Top 7 Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu. Enjoy Beauty And Peace

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Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu

Welcome to a journey through the Top 7 beautiful waterfalls in Tamilnadu. Each waterfall is a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty and power of nature, inviting travelers to witness the majestic spectacle they offer.

From the tallest to the most serene, these falls promise an unforgettable experience, making them must-visit destinations for nature lovers.

Waterfalls In Tamilnadu. Enjoy Crystal Clear Water

7 Most Famous Waterfalls In Tamilnadu

Catherine Waterfalls

Catherine Waterfalls: Beautiful Waterfall In Tamilnadu
Credit: TripAdvisor

Catherine Waterfalls, nestled in Kotagiri within The Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu, is a must-visit spot for a peaceful soul-refreshing break. Named after M.D. Cockburn’s wife, these falls drop from a height of 76.2 meters into the Kallar River below. It is one of the second-highest falls in the Nilgiri Mountains.

The surroundings, with Mettupalayam plains, tea plantations, and nearby forests, enhance the beauty of these famous waterfalls.

  • How to reach Catherine Falls? For adventure enthusiasts, there are trekking routes from Aravenu and Kotagiri that lead to Catherine Waterfalls.
  • What is Catherine Falls famous for? Catherine Waterfalls is famous for its captivating natural beauty. The double cascaded waterfalls descend from a height of 76.2 m, making it the second highest in the Nilgiri mountains.
  • Best time to visit Catherine Falls: The falls are at their most splendid during the monsoon (June to September), with a high volume of water flowing.

Courtallam Waterfalls

Courtallam Waterfalls: Famous Waterfall  in Tamilnadu
Credit: TelegraphIndia

Courtallam Falls in Tamil Nadu is a captivating collection of nine falls close to each other in the Tirunelveli district. Each has a unique name like Main Falls, Five Falls, Honey Falls, and more. Set amidst the Western Ghats and the Chittar River, these falls offer a stunning view.

People flock to Courtallam Falls, known as a medicinal spa, during the monsoon season to relax by the rushing water. According to legend, Sage Agastya set up these falls to ease his headache.

  • How to reach Courtallam Falls? Tenkasi Junction is the nearest railway station, about 5 km away. Tirunelveli Junction is also a major railway station, approximately 66 km from Courtallam.
  • What is Courtallam Falls famous for? Courtallam Waterfalls, also known as Kutralam Falls, is famous for its beauty and therapeutic properties. It is a group of nine falls that attract visitors.
  • Best time to visit Courtallam Falls: The best time to visit Courtallam Waterfalls is during the monsoon season, from June to September, when the falls are at their fullest.

Hogenakkal Waterfalls

Hogenakkal Falls: Best Waterfalls In Tamilnadu
Credit: LBB

Hogenakkal Falls is a must-visit spot in Tamil Nadu, situated at an elevation of 700 m on the Kaveri River, bordering Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The serene surroundings offer a delightful experience for visitors. Flowing over rocky terrain, it is often called the ‘Niagara Falls of India.’

For a splendid experience, take a coracle rideโ€”a small round boat for around five people, including the oarsman. The ride gets you close to the falls and allows you to dip in the holy Kaveri River.

  • How to reach Hogenakkal Falls? Hogenakkal Waterfalls is well-connected by road. It is about 46 km from Dharmapuri, a major nearby city in Tamil Nadu. Visitors can reach Hogenakkal by hiring a taxi through the scenic routes.
  • What is Hogenakkal Falls famous for? Hogenakkal Waterfalls is famous for being one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Tamil Nadu and is often referred to as the “Niagara Falls of India.”
  • Best time to visit Hogenakkal Falls: The best time to visit Hogenakkal Waterfalls is during the monsoon season (June to October) and the dry season.

Thalaiyar Waterfalls

Thalaiyar Falls: Rat Tail Falls
Credit: Holidify

Thalaiyar Waterfalls, nestled in the Palani Hills, is a top attraction in Tamil Nadu, known for being the tallest in the state and globally recognized. Found in Batlagundu, Dindigul District, it plunges from a height of 297 m. It is also called ‘Rat Tail Falls’ due to its silver line-like appearance from afar.

Along the way, enjoy refreshing mango orchards and potato cultivation near Manjalar Reservoir, leading to the beautiful shrine of Goddess Kamakshi.

