Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey

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Discover essential travel accessories brands in India, enhancing your adventures with style and functionality. Get ready for an unforgettable journey with these travel essentials.

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Best Travel Accessories Brands In India

Our Top Picks

Power BankMI Power Bank 3i 20000mAh Lithium Polymer 18W   Top Travel Accessories Brands In IndiaMI Power Bank 3i 20000mAh Lithium Polymer 18W Check Price
2Eye MasksRoss Breathable Sleep Eye Mask Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your JourneyRoss Breathable Sleep Eye MaskCheck Price
3Neck PillowBillebon Premium Neck Pillow Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your JourneyBillebon Premium Neck PillowCheck Price
4Luggage LocksDOCOSS Metal TSA Approved Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your JourneyDOCOSS Metal TSA ApprovedCheck Price
5Toiletry BagSwiss Military 3.5cms Military Green Toiletry BagCheck Price
6Paper SoapReflekt Premium Moisturising Paper Thin Hand SoapCheck Price
7Reusable Water BottleMilton Active 1000 Stainless Steel Water BottleCheck Price
8Luggage BagSkybags Polycarbonate Hard Trolley BagCheck Price

Top Travel Accessories In India To Buy

Power Banks

A power bank is an indispensable travel accessory that offers a lifeline to your electronic devices on the go. As you embark on exciting adventures, the last thing you need is a drained phone or tablet.

A compact and portable power bank serves as a reliable energy source, providing multiple charges for your devices without relying on traditional power outlets.

MI Power Bank 3i 20000mAh Lithium Polymer 18W 

MI Power Bank 3i 20000mAh Lithium Polymer 18W 
Credit: Amazon

MI is a popular tech brand known for its cool gadgets like smartphones and smart home devices. People love MI because they’re affordable and high-tech.

The 20000mAh power bank charges three devices at once, with an 18W fast charge. It has type-c and micro-USB ports for charging and supports various device types.

The lithium polymer batteries are safer, with better charging rates. It even has a 2-hour low charging mode for smaller devices and 12-layer protection against overheating and short circuits.


ConnectorUSB, Micro USB, USB Type C
Charging time6.9 hours
Warranty6 months domestic
Item weight434 grams

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Ambrane 20000mAh Power Bank 20W

 Ambrane 20000mAh Power Bank 20W
Credit: Amazon

Ambrane, a renowned brand, offers diverse tech solutions. From power banks to audio devices, their products merge functionality with affordability, attracting a wide audience seeking reliable gadgets.

The Ambrane 20000mAh power bank boasts a high-capacity lithium polymer battery for consistent performance. With 20W fast charging, it speeds up device and self-charging.

Triple ports enable simultaneous charging or sharing. Bureau of Indian Standards validated it as travel-friendly due to compact size and large battery.

Intelligent output adjustment and multi-layer chipset protection ensure safe charging. Stylish finish and compact design provide a comfortable grip. Smart LED indicators display power status. The Type-C Power Delivery offers high-power input and output.


ConnectorUSB Type C
Charging time7 to 8 hours
Warranty6 months
Item weight 370 grams

Eye Masks

An eye mask offers a peaceful respite during your journeys. Whether flying or on a road trip, this lightweight and portable essential creates a serene cocoon, shielding your eyes from harsh light and distractions.

Experience restful slumber on long flights or rejuvenate during daytime naps with this comfort-inducing accessory.

Ross Breathable Sleep Eye Mask

Ross Breathable Sleep Eye Mask
Credit: Amazon

The SOFT & COZY sleeping mask incorporates four breathable layers, including flexible foam and super soft modal fabric for ultimate comfort.

Its adjustable elastic strap ensures a secure fit during sleep. Lightweight and compact, it’s perfect for rest anywhere. The mask’s design effectively shields your eyes from light without undue pressure on your face, eyelids, and lashes, promoting deep sleep.


