Mahabaleshwar Blog: Enough is not enough

In this Mahabaleshwar blog, I cover another hill station near Pune to cherish the season on the weekends. 124 Km away from Pune, Mahabaleshwar is an ideal weekend gateway for all avid nature lovers and foodies, who want to gratify their taste buds with something tantalizing. The road trip to Mahabaleshwar has been a marvelous experience for me.


We embarked our road trip and drove fast towards Kashid early in the morning, at around 5 am. Yes, we started for Kashid beach but ended up reaching Mahabaleshwar. An exciting ride it was. We initially planned for Kashid, but after taking a halt Mulshi Dam for breakfast, we decided to go to Mahabaleshwar. For the food lovers, the delicious dishes entice them to change their routes and destine to the land of strawberries.

Mulshi on the way

Here I reminisce, the attractions of Mahabaleshwar that dragged me towards the green sheet on the hills.

1 Mapro Gardens

Mapro gardens are one of the major attractions at the hill station. As we were dying of hunger, we reached the gardens, and the view was beautiful. The dishes were delicious that I could not stop but grabbed the tantalizing strawberry ice cream having real strawberries in a big jar. The lip-smacking sandwiches were way too tasty. There are many fruit dummies to get your pictures clicked with.

Mahabaleshwar strawberries
Mapro Garden

2 Arthur’s Seat

Breathtaking view from Arthur’s Seat is a must watch. Spend peaceful moments at the site and enjoy the fresh air. The mesmerizing scenic view is astounding. Inhale the beauty and forget the sorry, it boosted me from within. I found myself smiling and fresh.

The view is enough

3 Elephant’s head point

Another landmark point in Mahabaleshwar where the stone is in shape of elephant’s head. It seems that an elephant with its trunk is looking into the eternity and messaging the world to come and stop in nature’s lap.

A date with an elephant

4 Lingmala Waterfall

We kept walking and reached the top to witness the cold breeze amid an incredible view of the waterfall. Nature is always there to teach you a lot. The beauty of the place made me think and observe nature carefully. Reach high to fall low, or stay low to reach heights. Isn’t it?

Rise high to fall low, Stay low to rise high

5 Echo point

Shout out, and you hear it back. Yes, this is Echo point with the view of beautiful valley and mountains all around. I never knew Pune would bring such experiences that I will cherish forever. There were a lot of monkeys and children shouting each other’s names.

Monkeys and kids are the major attraction

6 Sunset point

It was a sun painted in the sky. I have never witnessed more beautiful sunset ever. The scenery was something no one can capture in cameras but eyes and heart.

The scenic sunset

7 Venna Lake

Another attraction of the place, how could have I missed the boating experience in the lake. A priceless encounter in the water. The quiet and peaceful boat ride made me so relaxed that I just wanted to stay there for long. I wished time frame to stop working and stuck at the moment. Yeah, it was all lovely to the core.

Mesmerizing view of the lake

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