12 Best Bus Booking Apps In India For Hassle-Free Travel

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Best Bus Booking Apps India

With our guide on Best Bus Booking Apps In India, discover the most efficient way to plan your bus journeys. Streamline your travel experience today with our recommendations. Let’s begin.

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Ultimate Guide To 12 Best Bus Booking Apps In India

Top 12 Bus Booking Apps In India


redBus 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide
Credit: Amplework Software

redBus stands out as the go-to app for booking bus tickets. With it, you can easily explore different Indian cities and buy tickets for various buses like sleepers or Volvos.

Just enter your travel details like route, time, and seats needed, and find suitable buses. The app offers handy filters too, letting you customize your travel.

It’s known for providing comfy travel options and convenience to millions of Indian bus travelers. As a part of MakeMyTrip Limited, a top online travel company in India, redBus offers great choices, friendly service, and affordable fares, serving over 25 million customers worldwide.

They offer ticket booking through their website and mobile apps for major routes. A cool feature is ‘Track My Bus’ that lets you find your bus in real-time, saving you from waiting unnecessarily.


  • Can book at last moment
  • Easily locate your boarding point
  • Access detailed ticket information
  • Travel on GPS-equipped buses
  • An extensive network with over 2,300 registered bus operators
  • Service available on 70,000+ routes
  • Book RTC bus tickets
  • Adhere to rigorous regulations and guidelines
  • Utilize the TrackMyBus feature for pre- and post-journey bus tracking
  • Choose from various bus types including Sleeper, Seater, Semi-Sleeper, AC, Non-AC, Luxury, and Volvo buses.

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Zingbus 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide
Credit: Google Play

Zingbus is a new player in the long-distance bus travel industry in India. They focus on providing affordable, convenient, and dependable travel services across the country.

Zingbus has a trained and experienced team to take care of all customer needs. They also offer round-the-clock customer support via WhatsApp to help with any questions or issues.

One standout feature of the Zingbus app is their “zingbus lounges” located in various cities. These lounges come with amenities like cafes, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, restrooms, luggage storage, charging outlets, and all the essential items travelers might need.


  • Comfortable waiting lounges
  • Real-time bus tracking
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Thoroughly sanitized buses
  • Vaccinated crew members
  • Flexible cancellation policy with no charges


AbhiBus 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide
Credit: Behance

AbhiBus is a top app in India for booking bus tickets. They have 2500 bus partners and offer 100,000 routes. Founded in 2008, they provide e-ticketing, fleet management, vehicle tracking, passenger info, and 24/7 support. They also offer hotel and bus rental services.

You can book various types of buses on AbhiBus, from non-AC to Volvo AC. They even have a cool feature called ‘Abhimovies’ that lets you watch movies while traveling.

Despite initial challenges due to the lack of an organized bus travel industry in India, AbhiBus has become a big company thanks to its software solutions and extra services. It’s a popular choice for booking bus tickets online, with a vast network of operators and routes.


  • Cancellation at no cost
  • Abhimovies integration
  • Secure partnerships with Safe-T Buses
  • Quick refunds
  • Guaranteed lowest bus ticket prices
  • Round-the-clock customer assistance
  • A vast network of 2,500+ operators and over 100,000 bus routes
  • Booking confirmations through messages, emails, and WhatsApp
  • Continuous 24/7 customer support
  • Exciting and enticing deals and offers


MakeMyTrip 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide

Travel effortlessly and save money with MakeMyTrip, the top bus booking app. Our app is easy to use, allowing you to book, change plans, or cancel hassle-free.

What makes them stand out is our dedication to your savings. You’ll get instant discounts with certain bank cards, and we offer exclusive coupons for savings up to ₹2500.

MakeMyTrip was founded in 2000 and is now a well-known company that makes online booking a breeze. You can book buses, flights, hotels, and vacation packages on our mobile app without any hassle.

They also offer fantastic features like Instant Discounts, Fare Calendar, MyRewardsProgram, MyWallet, and more, all designed to meet your evolving needs.


