Unique Stays Near Mumbai For Romantic Getaway

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Unique Stays Near Mumbai

Never thought you could get Bali feels here in Maharashtra? Well, with these Unique Stays Near Mumbai now you can. Some of the resorts on this list are truly unique. From Underground Earth Sheltered bunkers to your own private island, everything is possible with these unique stays near Mumbai.

If you think that you are still missing out on the Bali feels, there is a resort on the list that flies you to the resort as a part of their hospitality. Check out  the list of the 3 most unique stays and 6 offbeat resorts for couples near Mumbai for a luxury experience.

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Unique stays near Mumbai for couples and off-beat resorts near Mumbai

Unique Stays near Mumbai for Couples

Canary Island- Your Own Private Island

Unique Stays Near Mumbai For Romantic Getaway-Canary Island
Credit: Booking

The Canary Islands is Maharashtra’s first-ever private island resort in Lonavala. It will bring you the coastal feeling without having to go far from home. This 5-star hotel private oasis in Lonavala has boutique accommodations, made to suit and fit the taste of every guest that chooses to stay at the resort.

Famous for its Global Gourmet Beach Bar called The White Crane gives you a unique experience during your stay at Canary Islands Resort & Spa. Couples, in particular, love their stay in the Canary Islands for its signature amenities.

  • How to reach the Canary Island?: It is located in Lonavala is located at a distance of only 5 km away from Lonavala Railway Station. You can reach the Canary Islands by hiring a cab directly to the resort if traveling by train.
  • What are the Amenities at Canary Island?: Canary Islands Resort has multiple dining options- on a private raft or on the beach. It also takes charge of water activities such as Tet Ski, Water Cycles, Kayaking, and many more. It also lets you relax in the property’s own spa where you can choose from a variety of signature therapies. You can even choose to walk the nature trail and stroll around the neighborhood, if luck favors you could even get a chance to experience the private waterfall which comes as a part of the tour.
  • What is the Price of staying at Canary Island?: For two, rooms start at ₹ 15,000

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Asanja- Underground Living

Asanja- Underground Living, Maharashtra
Credit: What’s hot

Asanja By SaffronStays is one of the unique stays near Mumbai for couples built totally below ground level. These hobbit houses have a 3-bedroom structured home having a pool, a big living room area, one indoor dining area, and various undulating terraces.

This resort is truly unique and like no other on the list, with mosaic tiles all over the walls, in shades of turquoise and white, and a uniquely structured underground entrance, rooms, lobby, and swimming pool. Married Couples looking for an exciting and unique stay near Mumbai can book a date at Asanja.

  • How to reach Asanja by SaffronStays?: It is located in Village Dehari, Taluka Murbad in the District of Thane. To reach Asanja by SaffronStays Driving to Murbad from Mumbai is the best way to reach, though you can also opt to travel by train. It lies around 73 km from Mumbai and takes close to 2 hours to reach by road.
  • What are the Amenities at Asanja by SaffronStays?: Asanje has a Caretaker to make you feel at ease during your stay, a Power Backup ensuring you have a running power supply throughout your stay, and a Barbeque and dining Area. It also has free parking.
  • What is the Price of staying at Asanja by SaffronStays?: For two, rooms start at ₹24,000- ₹ 37,000/-

Aero Village- India’s First Fly-in Resort

Aero village is one of the Unique Stays Near Mumbai For Romantic Getaway
Credit: Aero village

Next on the list of Unique stays near Mumbai is Aero Village which is India’s first fly-in luxury resort. Built specially to cater to the needs of couples living near Mumbai, Pune, and Goa. Among the list of Aero Village amenities, is your very own private charter which will pick you up and drop you off as per your chauffeuring needs. 

It is for sure a one-of-a-kind experience at Aero Village and would be extra special if shared with a romantic partner. Not just that, it also lets you fly over to some of the most exquisite locations in Maharashtra like the white water rafting hotspot- Kolad, Shrivardhan & Diveagar White Sand Beaches, Pali Hot Water Springs, and Murud Janjira Sea Fort.