Closure typeElastic Strap

Boldfit Eye Mask 

Boldfit Eye Mask 
Credit: Amazon

Experience sound sleep anywhere with Misamo Enterprise Night Eye Sleep Masks. Lightweight and comfortable, these masks are suitable for various settings like beds, flights, car rides, or camping, ensuring uninterrupted, deep sleep.

Designed for both men and women, they naturally relieve tension, enhance mood, and promote relaxation.

The mask’s rub-minimizing design shields eyes from light without discomfort. An adjustable ultra-soft elastic strap secures it in any sleeping position. Ideal for insomnia, migraines, and dry eyes, the hypoallergenic silk fibers provide natural, healthy sleep.


MaterialHypoallergenic silk
Closure typeElastic Strap

Neck Pillow

A neck pillow, the ultimate travel accessory, provides unparalleled comfort on your journeys. Engineered to support your neck and head, this portable companion ensures restful sleep during long flights or road trips.

Billebon Premium Neck Pillow

Billebon Premium Neck Pillow Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon

Billebon is a brand known for its eye masks. Their eye masks are designed to provide comfort and aid in promoting restful sleep.

Ideal for travelers and hikers, our neck pillows offer portability and comfort. Whether at the office or camping, these pillows ensure comfort on the go.

They alleviate stress during bus or car travel by supporting your head and neck. Their secure fastening prevents slipping during bumpy rides.

Crafted with the finest materials, our neck pillows provide the comfort necessary for restful sleep. Recognizing your need for comfort to sleep well, we offer a 30-year warranty on this product.

Trajectory Travel Neck Pillow

Trajectory Travel Neck Pillow Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon

The trajectory brand soars with innovative products. From tech gadgets to lifestyle essentials, their offerings blend creativity and functionality, captivating audiences with modern solutions for everyday living.

Enjoy advanced neck support with our high-quality fiber-filled neck pillow, ensuring pain-free travel. Wrapped in luxurious soft fabric, it maximizes comfort.

Cleaning is easy with removable filling and machine-washable cover. Lightweight and portable, it’s ideal for travel by plane, train, or car, or for office use. Versatile support for on-the-go comfort during long journeys or work hours.

Luggage Locks

Travel luggage locks, the guardian of your belongings, offer peace of mind during your journeys. Safeguard your valuables from theft and tampering with these reliable and sturdy accessories.

DOCOSS Metal TSA Approved

DOCOSS Metal TSA Approved Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon

These heavy-duty combination locks redefine durability, boasting high-strength zinc alloy bodies, hardened steel shackles, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Designed to withstand all challenges, they’re weatherproof, rust-resistant, and impervious to cutting and sawing attempts.

Notably, these locks carry the TSA Lock (Travel Sentry approved) certification, constructed with resilient zinc alloy to brave the demands of baggage handling.

Volo 3 Digit Combination Lock

Volo 3 Digit Combination Lock Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon

Introducing a top-notch, durable luggage lock with enhanced security through its high-strength 3-digit combination.

The resetable password feature ensures you personalize your security code easily. The initial combination is 000, easily changeable by turning the lock 90 degrees and adjusting in the provided slot. A sleek and practical design suits all bag types perfectly.

Toiletry Bag

The toiletry bag is an essential travel accessory, perfect for organizing and carrying personal hygiene items while on the go.

It conveniently accommodates toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and more. Its compact size and multiple compartments make it a must-have for any traveler’s packing list.

Swiss Military 3.5cms Military Green Toiletry Bag

Swiss Military 3.5cms Military Green Toiletry Bag Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon

 If you’re someone who loves to travel, the Swiss Military toiletry bag is a perfect companion for your journeys. Crafted from durable 1080D polyester material, this bag offers a practical solution for storing essential toiletries like deodorants, toothbrushes, and razors.

It boasts multiple pockets that make organization a breeze. With its comfortable handle and PVC lining, this travel bag is not only robust but also water-resistant, ensuring your items stay protected even in case of accidental spills.

Made from lightweight polyester, the bag strikes a balance between toughness and portability. It’s designed to carry your essential utilities and toiletries while you’re on the go.

Plus, the inclusion of two storage mesh pockets adds extra convenience for neatly stowing away your belongings during travel.