  • Enjoy immediate discounts
  • Access the Fare Calendar
  • Participate in the MyRewardsProgram
  • Utilize MyWallet for convenience
  • Explore the most extensive travel portal
  • Exclusive perks and discounts for new users
  • Save up to Rs 500 on bus bookings
  • Experience a user-friendly interface

Paytm Bus Booking

Paytm Bus Booking 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide
Credit: India Today

In 2010, Vijay Sekhar Sharma founded Paytm, which is an online payment and digital wallet company. In 2015, Paytm partnered with major bus aggregators in India to offer bus booking services on their platform.

Now, you can easily book bus tickets through the Paytm app for an affordable and convenient travel experience. Surprisingly, many people don’t know that besides being a digital payment app, Paytm also lets you book bus tickets.

Just enter your destination, and you can find and book bus tickets. What’s great is that you can also take advantage of various offers and get cashback when booking bus tickets through the app.


  • Get special cashback offers
  • Discover extensive bus routes
  • Access the planned fare timetable
  • Enjoy enticing deals and rewards when buying bus tickets
  • Our network includes government and private transport providers
  • Easily add frequent travelers for convenient ticket booking for them


intrcity 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide

The Intrcity app is a top choice for booking smart bus tickets in India. It’s known as one of the best bus ticket booking apps. Users can book buses that come with cool features like reading lamps and onboard restrooms. Plus, there’s a free cancellation option to some extent.

IntrCity SmartBus was introduced in 2019. It’s a fleet of branded buses that provide consistent, safe, and comfortable travel.

Today, IntrCity links travelers to more than 100 cities across India, offering an excellent alternative to trains with affordable prices.


  • Standardizing vehicle quality
  • Monitoring the fleet
  • Leveraging IoT technology
  • Providing crew training
  • Enhancing passenger experiences before and after boarding
  • Select buses are equipped with washrooms
  • Our services span across all of India
  • Utilizing intelligent boarding areas


ClearTrip 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide

Cleartrip is a well-known online travel booking platform that offers various travel services, including flights, hotels, and bus bookings.

With the Cleartrip bus booking app, you can conveniently book bus tickets for your journeys. It allows you to search for bus routes, view schedules, choose your seats, and make secure online payments for your tickets.

Cleartrip’s user-friendly interface and features make it easy for travelers to plan and book their bus trips with confidence. Whether you’re looking for intercity or intracity bus options, Cleartrip’s bus booking app provides a convenient way to make your travel arrangements.


  • 24×7 voice helpline
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs
  • Fast and hassle-free refunds
  • Simple and easy cancellation process


Via 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide
Credit: Amplework Software

This bus reservation app used to go by the name FlightRaja.com before. Now, it’s called VIA, and it’s an online travel booking platform where you can find budget-friendly tickets for buses, flights, hotels, and vacation packages. They also offer flexible EMI payment options.

On VIA, you can easily check and compare bus ticket prices and book affordable tickets. They have a section on their website for suppliers and affiliates, allowing businesses like corporates, travel agents, and hotels to list their services.

In 2016, VIA partnered with Ola to integrate cab booking options into their app and website, giving users a convenient way to book and track rides across categories.


  • Buy well-known bus packages
  • Explore tourism and travel bundles
  • Enjoy round-the-clock in-app chat support
  • Discover and compare affordable flight options.


Travelyaari 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide
Credit: Amplework Software

This bus booking company, founded in April 2008 by Prateek Nigam, Aurvind Lama, and Parthasarathi Sinha in Bangalore, is now one of India’s largest online bus booking platforms.

They’ve served over 150 million bus passengers and work with a vast network of 3,500 bus operators, offering 150,000 daily bus options on more than 70,000 routes.

You can easily book bus tickets using their online app and stay updated on special deals and seasonal discounts.


  • Access to a vast network of 150,000 buses and over 3,000 bus operators.
  • Assurance against unexpected bus cancellations.
  • Multiple payment choices, such as PayPal, Paytm, Ola Money, and PhonePe.
  • Some buses offer dedicated women’s seats.
  • Convenient bus ticket booking, viewing, and cancellation.


eTravelSmart 10 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide
Credit: Amplework Software

eTravelSmart, founded by Bhav Singh and partners in 2013, boasts India’s largest bus inventory. Customers can reserve seats by paying just 20% of the ticket price through their phone, mobile app, or online. They offer fantastic deals and discounts.

