12 Wonderful Waterfalls In Jharkhand

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Waterfalls In Jharkhand

Jharkhand has several wonderful waterfalls and is considered a place of great scenic beauty. These waterfalls are also a haven for those drawn to nature and are simply teeming with rich greenery and beautiful hills.

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Some Of The Most Mesmerizing Waterfalls In Jharkhand

Here we will take a look at some beautiful waterfalls in Jharkhand. These sights are so beautiful that visitors can’t stop wanting to make memories there that are worth photographing, apart from having picnics, swimming, and trekking, etc. in the surrounding areas owing to the intense natural beauty of the place. 

12 Waterfalls In Jharkhand To Take Your Breath Away

Dassam Waterfalls

Dassam Falls Waterfall in Jharkhand
Credit: TripAdvisor

First among the wonderful waterfalls in Jharkhand, is the Dassam Waterfalls. The name itself in Mundari means ‘The song of the pouring water.’ The name of this splendid waterfall might seem inviting, but these falls are reserved to provide hydroelectricity alone, and not as much for tourism. Indeed, the Dassam Falls is very famous. The Dassam Falls is created by the river Kanchi and it falls from a height of 144 feet.

  • Distance: Ranchi (34 km)
  • How To Reach: By train or by plane. The Dassam Falls are around 26 km from Ranchi Railway Station, and the Birsa Munda Bus Stand at Kantatoli is 24 km away. If traveling by plane from the Birsa Munda Airport, which is around 31 km away.
  • Places Nearby To Visit: The Deer Park at Ranchi, and the Angrabadi Temple 
  • Best Times To Visit: June-August and March

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Sita Waterfalls

Sita Falls

Next, on the list of wonderful waterfalls in Jharkhand, is the Sita Falls. According to legends, the Hindu goddess Sita of the Ramayana left her footprints here, hence the name. The Falls, though lesser famed, is said to have her beauty. The Sita Waterfalls are created by the river Kanchi (a tributary of Subarnarekha) and fall from around 300 feet. 

  • Distance: Ranchi (40 km )
  • How To Reach: By train or by plane. The nearest Railway station is about 5 km away at Jonha. The nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport.
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Angrabari (Amreshwar Dham)
  • Best Times To Visit: While the rainy months of June-August, seem to be the best time to see this place, it is considered a really good picnic spot during the wintry season of December-January.

Hundru Waterfalls 

Hundru Waterfall Waterfall in Jharkhand
Credit: Telegraph India

The Hundru waterfalls also originate from the Subarnarekha River. These falls are considered among the highest in the entire state of Jharkhand. The sheer sight of the water falling from the great height of almost 100 meters has indeed beckoned many tourists to see it. 

What makes the waterfall even more appealing is the variations in rock formations which of course are caused by the steady flow of water here.

  • Distance:  Ranchi (45 km)
  • How To Reach: By train or by plane. The Ranchi railway station is around 42 km away. From Ranchi, it is about 21 km from the main road.  The nearest Airport is Birsa Munda Airport (47 km away)
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Tagore Hill, Dassam Falls, and Jonha Falls
  • Best Times To Visit: during the dry season (other than June- August)

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Jonha Waterfalls

Jonha Falls
    Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Another majestic sight in the state of Jharkhand is the Jonha Waterfalls. These falls are purportedly the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Jharkhand. The Jonha Falls, which is named after the local village, is also known as the Gautamdhara Falls.

The Jonha Falls are also called the Gautamdhara Falls because there is a Buddhist Temple close by. People are enticed by these falls. It is safe enough for bathers to bathe in the pool there. Another highlight of the Falls is the rainbow formed by the steadily flowing waters.

The Raru river which creates this waterfall falls from a sheer height of 141 feet.  Also, visitors have to climb 550 steps to access the place. The fact that the Raru river falls from a hanging valley, makes it an even more splendid sight to behold.  

  • Distance: Ranchi (45 km)
  • How To Reach: by air, road, or by train. Birsa Munda Airport is 45 km away, 39 km away from Ranchi Railway Station, and 36 km from Birsa Munda Bus Terminal at Kantatoli.
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Birsa Munda Stadium
  • Best Times To Visit: June-August or just later when the water flow is still at large.

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Panch Gagh Waterfalls

Waterfall in Jharkhand
Credit: Holidify

As the name suggests, Panch Gagh means “five waterfalls converge here”, amidst a bed of sand. There are multiple tiny pools formed and the place is famed for being a picnic area.  Since it is so naturally beautiful due to the occurrence of all five waterfalls cascading at once through the steep hills, many people like to flock to this place.