  • How to reach Aero Village?: You can either choose to fly to Aero Village which takes 20 min from Mumbai and Pune or choose to drive to Panvel.
  • What are the Amenities at Aero Village?: Aero Village offers micro-light airplane joyrides to breathtaking destinations. It also has many nature trail activities from organic farming to plucking fruits from its fruit orchards. It also has a nine-hole golf course situated on the property to cover all your expensive tastes.
  • What is the Price of staying at Aero Village?: For two, rooms start at ₹15,000

Offbeat Resorts Near Mumbai

Anandvan Resort- Bhandardara

Anandvan Resort- Bhandardara
Credit: Tharillophilia

Bhandardara is a great weekend gateway near Mumbai for couples. Bhandardara is just 3 Hours from Mumbai and just 4 hours from Pune. It is a beautiful offbeat hill station in Maharashtra, perfect for a summer retreat.

Anandvan Resort is a perfect stay for people visiting Bhandardara as one of the offbeat resorts near Mumbai it offers luxurious private cottages & villas at great prices.

  • How to reach Anandvan Resort?: Ghoti Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is at a distance of 14 km from the resort. You can avail of a cab to the resort directly from the station.
  • What are the Amenities at Anandvan Resort?: There is a spa, a herbal garden, and a pool for visitors. Bicycles are also available on the property. The nearby lake provides an enticing aura. For couples, a romantic candlelight dinner could be arranged by the resort.
  • What is the Price of staying at Anandvan Resort?: For two, rooms start at ₹4,500 per night

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Jal Shruti Island Resort- Mulshi

Unique Stays Near Mumbai For Romantic Getaway - Jal Shruti Island Resort- Mulshi
Credit: Jal Shruti

Jal Shruti Island Resort is this unique Island Resort located in Mulshi, Pune to cover all your Bali feels. Situated on the Mula River, this boutique accommodation has two astounding staying options, one is a riverside accommodation and the other is a pondside.

If you choose to stay at the riverside accommodation, the elevated cottages with huge glass panels will provide you with an enticing view of the Mula River as seen in the picture above.

  • How to reach Jal Shruti Island Resort?: The Jalsrushti Island Resort is located near Pune, at a distance of 40 km. You can easily get public or hire a cab to the resort.
  • What are the Amenities at Jal Shruti Island Resort?: Indoor and Outdoor Activities are available at the Resort such as tractor rides, and bicycle rides. For family get-togethers, Karaoke nights are hosted every weekend with Authentic Maharashtrian live music playing for the guest’s utmost entertainment and Bonfire to end the day with. Along with that they also have an open cookery show hosted by the in-house chef where guests can learn the recipes. There is a swimming pool, an organic garden, and a place to bird watch as well on the property.
  • What is the Price of staying at Jal Shruti Island Resort?: For two, rooms start at ₹22,000- ₹ 30,000 per night

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Grape County Eco Resort- Nashik

Grape County Eco Resort- Nashik
Credit: Grape County

Grape County Eco Resort is one of the offbeat resorts near Mumbai on the list, located in Nashik. The reason for its uniqueness is the visionary substantial ecosystem that the resort has strived to create.

The large spacious outdoor of Grape County extending to 20 acres has multiple unique stays- 11 Sky Rooms, 20 condos, and over 25 farmhouses.

Couples especially love the sky rooms available at the resort.

  • How to reach Grape County Eco Resort?: It is located 23 Km from Nashik, you can book a cab to the resort. Trimbakeshwar Shiv Mandir is a landmark near the eco-resort
  • What are the Amenities at Grape County Eco Resort?: At Grape County Eco Resort you can avail of a bird-watching tour as a part of the amenities at the resort. There is a Kids’ Play Area. A separate dining area with a Cafe, Bar, and restaurant built on the property. Swimming pool, Kayaking, Camping, Nature Trail, Trekking, Wine Tours, Horse Riding, Golf Car Ride, Night Forest Safari, Black Buck Safari, and Boating are available as a part of outdoor activities at the resort.
  • What is the Price of staying at Grape County Eco Resort?: Sky decked Room starts at Rs. 17,999

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Tooth Mountain Farms- Karjat

Tooth Mountain Farms- Karjat
Credit: Tooth Mountain Farms

Tooth Mountain Farms is a Mountain Resort with  7 uniquely styled suite rooms each named after a flowering tree that grows on the property. Isn’t that so thoughtful? One such room is called Ashmantak, named after the Purple Orchid Tree.

Each room has a unique addition that adheres to the overall theme of the room, be it a private man-made lake, lap pool, farm-to-table restaurant, an art village, or a plant nursery. Much thought is also put into creating a menu for the restaurant that is all quality and sustainable.

Because of its nature-conscious steps, it was also named the Best Restaurant in 2020.

