Tiny Hill Stations – Khirsu, Uttarakhand

After so many tongue twisting names to call viz. Khursi – Khisru – Khusru, what
remembered with me is an unforgettable journey to a tiny hill station KHIRSU Uttarakhand. Going up hills from Lansdowne to Pauri City to Khirsu Village there was so much puzzling spiral roads, but thanks to Google Maps which, always held our hand in reaching our destination.

On reaching Khirsu our happiness was on top. Like we found a new continent on the earth, So much peace – So much serenity, feeling like a Saint who came for salvation Om Shanti Om. Papa Peacock, I heard the voice of my daughter which bring me back to real world, soon I realize how smart she is by visualizing birds from her A-B-C-D chart to real world objects, a practical learning tour for her.

So here we are on a picture perfect and peaceful hill station Khirsu, a perfect panoramic view of Himalaya was in front us with flawless beauty of Mountains and ranges of pine trees. In evening we planned to visit nearby Summer Farm
Meadow, shared greetings with local villagers on the way, this reflected love and respect for tourists. Step farming is visible all round as it’s a main occupation of villagers. Summer Farm Meadow was quite big and surrounded by small pathway, we followed the pathway and adored the scintillating view of nature.

Our stay was with Garwal Mandal Resort which has great mountain-view
with price tag of Rs1800 / night which includes breakfast. Staff and services
was good. Khirsu Uttarakhand is well connected by road and it is 325 km from Delhi, after crossing Kotdwara which is 200km from Delhi you reach nearest popular hill station of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne, from there it’s 125km all hilly areas, one can also take cab from Kotdwara which is the last railway station.

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