  • Distance:  Ranchi (55 km) 
  • How To Reach: By train, it is 50.4 km from Ranchi Railway station. By road. Since it’s about 30-35 km from the city, taking a cab is a good idea. 
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Ranchi Lake, Patel Park, Angrabadi
  • Best Times To Visit: From February – May, and September – January

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Rajrappa Waterfalls

Rajrappa Falls
Credit: Tripuntold

 The Rajrappa Falls are created by the confluence of two rivers; The river Bhairavi drops from the upper Ranchi plateau to join the river Damodar flowing below it from an altitude of around 30 ft.

There are beautiful formations of rock to see here. It is also considered a Hindu pilgrimage destination, apart from the regular sightseeing activities that take place here, and also let’s not forget the amazing boating activities here.

  • Distance: Ranchi (68 km)
  • How To Reach: By plane, by Birsa Munda Airport.
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Birsa Zoological Park, Birsa Munda Stadium, and Patratu Valley.
  • Best Times To Visit: Throughout the year.

Perwaghagh Waterfalls

Perwaghagh Falls Waterfall in Jharkhand
Credit: Tripinfi

Next on the list, we have the Perwagagh Waterfalls. This beautiful waterfall is a really lovely yet wonderful waterfall in Jharkhand. The Waterfall is special because it gets its name from the words “Perwa gagh ” which means “Pigeon house”. It is indeed interesting because of the unique backdrop and also the fact that it is quiet and relatively unexplored.

The beautiful background includes blue hills and very lush green forests. According to popular local legends, pigeons used to live in a cave under these falls.

  • Distance: Ranchi (78 km)
  • How To Reach: By train or by plane The nearest Railway Station is Hatia. The nearest airport is Birsa Munda Airport. 
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Tagore Hill, Jagannath Mandir, and Deori Mandir
  • Best Times To Visit: December- February for people who like to have picnics there, but this beautiful waterfall is considered at its scenic best during June – August.

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Hirni Waterfalls

Hirni Falls
Credit: Sea Water Sports

Next, the Hirni Falls is a must-visit for a variety of reasons. This wonderful waterfall of Jharkhand is also known as the Mani-Hirani Falls. These Falls are a sensation to see just because of their strategic location among dense but beautiful Green Forests. This treat for the eyes is created by the Ramgarh River when it falls from 37 feet above.

Tourists from far and wide are said to visit this place since they find it so beautiful.

  • Distance:  Ranchi (80 km)
  • How To Reach: By train, or by plane.  Chakradharpur railway station is the nearest railway station. and 72.8 km away is Birsa Munda Airport.
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Panch Gagh Falls and Dassam Falls.
  • Best Times To Visit: June- August (Monsoon months)

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Bhagmunda Waterfalls

Bhagmunda Falls Waterfall in Jharkhand
Credit: Trip Advisor

Then come the Bhagmunda Falls in Gumla, which are also on the list of wonderful waterfalls in Jharkhand. This waterfall even though considerably smaller, is still worth a visit. There is a beautiful Jagannath temple in the area, a historical site that is more than 400 years old.

The temple was built in the Kalinga style. This place is revered by visitors as a hearty picnic spot.

  • Distance: Ranchi (Less than 90-100 km)
  • How To Reach: Gumla is not well connected to any other cities in India by road, rail, or flight. You can go by vehicle from the Birsa Chowk in Ranchi.
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Birsa Chowk
  • Best Times To Visit: During the rainy season June-August

Dharagiri Waterfalls

Dharagiri Falls
Credit: Tripadvisor

The Dharagiri Waterfalls gets its name from the words ‘Dhara’ which means ‘Stream’, and ‘Giri’ which means ‘Hill’. The Dharagiri Waterfall is created by the Subarnarekha River. It falls from around 225 ft and is enchanting because of its natural beauty. 

The place is usually secluded and you might chance to see some wild Elephants going about the area. Visitors who frequent this place enjoy having picnics here. 

  • Distance: Ranchi (91 km)
  • How To Reach: By train, bus or car.  Ghatsila Station is the closest railway station and Fuldungri Bus Stand is the closest bus stop. 
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Narwa Forest, Gauludih Dam, and Rankini Temple
  • Best Times To Visit: June- August, the waterfall is at its scenic best. However, the best time for a picnic there is during the months of December-February.