Material1080D polyester
Weight250 grams

FATMUG Travel Bag Toiletry

FATMUG Travel Bag -Toiletry Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon

Fatmug is a popular brand for daily use travel accessories. This toiletry bag is one of the best selling in its segment.

With numerous pockets and compartments, staying organized is effortless. The front zipper pocket and side elastic pocket provide quick access to frequently used items like your toothbrush and comb.

Despite its compact size, this travel bag offers a surprisingly large capacity without taking up excessive suitcase space. It’s the perfect companion for travel, camping, business trips, and more. Experience practicality and style with Fatmug Designs.

Material Oxford polyester fabric, 
Weight260 grams

Paper Soap

Paper soap is a fantastic travel companion, especially for those who prioritize cleanliness and hygiene on their journeys.

These thin, lightweight soap sheets come in compact packaging and easily dissolve in water, providing a convenient way to wash hands and face while traveling. With paper soap, staying fresh and clean on the go is a breeze!

Reflekt Premium Moisturising Paper Thin Hand Soap

Reflekt Premium Moisturising Paper Thin Hand Soap Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon

Introducing compact and travel-friendly hand-paper soap sheets! These small and light sheets come in a portable tin box, making them perfect for on-the-go hygiene. Simply place a sheet in your hand, add water, and rub to create a lather. Rinse for clean hands anywhere. These sheets have a moisturizing formula that’s gentle on the skin and tough on dirt and germs, suitable for everyone. With delightful Lavender fragrance and an eco-friendly, biodegradable design, they’re a sustainable alternative to hand sanitizers. Stay clean, save space, and help the planet!


Age rangeAdult, kids

PARTEET Flower Design Tube Shape 

PARTEET Flower Design Tube Shape  Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon


FeatureCarry tube
Age rangeAdult, kids

Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is an indispensable travel accessory, ideal for eco-conscious travelers. Its durable design and leak-proof features make it perfect for carrying water on the go, reducing the need for single-use plastic bottles. With the ability to be refilled at any water source, it promotes hydration and helps minimize environmental impact, making it a must-have for any travel adventure.

Milton Active 1000 Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Milton Active 1000 Stainless Steel Water Bottle Exploring Top Travel Accessories Brands In India: Elevate Your Journey
Credit: Amazon

Enhance your style with our glossy-coated stainless steel bottle. The perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality, this bottle is both stylish and practical.

Designed with up to 18% chromium and 8% nickel, our stainless steel bottle is highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring its longevity and durability.

The curvy shape provides a secure grip, making it easy to carry on hikes or trips. Its portable design fits comfortably in your hand or backpack side compartments, always ready for your adventures.

Built with 18/8 stainless steel, our bottle boasts exceptional strength, making it tough and rust-resistant for long-term use.

Spill-Resistant Innovation Sip on the go with confidence. The narrow nozzle prevents spills, even in moving vehicles. The leak-proof lid and stainless steel material prevent odors and maintain water freshness.

Cleaning is a breeze. A quick wipe with a damp cloth keeps the surface clean, while the interior is easily accessible for thorough cleaning with a bottle brush. Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Milton stainless steel bottle. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


Capacity900 mL
Material‎Stainless Steel

Cello Venice Plastic Bottle

Cello Venice Plastic Bottle
Credit: Amazon

Opt for health and sustainability with our PET plastic juice bottles. Crafted from premium BPA-free PET plastic, these bottles are not only 100% recyclable but also completely food-safe. Say goodbye to harmful phthalates and toxins, as our sturdy bottles are free from these chemicals. Crafted from top-notch food-grade BPA-free polypropylene, our heavy-duty bottles are designed for durability in everyday use. Rest assured, they are safe, reliable, and toxin-free.

Prioritize Your Health Enjoy your cold drinks in a health-conscious way with our food-safe PET plastic bottles. Specifically designed to outperform disposable options, our bottles are the right choice for you. Make the sustainable choice – choose Cello.