  • How to reach Tooth Mountain Farms?: It is located next to ND studios on Karjat road about 200 meters from Chowk Phata. A two-hour ride from Mumbai is sufficient to reach this farm.
  • What are the Amenities at Tooth Mountain Farms?: Cycling, swimming, Bird watching, temple visits, and fruit plucking at the organic farms, are some of the free activities at the Tooth Mountain Farms. Cycling in Hatnoli Village is the most loved outdoor activity at the farm. You can even do some Water-based activities in the pool, Kayaking is a popular water-based activity at the farm.
  • What is the Price of staying at Tooth Mountain Farms?: For two, Rooms start from Rs. 7,840- Rs. 18,644 per night

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Malhar Machi Resort- Mulshi

Malhar Machi Resort- Mulshi
Credit: Malhar Machi

Malhar Machi Resort is a Mountain Resort near Mulshi overlooking the Sahyadri range of the Westen Ghats.

At this offbeat resort near Mumbai, there is an infinity swimming pool at the premises where you can have a lovely candle-lit dinner with your romantic partner or you can choose to go strawberry picking on the organic farm.

There are many unique and luxurious stays at this 5-star resort near Pune. You could choose to stay in the cozy little Bouganvilla cottage or treat yourself and your significant other to a divine experience in the spacious Maharaja rooms.

  • How to reach Malhar Machi Resort?: To reach Malhar Machi from Mumbai you have to travel to  Pirangut and then go straight to Paud Pirangut Mulshi Road. The nearest railway station and airport is Pune which is 44 km from the resort. From there you can hire a cab direct to the resort.
  • What are the Amenities at Malhar Machi Resort?: Malhar Machi has a wide range of activities for couples. there is an arrangement of indoor and outdoor games, a kid’s area, a spa, a bonfire arrangement, a bar with a dance floor, an exciting horse and tractor ride, beautiful music performances, and a walk among nature in the organic garden available at the property.
  • What is the Price of staying at Malhar Machi Resort? For 2, rooms start from Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 per night

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Amanzi- Pawna Dam

Amanzi- Pawna Dam Unique Stays Near Mumbai For Romantic Getaway
Credit: Amanzi

Amanzi is a truly unique stay near Mumbai, only 2 hours away from the city. The most unique feature of this offbeat resort near Mumbai is the Swiss-type chalets which are one of the most unique structures in entire Southeast Asia.

Overlooking the sparkling waters of Pavana Dam, Amanzi is a luxury resort with total privacy. Surprise your partner with a romantic, private vacation at this offbeat resort near Mumbai.

  • How to reach Amanzi?: Located in Tikona, It’s just 2 hours’ drive from Mumbai and 1 hour from Pune.
  • What are the Amenities at Amanzi ?: There are many interesting experiences at Amanzi. Boating on Pawna Lake is one of the few amenities offered at this luxe resort. Other activities include Kayaking, trekking, and even paragliding. At the multi-purpose court, you can break a sweat by playing basketball, volleyball, or Badminton. There is a spa and dining area with a farm-to-table policy, ensuring you get the freshest ingredients for every meal.
  • What is the Price of staying at Amanzi ?: For two, rooms start from Rs. 23,000- rs. 30,000 per night

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Just like that, we have come to the article “Unique Stays Near Mumbai for Couples for a Romantic Getaway”, there are many unique and luxurious stays and Offbeat Resorts Near Mumbai, from boutique accommodations, villas, and underground sheltered stays to India’s first fly-in resort. With that, we have covered some of the most exciting unique stays for couples near Mumbai for a romantic getaway.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which are the most luxurious resorts near Mumbai?

Della Resorts, Verandah in the Forest, Radisson Resort (Alibaug), Prakruti Resort, Machan, Gold Beach Resort, and Beyond by Sula Vineyards are among the top luxurious resorts near Mumbai.

Which are the best and most affordable resorts near Mumbai for a one-day trip?

Sagar Hill Resort, West Hill, and Carnival Resort are some of the best budget resorts near Mumbai.

What are the luxury weekend getaways near Pune? 

Jal Shruti, Malhar Machi, Machan, Atmantan, The Corinthians resort, Fort Jadavgadh Pune are some of the well-known luxe weekend getaways near Pune.

Which are the Offbeat resorts near Mumbai?

Amanzi, Pawna, Atmantan Wellness Resort, Jal Srushti, Mulshi, Dune Barr House, Verandah in the Forest, Matheran, Hilton Shillim Estate are some recommended offbeat resorts near Mumbai.

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