Places To Visit In Dimapur: Dimapur’s 9 Gems

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Places To Visit In Dimapur

Hey You! Today, we will take you on a journey to discover some amazing places to visit in Dimapur. Dimapur is a beautiful city in India, and we will talk about the top spots you must visit here. Whether you love nature, shopping, or exploring new cultures, Dimapur has something special just for you.

So, let’s get started on our adventure through the fascinating city of Dimapur!

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best places to visit in dimapur: wonders of dimapur

Dimapur is a city that has a rich history, diverse culture, and captivating landscapes. It has emerged as one of the best places to visit in the northeastern region of the country. This bustling city serves as the commercial hub of Nagaland, welcoming visitors with open arms and embracing them in the warmth of its people and traditions.

As you step into Dimapur, you will be greeted by a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. The city’s ancient roots can be traced back to the time of the Kachari dynasty, and it has witnessed the passage of time through various rulers and empires.

Today, it stands as a testament to the spirit of its people and a living canvas of history and nature’s beauty waiting to be explored. Now, let’s discover the top places to visit in Dimapur, where every step promises to be a magical experience filled with natural beauty and wonder.

Top Places To Visit In Dimapur

Nagaland Science Centre

Credit: DSTNagaland

The Nagaland Science Centre is the perfect place for a curious person, like you. It is like those cool science centers you might have seen in other parts of India, but this one is right here in Dimapur.

This awesome place was created to make science super fun and easy to understand, without any boring complaints. They want you to enjoy learning about science and get amazed by the wonders of the world. And trust me, they have got some mind-blowing stuff in there!

When you step into the Science Centre, you will see a wild journey through various galleries. There is a Fun Centre, where you can have a blast with interactive and exciting exhibits. Then, you will get the Children’s Corner, specially designed for all the young explorers out there, like you!

Don’t forget the “Our Senses” gallery, where you will learn all about your amazing senses and how they work. Everyone loves these places so much that they are must-visit places in Dimapur. 

  • How to reach Nagaland Science Centre? Nagaland Science Centre is located in the city of Dimapur, which is well-connected by road. It is around 2 km away from the city center, you can hire a taxi to reach there.
  • What is Nagaland Science Centre famous for? Nagaland Science Center is famous for being an interactive and educational hub that promotes scientific learning and exploration.
  • Best time to visit Nagaland Science Centre: The months of winter are the best for visiting the Nagaland Science Center.

Aqua Mellow Park

Credit: Tourist.net

Aqua Mellow Park is a lovely park in Dimapur where you can have a lot of fun. It has swings and things you can hang on to, like monkey bars, which are great for kids and even grown-ups! The best part is that you can also go boating in the park. So, you can enjoy a nice boat ride on the water.

The park is a beautiful place to visit with your family and friends. You can play on the swings, try hanging on the bars, and have a great time together. And if you want a little adventure, you can hop on a boat and float on the water. It’s a place where you can relax and have fun at the same time.

So, if you are looking for a fun and best park in Dimapur, Aqua Mellow Park is the place to go. You’ll love the swings, hanging fun, and the exciting boating experience. It’s a perfect spot for a day out with your loved ones!”

  • How to reach Aqua Mellow Park? You can hire a taxi or cab from the city to Aqua Mellow Park. The park is located around 10 away from the city.
  • What is Aqua Mellow Park famous for? Aqua Mellow Park is famous for being a beautiful park with a variety of attractions, including swings, hanging fun, and boating.
  • Best time to visit Aqua Mellow Park: You should visit the park during the months of November to February. However, it can be visited anytime throughout the year.

HongKong market

Credit: Hotels.com

If you want to go shopping in Dimapur, the Hong Kong market is a fantastic place for you! It’s like a dream come true for people who love shopping. You’ll find many things from other countries at really affordable prices. They bring in these goods from places like Thailand and Myanmar.

In this market, you can get everything you need, like clothes and cool gadgets. It’s a one-stop shop for all your shopping desires! If you love shopping a lot, then this is the perfect place for you to visit in Dimapur.

So, if you are excited about shopping and want to find great deals on things from faraway lands, don’t miss out on the Hong Kong market in Dimapur. You’ll have a blast exploring all the amazing stuff they have there!