  • How to reach Thalaiyar Falls? Thalaiyar Waterfalls is located in the Theni District of Tamil Nadu. It can be reached by road. The falls are approximately 36 km away from Theni.
  • What is Thalaiyar Falls famous for? Thalaiyar Waterfalls is famous for being the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu and is recognized globally.
  • Best time to visit Thalaiyar Falls: The best time to visit Thalaiyar Waterfalls is during the monsoon season, typically from June to October when the water flow is at its peak.
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Suruli falls

Credit: Trawell.in

Suruli Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu’s Theni district, about 56 km from Theni, is a beautiful attraction that captivates travelers. The medicinal Suruli River, originating from the Meghamalai mountain range, forms a two-stage cascade.

Facilities like changing rooms and showers are available near the falls for a better experience. Travelers can also explore the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and 11th-century rock-cut caves nearby.

  • How to reach Suruli Falls? Suruli Waterfalls is located in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu, about 56 km away from the town of Theni. The falls are easily accessible by road.
  • What is Suruli Falls famous for? Suruli Waterfalls for picturesque two-stage cascade, formed by the Suruli River. The falls drop from a height of 46 m and then another 12 m, creating a beautiful and captivating scene.
  • Best time to visit Suruli Falls: June to September is a good time for travelers to experience the natural beauty surrounding the falls

Panchalinga Waterfalls

Panchalinga Falls: One of the Best Waterfalls In India
Credit: Tamilnadutourism

Panchalinga Waterfalls is a beloved destination in Tamil Nadu. It is renowned for its breathtaking beauty. Situated in Tiruppur district along the Palani-Coimbatore highway. It is known for its pristine surroundings and clear waters.

People view the falls as a serene and sacred place for meditation due to its proximity to Tiruppur’s Thirumoorthy temple and Sri Amanalingeswarar temple. Besides enjoying bathing and picnicking here, visitors can also explore the Thirumoorthy dam for boat rides and swimming.

  • How to reach Panchalinga Falls? Panchalinga Waterfalls is located on the highway that connects Palani to Coimbatore, falling in the Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu. To reach the falls, you need to trek for about 2 km.
  • What is Panchalinga Falls famous for? Panchalinga Waterfalls is famous for its unmatched beauty, pristine surroundings, and clear waters.
  • Best time to visit Panchalinga Falls: The best time to visit Panchalinga Waterfalls is during the dry season and before the onset of heavy rains. This usually includes the months from October to March.

Monkey Falls

Monkey Waterfalls: Must Visit Waterfalls In Tamilnadu
Credit: Flickr

Monkey Falls is a haven for nature lovers seeking solace in the soothing sounds of water. Cascading from a height of 18 m, visitors flock here during the monsoon months to capture the beauty in photos and rejuvenate by bathing beneath the falls.

True to its name, Monkey Falls is a habitat for monkeys. To reach the falls, you can trek uphill and enjoy stunning views along the way. Alternatively, you can head to Aliyar Dam, a nearby popular tourist spot in Tamil Nadu.

  • How to reach Monkey Falls? Monkey Falls sits approximately 30 km from Pollachi, along the road connecting Pollachi and Valparai in the Coimbatore district.
  • What is Monkey Falls famous for? Monkey Falls is famous for its natural beauty and refreshing experience. It is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers.
  • Best time to visit Monkey Falls: The best time to visit Monkey Falls is during the monsoon months when the falls are at their fullest and most captivating. This typically ranges from June to October.
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In conclusion, Tamil Nadu’s waterfalls captivate with their unique allure. Catherine Falls, Hogenakkal Falls, Thalaiyar Falls, Suruli Falls, and Monkey Falls each offer a distinct experience. Visitors can immerse themselves in the refreshing embrace of these enchanting landscapes, whether seeking adventure, tranquility, or spiritual connection.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: How do I reach Catherine Waterfalls?

Travelers can reach Catherine Waterfalls by traveling to Kotagiri in The Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu. The falls are situated amidst scenic hills and are accessible through trekking or a drive through Nilgiri Hills.

2: Why is Courtallam Falls famous?

Courtallam Falls, a series of nine falls, earn renown for their picturesque beauty and their association with Sage Agastya, attracting both tourists and pilgrims to this popular destination.

3: What makes Hogenakkal Falls special?

Hogenakkal Falls is special for its striking rocky terrain and the Kaveri River’s turbulent flow, offering a remarkable natural spectacle.

4: Where are Thalaiyar Falls located?

Thalaiyar Falls, the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu, is located in Batlagundu, Dindigul District. It offers a spectacular view from the Dum Dum Rock viewpoint.

5: Why is Suruli Waterfalls a popular destination?

Suruli Waterfalls are a popular attraction due to their unmatched natural beauty and association with ancient Tamil literature, making them a sought-after destination for travelers.

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