5 Best budget places in India. My Bucket List For Traveling

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Best Budget Places in India

When nothing seems going forward, and you feel stagnant! The one thing that can keep you going; rather pump up the blood in your veins to fill your body with new energy and power! Yes, traveling to the right places can do wonders. I have come up with my recommendations for the best budget places in India,

Away from the chaos, you get all the time to think, think, and rethink the solutions. If not this nature teaches you a lot. Every new person you meet, every new shade you sit under, and every path you traverse will make you learn the simplicity of this life.

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My Recommended Best budget places in India

I always thought life was so complicated but traveling made me understand; that it is effortless. I beg you, whenever in doubt, go out and get lost! You will love your lives more.

Here I suggest five top picks of my budget-friendly list, the cheap places I have or want to travel to, with no strings attached (wink)


Budge Trip in India Alleppey Houseboat
I would die, to stay here forever!!

Where else but Alleppey? The place is as good as heaven in India. The surroundings are mesmerizing, and the scintillations of the light over the water will take your breath away.

The place is cheap as the stay would cost INR 250 – 750 and food around INR 200 per meal. You can choose to stay in houseboats at a slightly higher price, but the friends can obviously split the bill.

The Venice of East is the perfect holiday vacation for a bunch of friends with limited amounts in their pocket.

Alleppey – Mesmerizing View
Alleppey – Mesmerizing View


Goa beach view
A beach view – Under the shack!

How could I miss this hot favorite of all the time? Get lost on beaches, listen to the waves of the sea and look till where your vision stops to see the water. Beach shacks, water plays, friends, and water sports. Goa is a perfect break from all the chaos.

I celebrated the dark skies and the sea songs amid the cool breeze. A decent stay would cost around INR 450 a day, the cheapest booze and inexpensive meals at the shack for around INR 300 per meal.


Beach and Sunset at Gokarna
Beach and Sunset

The tranquil atmosphere and peaceful environment. The quest to find your inner self will take you to know the freshness within you. You can hire some boats and ask the local fisher man to traverse around the beaches.

Comfy homestays will be available at INR 300 per day and approximately INR 200 per meal.


Pondicherry Beach View
Sand, Beach, and Sea.. An Affair under the Sun

Spiritual instincts will lead you to the French flair to put up at the Aurobindo Ashram and experience almost free stay and veg meals. The shores and the evenings with mind-boggling alcohol in numerous cafes on the beach.

Budget hotels can be found at INR 500 and tantalizingly French cuisines at INR 300.

Pondicherry Budget Places in India
Crafts take my breath away


World best tea at least prices. Infuse the tea in the cup and get lost in the high peaks. The pocket-friendly blissful yet lifetime experience is a must-have. Rise early to get dropped in the astounding sun rises.

Don’t forget to enjoy the toy train experience. Stay for INR 800 a day and food for INR 300 for two. What else do you want? Yes, a cup of aromatic tea!

Darjeeling Tea Plantation
Tea is a must!

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