My trip to Sula Vineyards Nashik. A fun-filled weekend!

Nashik is near Pune and famous from grape farms and of course Sula Vineyards. Being in Pune or Nashik, you can’t miss this weekend destination for some fine dine and wine. It can be a day’s trip but hazy evenings and gloomy sky anyone would not want to miss. So was the case with me!

We started in the morning on Saturday and traveled a distance of 210 Km. Sula Vineyard provides one with a luxurious stay, but we got Army Mess booked. Yes, we were students, and we had limited budget for this awesome trip. We freshened up and gulped some tasty food and moved forward towards our destination and we were all thrilled and excited.

my trip to sula vineyards

Country’s leading manufacturers of wines, Sula vineyards are positioned beautifully amid the mesmerizing hills of Nashik. The Vineyards offers a different and peaceful yet luxurious experience. They have the winery, and we went for a tour followed by wine tasting session. During the session, we could see the big barrels and the processing of grapes to convert them into sparkling water. Monsoon weather is one of the best whether to visit the Vineyards along with on Sula Fest, India’s one of the most popular fest where we could enjoy to the core. The winery tour and wine tasting sessions were informative as the staff shared insightful information.

Post the session, we went up to sit in the open, but the place was crowded. We came back downstairs and sat in the open area outside amid beautiful ambiance. We ordered some snacks and wines. Nachos and chips were delicious. The haze was all around. The dusk suddenly seemed exotic, and the fairy lights in the sitting area over the plants made us drool over the mesmerizing setup.

We all occupied one table and sat there for long. We had conversations heartily and enjoyed every bit of the atmosphere soaked in the evening dusk silently running into the night. All I could think of the place and the situation, Evening soaked in hazed glares and heart to heart conversations. Those unstable steps and sparkling and sprinkling wine in hand, Made the surroundings more happening, All I could do was fly high and Feel good.

The Group at Sula Vineyards

As the time passed and a pleasurable time spent with friends away from chaos in the tranquility of the circle, and, yes, the ambiance was just perfect for the thoughts in my heart:
Eyes were saying a lot, which I could never
The sparkling fluid did, what I couldn’t ever
I missed you at the very moment, wished you to be there
This feeling would stay with me, now and forever

On the way back we went to Neopolitan Pizza to grab the buffet to gratify our hunger with a tasty feast. A good restaurant in decent spending, we had salad, soups, pasta, garlic bread, different kinds of pizza and dessert was a delicious brownie. We all were full but wanted to go back to the yards.


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