  • How to reach Hong Kong Market? The market is well-connected by road and very near to visit. You can easily reach there by hiring a taxi or by walking.
  • What is Hong Kong Market famous for? Hong Kong Market is famous for being a vibrant shopping destination in Dimapur. It is known for offering a wide variety of goods, including clothing, accessories, electronics, and other items.
  • Best time to visit Hong Kong Market: You can visit Hong Kong Market in any month of the year.
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Shiva Temple

Credit: Triponzy

One of the most famous religious places in Dimapur, Nagaland, is the Shiva Temple in Sinrijan village. People from all around come to visit this temple and it has a fascinating story that goes way back!

Back in 1961, the villagers themselves built this temple, and there are many exciting legends about it. One of the legends says that a villager once went to the nearby Rangapahar Forest to sharpen his knife. As he was doing that, something amazing happened! A liquid started coming out from the rock he was using to sharpen his knife.

That night, he had a dream, and in that dream, he realized it was Lord Shiva himself who made that liquid appear. This extraordinary experience led the villagers to start worshipping Lord Shiva, and that’s how this beautiful temple was born.

If you are a devoted follower of Lord Shiva, you must visit this temple, especially during Mahashivratri, a special festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. It’s a wonderful place to offer your prayers and feel the divine presence.

  • How to reach Shiva Temple? To reach Shiva Temple by road, you can take a taxi, cab, or local bus from anywhere in the city. The temple is a popular landmark and is located around 1 km from the city.
  • What is Shiva Temple famous for? Shiva Temple is a sacred place known for worshipping of the Lord Shiva.
  • Best time to visit Shiva Temple: You can worship here during the whole year.

Ghosu Bird Sanctuary

Credit: NRIOL

Ghosu Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful place in India, not too far from Zunheboto town, about 9 kilometers away. Here, lots of different birds come to live and have a happy home. The sanctuary is like a safe shelter for these birds, where they can find food and be protected.

Inside Ghosu Bird Sanctuary, you will be amazed to see many types of birds. Some of these birds are very rare and need special care because they are endangered. The sanctuary is like a paradise for these beautiful creatures, and it’s their safe haven.

If you visit Ghosu Bird Sanctuary, you will have the chance to spot some amazing birds like the little Bunting, Cuckoo, Himalayan Black Bulbul, Grey-Hooded Warbler, Oriental Magpie Robin, Great-Eared Nightjar, and many more.

People who love birds and study them, called ornithologists, and those who adore birds, visit this special place every year. It is a favorite spot for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.

  • How to reach Ghosu Bird Sanctuary? Ghosu Bird Sanctuary is located in Zuneheboto district which is around 200 km from Dimapur. The nearest railway station is Dimapur Railway Station, from where you can take the train to Zuneheboto.
  • What is Ghosu Bird Sanctuary famous for? Ghosu Bird Sanctuary is famous for the various species of birds such as Little Bunting, Cuckoo, Himalayan Black Bulbul, Grey-Hooded Warbler, and more.
  • Best time to visit Ghosu Bird Sanctuary: You should visit the sanctuary during the months of January to May when tourism is at its peak in Zuneheboto.


Credit: Tripoto

Longkhum is a charming village in Nagaland, not too far from Mokokchung, about 17 kilometers away. It is like a picture painted on a canvas with beautiful landscapes all around. The village sits high up, at 1846 meters above sea level, giving you breathtaking views of the Naga Hills covered in lush green forests.

If you love nature and adventure, Longkhum is the place for you! You can explore the thick bushes of Rhododendrons, cross the Longlangba stone bridge, and visit Mongu Ki, a cave on a cliff that looks like an eagle’s nest. It is all so thrilling and exciting!

When you are in Longkhum, make sure not to miss the stunning hill views of the surrounding mountains. The village is like a dream, with its scenic beauty this place is a romantic place in Dimapur.

  • How to reach Longkhum? Longkhum is a beautiful village located in Mokokchung which is around 180 km from Dimapur. The nearest railway station is Dimapur Railway Station to reach Longkhum.
  • What is Longkhum famous for? Longkhum is famous for the stunning views of the Naga Hills, lush green forests, and beautiful large hills.
  • Best time to visit Longkhum: The best time to visit Longkhum is during the months of November to March. This period represents the winter season in the region when the weather is pleasant and suitable for exploration.

Molung Village

Credit: Holidify

Molung village is a special place in Nagaland, situated in the Changkikong Range. It is famous for having a very old and well-known Litchi tree that is believed to have been planted by the first American Missionary who came to this land.

One of the big reasons why Molung village is famous locally is because it played an important role in bringing Christianity to this area. It holds historical and cultural significance for the people of Nagaland.

If you visit Molung village, you will get to experience the true and beautiful vibes of Nagaland. It is a place where you can connect with nature and enjoy its raw and wonderful beauty. You will find some really unique and never-seen-before natural spots that are perfect for taking beautiful pictures with your loved ones.

