Traditional Dress of Maharashtra – Men & Women

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Traditional Dress of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a very popular Indian State and is the third-largest state of India. It has a very long history of Varakari, Dnyaneshwar, Namdev, Eknath, Tukaram, Chockhamela which form the base of Marathi culture. It was earlier under the influence of Maratha Empire king Shivaji with his concept of Hindavi Swarajya.

Maharashtra is home to several religions and people of various cultures like Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Christians. Here we will discuss the traditional dress of Maharashtra.

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Let’s look at the Traditional dress of Maharashtra

The main occupation of people here is agriculture and those living near the sea-line work in fishing. So they usually prefer clothes in which they are comfortable. There are traditional dresses for men and women which they wear especially on very special occasions like Ganeshotsav, Janmashtami, etc.

Being home to many religions, there are hundreds of cultures and traditions here with their own dressing traditions and cultures.

Traditional Dress for Men


Dhoti traditional dress of maharashtra
Bandi and Dhoti

Dhoti is a single piece of cloth that is tucked around the waist and covers the entire leg till ankles. Dhoti cloth is usually of cream and white color and is extremely comfortable and good looking when added with a nice pair shirt.

It is usually preferred by old people and it has different styles of waring in different cities.



It is a headcover or also called “Topi” which is usually made with cotton. They are also called Pagris basically used to protect the head from direct sunlight. It is also worn during special occasions like marriage and ceremonies and looks very elegant with proper dress.


Kurta traditional dress of maharashtra

Kurtas are mostly preferred over dhotis. They are shirts made up of cotton basically to absorb heat and keep you cool during summer. They are generally loose and white in color. Along with dhotis, it is a classic combination to wear.


It is a waistcoat which is usually a sleeveless jacket and is worn over shirts or kurtas.  It is a formal dress and is worn on special occasions like marriage functions and festivals.

They are not preferred in summer because of the warmth it causes but in winter, it’s ready to go with.

Traditional Dress for Women



Not only in Maharashtra but all over India saree is the traditional dress for most women.  It is about 8 meters in length, beautifully wrapped around the lower and upper body and then tucked in. In Maharashtra, this type is called Lugade.

Other than this there are also many other variations to wear saree like some can wear it in a skirt manner, open pallu and close pallu, etc but the 8-meter saree is traditional in Maharashtra which women wear mainly at special occasions.


Choli which can also be called a blouse is a piece of garment that women wear under their saree to cover their upper body and shoulders. They are short and half-sleeved and end near after chest area. It is made up of cotton and sometimes silk and looks very beautiful as a part of a saree.

In Maharashtra, most of the time sarees are green and red and choli is of matching colors to enhance the beauty of overall attire.

Jewelry and Wearables 

  • Jewelry is popular all over the world and not only in Maharashtra. But India has one of the most diverse forms of jewelry from nose to ear, from hands to legs, jewelry is a very old part of Indian tradition and it symbolizes wealth, power, and status. It also enhances one’s beauty.
  • In Maharashtra, women wear jewelry on the nose called Nath, which is like loops of earrings usually made up of gold and other expensive metals. Then comes earrings which come in thousands of shapes and sizes. Necklaces which are called Haar are the most popular jewelry for occasions and festivals.
  • Married women wear a necklace called Mangal Sutra which itself means unity of souls and it is a symbol of love and dedication towards their husbands. Bride wears bangles as they are believed to bring prosperity to family and relationships.
  • Men also wear rings and gold chains which signify their status and prosperity. Their ring signifies their married life.


By tradition, women here prefer to walk barefoot. But on special occasions, they wear sandals and chappals which are handmade and very popular for their durability and simple looks.  Men wear sandals on special occasions and it is a part of their culture.

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 And there you have it. Our view on the traditional dress of Maharashtra. If you like to wear traditional dresses or have experience of wearing Maharashtrian traditional dresses then please let us know down in the comments and share and like this article.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the tradition of Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, men wear dhoti which is a long garment wrapped around the waist and legs, kurta, or sometimes a cotton shirt, pehta, and waistcoat or bandi. Women wear a choli or blouse on the top and a 9-yard long saree called lugade.

Which type of fabric is famous in Maharashtra?

Paithani is the most popular and most expensive Maharashtrian textile which is used in making sarees. 

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