Weekend Winter Trip to Diveagar Beach

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When you get bored because of the hustle and bustle of city life, you desperately need to escape from it. Going to a short trip to a serene beach. One of the best places is Diveagar Beach of Raigad District in the Konkan area.

Its special characteristics are beautiful beaches and superb surroundings. Not only that, but you also have a good opportunity to enjoy adventure sports as well.

You can spend a Weekend Winter Trip at Diveagar Beach with your dear ones.

Read this blog till the end to know everything about Diveagar, a relatively less explored beach in the Konkan region.

It is really a memorable trip with your family members at a Resort in Diveagar.   

Planning Your Weekend Getaway

If you are living in Maharashtra, then it is not a difficult thing to plan a weekend trip to Diveagar. It is because the place is well-connected.

The best possible way to reach Diveagar is by road. This place is well-connected to the major cities of Mumbai and Pune. The distance is 200 kilometers. Therefore, the journey time is not very long.

You can go there by your own conveyance or private or government buses.

If you want to go there by train, then it is around 220 kilometers and there are many trains that can take you to Diveagar.

There are no local public transport facilities available in Diveagar. However, the place is very small, and you can either walk or even take an auto.

Winter Weather in Diveagar

If you check the year-round weather in Diveagar, then you can see that the winter season is between October and March. However, you can not expect chilling weather there. The temperature does not drop below 12-14 degrees Celsius in the night.

Still, the temperature is 25-28 in the daytime, so you can still enjoy yourself on the beaches.

In the breezy, delightful weather, you can have a good time in the sea or even you can indulge in all types of adventure sports.

If you are a bird lover, then it is possible to spot many colorful birds.  You will also be able to spot a lot of colorful birds.

Because of all these aspects, winters are ideal to visit Diveagar.

Exploring Diveagar Beach

Konkan area of Maharashtra is relatively unexplored because the infrastructural development in this area has happened quite late. However, in a short time, Konkan has gained immense popularity.

Diveagar is one of the supreme beaches in the Konkan area. There you can enjoy calm and serene beaches, beautiful temples and great adventure activities.

The sand is soft and white, and the water is crystal clear and blue. There are coconut trees and betel ut palms that create a picturesque surrounding.

If you are searching for a great Weekend Winter Trip to Diveagar Beach, then Diveagar is an ideal place.

Water Sports and Adventure Activities

If you are an adventure lover, then Diveagar is the right place for you. Other than enjoying the beachside, you can enjoy a plethora of activities there.

The list of activities will be quite long. Beach volleyball, banana riding, parasailing, bumper riding, water skiing, Jet skiing, ATV riding, Parachute riding, and many more.

You need to book the package in advance as there is a rush on the weekends and holidays.

The activities are quite safe and they are conducted by following the safety rules.

Local Cuisine and Dining

Since Konkan is a place that has got gained recognition in the tourism world recently, it still retains its innocence and rawness. You cannot expect luxurious five-start facilities at all the places in Konkan.

Diveagar is a place where you will get homely places to stay and dine. You can get incredibly delicious and nutritious Konkani cuisine.

You can choose the simple and rich taste of Konkani Thali. It is not only good for satisfying your taste buds, but it is also good for digestion. In addition, you can have a lunch and dinner in Diveagar beach Resort.

You may be a vegetarian person or a non-vegetarian person, you will get something to satisfy your appetite.

You can enjoy delicious seafood (Kingfish, Pomfret, Prawns, Salmon, Mackarel) if you are a non-vegetarian. Vegetarians can enjoy many tasty items, such as varieties of rice, dal, amti, solkadhi, ukadiche modak and ghavan.

If you do not want to eat in a hotel or restaurant, then you can also enjoy homely foods in small eateries and even homes. You can get great rooms in Diveagar.

Nearby Attractions and Day Trips

If you want to spend three to four days in Diveagar, then it is a good idea to visit nearby places. It is possible to return by afternoon so that you can again enjoy an evening in Diveagar.

Shrivardhan Beach is nearby. This wonderful beach is in between two hillocks. Water sports and a serene beach are specialties of this place. Another popular nearby attraction is Harihareshwar Beach. Similarly, Kondivali Beach is also a good beach to spend a great time near the seashore.

If you are a history lover, then you should never miss the Bankot Fort or Murud Janjira. Both have historical significance.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Why is Diveagar admired by everyone? It is because it offers total relaxation and rejuvenation. Yes, this place brings a combination of relaxation and adventure activities. Thus, you rejuvenate the mind and body after spending a few days on the picturesque seashore at this place.

Also, the hotels and other accommodations are so cozy that you get carried away by the warmth and hospitality.

In short, a stay at Diveagar is a complete, rewarding experience.    


When it comes to choosing great tourist destinations, beaches always take precedence over others. It is because sea beaches always give a unique, tranquil experience. Whether it is a sunny morning or a soothing evening, the beach is always awesome.

And when you are in Diveagar, it is guaranteed that your stay will give you everlasting memories at exotica resort Diveagar.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going there on a honeymoon tour or a family trip, or a vacation with your class fellows, Diveagar is the ideal location for everyone. This hidden paradise on the Western Coast of Konkan area offers a complete package of fun, relaxation and adventure.