  • How to reach Molung Village? To reach Molung Village (Mokokchung), you can take the train from Dimapur. The nearest railway station is located in the city.
  • What is Molung Village famous for? Molung Village is famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The village has played a crucial role in bringing Christianity to the region.
  • Best time to visit Molung Village: The best time to visit Molung Village is during the months of October to February. These months offer pleasant weather with cool temperatures.
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Dimapur Kalibari

Credit: Wikipedia

Dimapur Kalibari is a very special Hindu temple in the city of Dimapur, which is in Nagaland, India. It was built in the year 1956, quite a long time ago! In 2006, it celebrated its 50th anniversary with lots of festivities and good deeds for the community.

This temple is all about worshipping the powerful Goddess Kali. She is a significant deity in Hinduism, and people come from all around to pay their respects and offer prayers to her. The temple is famous in North-East India because it’s so well-known and respected.

The temple is beautifully taken care of, and it’s considered a sacred and holy place for all the people who visit. Here, they observe many important Hindu festivals like Durga Puja, which is a big celebration for the people living in this area.

It was made possible because of the kind-heartedness of some local people who donated their money to build it. They really wanted to create a place where everyone could worship and find peace.

  • How to reach Dimapur Kalibari? Dimapur Kalibari is just 1 km away from the city center. You can take a taxi to reach there.
  • What is Dimapur Kalibari famous for? Dimapur Kalibari temple is a religious place. The temple is known for the worship of the goddess “Kali”.
  • Best time to visit Dimapur Kalibari: The temple can be visited anytime throughout the year.

Ungma Village

Credit: IndianoTravel

Ungma is a very special village in Nagaland. It is the second-largest village in the state, and it is home to the oldest and biggest group of people from the Ao tribe. The Ao tribe is a significant community in Nagaland, and Ungma is believed to be their birthplace.

The people of Ungma love their culture and traditions, and they work hard to keep them alive for future generations. When you visit Ungma, you will see some famous places that tourists love to explore. One of these spots is an old log drum, which is a traditional musical instrument used by the locals. 

Then, there is a beautiful Baptist church where the villagers gather for worship. And don’t forget the amazingly pretty park located just outside the village, where you can relax and enjoy nature’s beauty.

  • How to reach Ungma Village? Ungma Village is located in Mokokchung which is around 190 km from Dimapur. The nearest railway station is Dimapur Railway Station to reach Ungma Village.
  • What is Ungma Village famous for? The village is known for its rich heritage, traditional practices, and warm hospitality to visitors.
  • Best time to visit Ungma Village: You should visit the Ungma Village in the month of December when the villagers begin to celebrate Christmas from the first week of the month until the New Year.

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The final words, Dimapur is a place of wonder and delight, offering something special for everyone who visits. We have explored the thrilling adventures of Aqua Mellow Park, the sacred beauty of Shiva Temple and Kalibari, and the mesmerizing Ghosu Bird Sanctuary. Longkhum’s picturesque landscapes and Molung Village’s historical significance have left an unforgettable mark on our memory. Lastly, we marveled at the rich heritage of Ungma, where traditions are treasured.

Dimapur has shown us the true essence of Nagaland, where culture and nature dance together in harmony. It is a place that welcomes you with open arms and leaves you with memories to cherish forever.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: What are the top places to visit in Dimapur?

Answer: Some of the top places to visit in Dimapur are Aqua Mellow Park, Shiva Temple, Hong Kong Market, Ghosu Bird Sanctuary, and Nagaland Science Centre.

Question 2: How can I reach Aqua Mellow Park?

Answer: Aqua Mellow Park is located 10 km away from the city. You can reach there by taking a taxi, cab, local bus, or auto-rickshaw.

Question 3: What is the significance of Ungma Village?

Answer: Ungma Village is the oldest and largest village of the Ao tribe in Nagaland. It is considered the birthplace of the Ao tribe and is famous for its rich cultural heritage and traditional practices.

Question 4: When is the best time to visit Nagaland Science Centre?

Answer: Nagaland Science Centre is open to the public during its regular operating hours, which are usually during the daytime from morning to late afternoon. It is recommended to check the specific timings and days of operation on the center’s official website.

Question 5: What can I see at Ghosu Bird Sanctuary?

Answer: Ghosu Bird Sanctuary is a haven for various bird species. You can spot many different types of birds, including some endangered species, in the lush green forest of the Naga Hills.

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