The app has a user-friendly interface, providing a great experience for booking bus tickets. Passengers can filter and choose from a wide range of bus operators for their journey.

eTravelSmart has revolutionized bus ticket purchasing with special features and top-notch services. When booking through the app, you can enjoy interesting discounts and incentives without any extra fees.


  • Over 80,000 established bus routes with a network of 3,000+ bus operators.
  • Access to eTravelSmart Wallet for travel recharges.
  • Supportive customer service team ready to assist.
  • A diverse range of payment options available.


12 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide MSRTC
Credit: Google Play

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has launched a mobile app called the MSRTC Commuters App, which allows passengers to track the real-time location of buses as they travel on the roads.

This technology utilizes a ‘Vehicle Tracking System’ (VTS) that has already been installed in all of MSRTC’s 18,000 buses for internal use.

Currently, the VTS feature is active only in buses within the Nashik division and the Shivneri buses that operate between Mumbai and Pune. However, it will soon be activated in all the other buses in the coming days. It is one of the best government bus booking app.


12 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide TNSTC
Credit: Google Play

Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Ltd. (TNSTC) is a government-owned bus service in Tamil Nadu, India. They run buses that connect cities within Tamil Nadu and also travel to nearby states.

It is the best bus ticket booking app in Tamil Nadu. TNSTC also operates buses that serve towns and neighborhoods across Tamil Nadu, except for Chennai, where MTC, a TNSTC subsidiary, handles public bus services.

TNSTC is the world’s biggest bus operator, with a fleet of over 20,258 buses and serving 17 million passengers every day.

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This concludes our article on 12 Best Bus Booking Apps In India: The Ultimate Guide. We hope you find this article helpful. Make sure to like and share this article and don’t forget to comment down your suggestions down below.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is best bus booking app?

Following are Best Bus Booking Apps In India:
1. redBus
2. Zingbus
3. AbhiBus
4. MakeMyTrip
5. Paytm Bus Booking
6. intrcity
7. ClearTrip
8. Via
9. Travelyaari
10. eTravelSmart

What is the alternative to redBus?

There are several alternatives to redBus in India for booking bus tickets. Some of the notable alternatives include:
1. MakeMyTrip: MakeMyTrip is a popular online travel booking platform that offers bus ticket booking services along with flights, hotels, and holiday packages.
2. Cleartrip: Cleartrip is another well-known travel booking website and app that provides bus ticket booking services in addition to flights and hotels.
3. AbhiBus: AbhiBus is a dedicated bus booking platform with a wide network of bus operators and routes across India.
4. Paytm: Paytm, known for its digital payment services, also provides a platform for booking bus tickets, offering various discounts and cashback offers.
5. EaseMyTrip: EaseMyTrip is a travel booking website and app that allows you to book bus tickets along with flights and hotels.

Which is the best bus website in India?

AbhiBus stands as India’s top online platform for booking bus tickets. Explore our fantastic deals and incredible discount coupons to secure your bus tickets at the most affordable rates. You can easily access bus schedules, price comparisons, and all the details necessary for a seamless and comfortable bus or train trip.

Which is the cheapest app to book bus tickets?

Following are Best Bus Booking Apps In India:
1. redBus
2. Zingbus
3. AbhiBus
4. MakeMyTrip
5. Paytm Bus Booking
6. intrcity
7. ClearTrip
8. Via
9. Travelyaari
10. eTravelSmart

Is it safe to book bus ticket online?

Certainly, it’s safe to make online payments for bus tickets when using a trustworthy online bus ticket booking platform. Before you proceed with payment, just make sure that the payment process is secured with SSL encryption technology.

What are the government bus booking app available in India?

MSRTC and TNSTC are two available government bus booking app available in India. TNSTC is one of the best bus ticket booking app in Tamil Nadu.

What are Mumbai best bus ticket booking app?

The Chalo app provides passengers with essential details like bus arrival schedules and real-time congestion updates. It also allows commuters to conveniently book tickets online and offers the option to purchase and renew bus passes using the app or the Smart Card.

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