How to Become an IRCTC Agent?

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irctc agent registration

IRCTC Agent registration

IRCTC Agent registration is one of the best ways to start a travel agency in India. But becoming an IRCTC authorized railway agent is not that simple. Let’s simplify the complete process of agent registration in IRCTC for you.

IRCTC Agency?

IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Company and is also regarded as Indian Train Travel’s contemporary face. An IRCTC agent or IRCTC representative is allowed to book its customer’s tickets. It, therefore, has many advantages as opposed to a personal user.

A normal personal user ID, by comparison, has limitations and can only reserve between 4 and 6 tickets within one month. This concept was introduced by IRCTC to make e-tickets inconvenient, fast, and easy.

>> Become an IRCTC agent<<

One of the major organizations in India is IRCTC, the official catering, and tourism affiliate of Indian Railways. More than six lakhs of e-tickets are booked daily on the IRCTC platform according to official statistics. IRCTC permits its official associates to sell tickets to make it smoother and more effective. IRCTC, the Indian Railways affiliate, provides ticketing agents compliant with different terms and conditions for rail tickets bookings. But it is not straightforward to become a certified rail agent. To become a railway ticketing agent, you have to know every detail. So, if you’re on a trip, check your train tickets if they’re booked by an approved official or not. Before applying to an accredited ticket agent, here’s what you should remember.

IRCTC Agent Registration Online

You must apply for registration of the IRCTC agent to be an IRCTC agent for E-Ticket Railway Reservations. An IRCTC agent login is a special link for vendors who purchase their account and company name tickets for consumers.

IRCTC launched registration for travel agents & individuals as an approved IRCTC agent to stop black tickets on railway e-tickets and to encourage end-users for railway ticket booking. The commercial license for the sale of railway bookings is IRCTC Agent Registration.

Upon clearance, an IRCTC Approved Agent can without any limitations book as many Tickets as possible and their accounts shall have no limits, such as the user’s use of regular irctc, of approximately 4-6 Tickets per month.

It is a particular login for people and tour operators wishing to establish a railway e-ticketing company. After registering for the login of the IRCTC agent, agents can book their customers IRCTC agent registration online train tickets and travel items and receive fantastic payments for each booking. Only via its designated principal service providers does IRCTC have this special login (PSP). The IRCTC Internet Ticketing System is an Indian Railway subsidiary that operates IRCTC agent registration online ticketing in India.

To connect to the IRCTC Portal through the Digital Signature Dongle Controlling, the IRCTC issues an authorized IRCTC agent login to its agents. A Ticket Booking Centre IRCTC agent name & information will be published on the IRCTC agent locator, and it also provides an IRCTC authorization Certificate, whereby it is permitted to book tickets without apprehension. unlimited tickets. An IRCTC agent who returned to his IRCTC agent login ID will receive a commission for any of the PNRs booked.

To get the idea of complete registration process, check IRCTC Agent Registration?

Benefits of Becoming an IRCTC Agent

Do you know that people are still asking Google for “IRCTC agent find ” and “railway ticket officer near me?”.

IRCTC Agent Benefits:

  1. Unlimited numbers of IRCTC e-tickets can be booked by agents
  2. Without any fear of ticket cancellation, Ticket agents will issue approved tickets
  3. As a fee for booking a ticket, the IRCTC agents are paid 20 or 40
  4. On the official website of IRCTC agent find – IRCTC, the names of all agents can be found
  5. An IRCTC ticket officer can earn up to 80 thousand monthly
  6. Ticket bookings are quicker since the IRCTC wallet deducts capital
  7. The travel agent descriptions are shown on the ticket so that the organization is well advertised

How do I become an approved primary service provider for IRCTC?

It’s not a daunting challenge to become an IRCTC agent or to open an irctc agency. By way of its main players, IRCTC issues a business license for irctc agency. Several websites will appoint e-Ticketing agents approved for use. After a positive registration agent will be given a special registration ID and portal to deal with all travel items including reservations for trains or buses, domestic and foreign flight reservations, vacation packages, tours, transfers of money, etc. You can visit the official IRCTC agent interface website if you are looking for an agent interface program or the IRCTC agent login program.

