandwa Jetty. It is open every day of the week and all year. M2M allows customers to bring their own vehicles.

Passenger safety procedures are followed in accordance with regulatory requirements. M2M Ferries, also known as the Ro-Pax Ferry, is designed to accommodate 500 passengers and 150 vehicles. It also allows you to save time.

M2M Ferry

M2M Ferries services have begun, connecting Mumbai and Mandwa. It is a massive vessel capable of transporting vehicles and bikes to Mandwa. This is a modern and relaxing service and the Maharashtra Maritime Board and the Mumbai Port Trust are supporting M2M Ferries.

M2M Ferries
Credit: M2M Ferries

The service, which is accessible all year, reduces a 5-hour road trip of approximately 110 kilometers to 1 hour via sea route. The service helped to reduce the travel time to Alibaug, from four hours by road to cover the 113 km distance, to an hour to cover the 19 km sea route.

Online reservations are available at https://m2mferries.com/ and service charges include Rs 360 for adults. The cost of an automobile varies according to its size and starts at Rs.1000 for a tiny car. Four-wheelers typically cost around Rs. 1200. Rs. 200 for the wheelers like bikes and scooters.

  • Charges: Rs. 360 per head
  • 2 Wheeler Charges: Rs. 200
  • 4 Wheeler Charges: Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200
  • Travel time: 60 minutes


The Uber Boat service has been introduced in Mumbai by the world’s largest car-sharing firm, Uber. This is in collaboration with the Maharashtra Maritime Board. The service would provide boat service from three of the city’s well-known coastline routes, namely the Gateway of India, Elephanta Islands, and Mandwa Jetty.

Customers can choose between two Uber Boat variants, with a seating capacity of 6-8 seats for Uber Boat and 10+ seats for Uber Boat XL. The Uber Boat will have best-in-class safety features, such as lifejackets, emergency contact information, printed collateral, and a manual outlining safety guidelines.

For all active routes, Uber Boat (6-8 seater speed boat) rides will cost INR 5,700/- and Uber Boat XL (10+ seater speed boat) rides will cost INR 9,500/-. You can use the service by reserving it through your Uber app. The voyage lasts about 20 minutes, as opposed to the conventional boat journey, which lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

  • Charges: Rs. 5700 for medium boat and Rs. 9500 for large boat
  • Travel time: 20 minutes

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take from Mumbai to Alibaug by ferry?

It takes about 60 minutes to go from Mumbai to Alibaug via ferry.

Is the ferry from Mumbai to Alibaug open?

Except for the Monsoon season and bad weather, the Mumbai to Alibaug ferry service is available all year.

What is the cost of a ferry from Mumbai to Alibaug?

Charges include Rs 360 for adults, Rs 200 for two-wheelers and Rs 1000 for cars from Mumbai to Alibaug.

How long does Roro take from Mumbai to Alibaug?

The Ro-Ro ride from Mumbai to Mandwa near Alibaug takes less than 60 minutes, as opposed to 3.5 hours or longer by road.

Can we take the bike on a ferry to Alibaug?

Yes, you can also bring a bicycle or a two-wheeler for Rs 100 or Rs 200. The 19-kilometer water route from Mumbai to Alibaug takes about 45 to 60 minutes on a RoRo ferry.

How do I get to Alibaug by boat?

You can use the Uber boat service to go to Alibaug from Mumbai via boat. Several boats depending on the number of seats are available.

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