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Bhatinda Waterfalls

Bhatinda Falls Waterfall in Jharkhand
Credit: Tripadvisor

Then on our list, we have the Bhatinda Waterfall which will surprise you with its beautiful green surroundings, craggy hills, and unassuming tranquility. Again, this place is a sight to behold. Apart from that, the place is just right for a picnic spot.

The Bhatinda Falls are also called the “Waterfall of Moonidih” by many. The Waterfalls of Moonidih are created by the river Katri. 

  • Distance: Ranchi (144 km)
  • How To Reach: 14 km from the Dhanbad railway station.
  • Places Nearby To Visit: Birsa Munda Park, City Park Bokaro, and Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park.
  • Best Times To Visit: The best time to visit it is between December and January.

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Usri Waterfalls

Usri Waterfalls
Credit: Wikipedia

Finally, on the list of Wonderful waterfalls of Jharkhand, we have the Usri Waterfalls. These falls are considered a top tourist attraction and a mesmerizing waterfall in the area of Giridih. 

A sheer panorama is created when the water is seen gushing out of the top hill against a contrasting backdrop of lush greenery. Visitors who frequent this place are indeed amazed by the sight. Another great thing is the origin of its name “Ushri” which means ‘Beautiful Source’. The river Barakar creates the Usri River from which this waterfall originates.

The other fascinating thing about this waterfall is the appearance of the rocky terrain, which appears almost “laminated”  due to the ever-gushing water. These rocks are eroded out of igneous rock hills and the shiny, polished surface created by the water never fails to impress visitors.

The aesthetic effect created by three water streams that fall from a height of about 12 meters also is a real sight to behold. The dense green forest around it is indeed spectacular along with a variety of Fauna making the region even more wonderful for the sightseers.

  • Distance: Ranchi (178 km)
  • How To Reach: By car or by bus. Giridih can be easily found by road, and you can travel to and from the nearby city by auto, bus, Tonga, etc.
  • Places Nearby To Visit: a fascinating 2000-year-old Jain temple in the vicinity and the Khandoli Park nearby.
  • Best Times To Visit: October-December.

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If you liked the above list of waterfalls in Jharkhand, then let us know in the comments! Also, please feel free to like this article and share it with your friends! Do you have any suggestions for beautiful waterfalls such as these in the area, that are worth a visit? Mention your ideas in the comments! You may also like the 5 Most Spectacular Waterfalls near Igatpuri.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do people generally love to visit the Waterfalls?

People love to visit the waterfalls because they give us a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. They are a great means of escapism since they are so beautiful and people simply love them. Given that Waterfalls, in general, have a lot of visitors, the wonderful waterfalls of Jharkhand generate a lot of money for tourism infrastructure and promotion. 

Are the waterfalls of Jharkhand much frequented by tourists?

It is not unknown that the Jharkhand area is well-frequented by tourists from within and outside of the country, and has been recognized by private touristic companies as such. For this reason alone, the place has reasonable infrastructure such as pliable roads and comfortable accommodations.

Are the waterfalls of Jharkhand safe for tourists to visit?

Yes, it is a relatively safe area for tourists to see. However, remember that if the Falls are in a secluded area, taking a few precautions is considered beneficial. Since the area was previously war-torn it was considered a political no-no. However, the Government is taking steps to make the area more tourist-friendly.

What are some of the precautions to take while visiting the Waterfalls?

If by any chance the Waterfall you are visiting is in a secluded area, try not to visit after 5 pm. This is even more true if the area you are visiting is in a Forest or away from the city. Visiting such places after sunset is not generally considered advisable. Another precaution you can take is to avoid visiting the place alone. Going in a group seems to be a sensible idea.

Which is the highest waterfall in Jharkhand?

The Hundru Falls which are located on the Subarnarekha river fall from a height of about 320 km, making them the highest waterfalls in Jharkhand.

What are some of the activities one can do while visiting the beautiful waterfalls?

Some of the suggested activities include going on road trips to the area around the waterfalls. It is also recommended to go boating in the pool around the waterfall. Some people also like to have picnics there. Along with bathing in the pools and swimming as well.

Is there any accommodation available in the area close to these Waterfalls in the Jharkhand area?

Yes, there are several comfortable locations where one can reside, near the waterfalls in the Jharkhand area. The city is full of both budget-friendly as well as luxury hotels, resorts, and lodges.

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