Steps to become a ticket agent for IRCTC Railway:

  1. Accept the agents’ application forms on one of the various websites approved by IRCTC. Here you can IRCTC agent find the list of all the approved irctc agency. You can access the download option in the irctc registration form.
  2. You must upload a few supporting documents after complete completion of the form to receive an IRCTC agent login id that contains a proven photocopy of ids like Aadhar passport, approved copy of the address verification, the current-colored photo, and the application draught.
  3. Now, wait on your side for a reply. This can take up to 3 or 4 days.
  4. You can obtain an IRCTC agent company license to launch your own travel company after a successful inspection.

What is the IRCTC Agent ID, unlike the IP ID?

The IRCTC agent login or Agent Login ID allows retailers to be the authorized RSP-retailer service provider by being an approved agent for the provision of e-tickets on behalf of the IRCTC. Registration of IRCTC agents is very easy. Unlimited e-tickets for the train can be booked by retailers with the IRCTC agent login.

Once their IRCTC agent registration online, retailers can start their travel activities and get a big fee while booking any train ticket. IRCTC shall provide the licensed IRCTC railway booking officer with this special IRCTC agent login via its designated principal officers.

In order to handle the IRCTC agent registration online ticketing activities, IRCTC Internet Ticketing System or IRCTC get IRCTC agent login is a sub-ordinate Indian Railway branch.

Personal ID vs Agent ID?

For personal users and IRCTC ticket agents, the IRCTC ticket reservation process is somewhat different. The main variations are:

Allowed multiple ticket reservations:

Personal users can reserve a limit of six rail bookings in a calendar month, (up to a maximum of six passengers per ticket). In the other hand, IRCTC agents are not subject to such a constraint. IRCTC agents can reserve as many tickets as they want in a day or month.

The fee to subscribe:

No membership or subscription fee for personal users is available on the IRCTC site. You can start booking free of charge and build an account. However, agents are expected to pay the IRCTC an annual fee. There is a registration fee of ~2999 for the first year. In the first year, IRCTC’s agents who are 2999+GST have an annual membership charge.

Necessary documents:

Know the lists of documents you need to become an agent before submitting to an IRCTC agent – Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Mobile Number, E-mail id, and an up-to-date color photo. No records of this sort are required to book IRCTC tickets from a personal user Id. For creating an IRCTC account you just need personal details such as name, mobile number, email ID, gender, etc.

Method of activation:

You will want to know the procedure and IRCTC agent login time of CSC IRCTC agent activation after the successful submission of the registration form. On its website, IRCTC has made it clear that an IRCTC agent login id is created following a complete official verification. Next, the application form and registration form along with subscription charges are issued, then IRCTC agent registration online KYC and video checks are carried out. After that, the customer can receive a single IRCTC agent login Certificate. This is not the case with the personal identity of users. The registration process should be completed shortly after the application form has been submitted and ticket reservations made.

Services free of charge:

In addition to train ticket bookings, IRCTC provides plenty of other options. IRCTC agents receive a range of IRCTC complimentary services such as flight booking, bus reservations, mobile/DTH refunds, bank transfer, holiday package reservations, hotel reservations, Dubai Visa and much more. Such extra resources are not available to an IRCTC customer.


If you want to know about the commission of the rail ticket booking agent, we have a comment. The commission for CSC IRCTC agents depends on the sort of ticket that you have reserved. 20 per PNR or AC classes, 40 per PNR commission is granted to IRCTC agents for the sleeper classes and 2S classes. No commission is created for personal user id.

Tatkal Rules for Reservations:

For personal users and IRCTC officers, there are separate Tatkal ticket reservation rules. Just 4 tickets for a personal user ID are permitted per PNR. Booking agents for train tickets are not permitted from 10:00 AM to noon on non-state tickets. After 15 minutes of public opening irctc agent login time, you can book tatkal e-tickets. Also, only one Tatkal ticket per train per day is reserved for agents on the internet.

How Do Agents Get Paid?

An IRCTC agent will book a range of unrestricted e-tickets. Tickets for all sorts of tickets, like Tatkal, Waiting List, RACs, etc., are available from agents. This will only happen when the IRCTC program authenticates the digital certificate when the agent signs in.

Ticket reservation agents earn money through commissions that vary according to the type of ticket. IRCTC will pay 20 if a ticket is booked in a Non-AC class (SL, 2S). The commission will be 40 per PNR for AC Class (1A, 2A, 3A, CC). Up to 1 percent of the gross ticket fare would also be charged extra PG commission.

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