Durability at Its Best Don’t let worries of cracks, dents, or leaks hinder your on-the-go enjoyment. Our durable design ensures that you can savor your drinks without concern. These bottles are not limited to one-time use; hand wash and reuse them. Fitted with twist-on lids, each bottle guarantees leak prevention and maintains the freshness of your beverages. Experience an airtight seal for ultimate freshness.


MaterialBPA-free PET plastic

Luggage Bag

Skybags Polycarbonate Hard Trolley Bag

Skybags Polycarbonate Hard Trolley
Credit: Amazon

The Safari Polycarbonate 53cm Hard Trolley Bag is ideal for today’s travelers. It is made of tough polypropylene and is built to resist the demands of travel. The sturdy casing protects your items from bumps and scratches, while the water-resistant construction keeps your items dry.

The TSA lock guarantees that your suitcase is secure during travel, and the 360-degree turning system makes maneuvering through crowded airports simple. The crisscross packing straps keep your items secure, and the huge, zipped divider keeps you organized while you’re on the road.

The Safari Polycarbonate 53cm Hard Trolley Bag is the ideal travel companion for a work trip or a relaxed holiday.


Dimensions49 x 27 x 65 cms
Shell TypeHard
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Water ResistanceNo
Lock TypeNumber Lock
Wear ResistanceNo
Laptop CompatibilityNo

American Tourister Polypropylene Hard Trolley Bag

Tourister Polypropylene Hard Trolley Bag
Credit: Amazon

This American Tourister polypropylene 68cm hard trolley bag is a great choice for people searching for a dependable and long-lasting carry-on bag. This bag is scratch and impact-resistant and made of high-quality polypropylene, ensuring your possessions stay safe and sound on your travels.

The bag also has an additional packing area, providing you with plenty of room for all of your belongings.

The bag comes with a 3-digit Recessed TSA lock for enhanced protection, keeping your stuff safe and secure. The backpack also has four smooth-rolling wheels and side lugs for easier hauling. The American Tourister polypropylene 68cm durable trolley bag is sure to fulfill your demands whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure.


Dimensions68 x 47 x 29 cm
Shell Type Hard
Manufacturer Warranty3 Years
Water ResistanceYes
Lock TypeCombination Lock/TSA
Wear ResistanceNo
Laptop CompatibilityNo

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the top 5 brands of suitcases in India?

The top four luggage brands in India are Samsonite, Skybags, American Tourister, and VIP. Aside from these, brands such as Amazon Basics, Swiss Gear, Dussel Dorf, Aristocrat, and others provide robust luggage, rucksacks, and duffel bags that are great for travel.

Which company is best for trolley?

Following brands and there products are best:
1. Lavie Sport Lino Wheel Duffel Bag
2. Safari Polycarbonate Hard Trolley Bag
3. Swiss Gear Polyester Soft Trolley Bag
4. Skybags Trooper Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage
5. Aristocrat Polyester Soft Trolley Bag
6. Safari Rapid Polyester Soft-Sided Cabin Luggage
7. AmazonBasics Nylon Soft Trolley Bag
8. Kamiliant by American Tourister Polypropylene Hard Trolley Bag
9. Skybags Rubik Polyester
10. Skybags Polycarbonate Hard Trolley Bag
11. Delsey Polyester Hard Trolley Bag
12. American Tourister Polypropylene Hard Trolley Bag
13. American Tourister Hardsided Luggage Set

What is the most expensive luggage brand?

Even without Taylor’s influence, Louis Vuitton wins the cake, according to Forbes. The price of an armoire trunk, wardrobe trunk, steamer trunk, four matching suitcases, a hat box, cruiser bag, and a jewelry case is $601,340 USD.

Which suitcase is best hard or soft?

Although soft-sided luggage allows for more packing options, hard shells protect your valuables better. Furthermore, hard shells are heavier, but soft-sided shells are more easily damaged. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Is American Tourister a good brand?

American Tourister is one of the greatest value luggage brands, priced slightly lower than its parent company, Samsonite. And you know it’s an excellent brand when it’s the top pick of Choice’s experienced product testers.

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