20 Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

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Going to the best camping places near Chandigarh can be your chance to refresh your mind, rejuvenate your body, treat your taste buds and fill your heart with adoration for Chandigarh and its camping places.

It can be an awesome experience where you can enjoy the beauty of mountains, forests, waterfalls, lakes, gardens, divine places, dhaba-food and more.

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Here Are The Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Families, couples, groups or solo travellers, all can have a splendid time camping near Chandigarh. So, in this blog, let us take a look at the best camping places near Chandigarh for you.

Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh Within 100 Km

Lake Sukhna

Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh Lake Sukhna

Credit: Dreamstime.com

Lake Sukhna is right in the heart of Chandigarh city and is an absolutely lovely day-camping place. You can enjoy the sight of abundant beauty around Lake Sukhna.

Families, couples, groups or solo travelers can enjoy different types of boat rides, bird watching, food and more. Lake Sukhna is a highly recommended camping place for children to spend time around nature within Chandigarh city.

Chandigarh has an airport so if you are travelling by air then you can first reach Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh and hire a taxi to reach Lake Sukhna. Ola and Uber cab services are available in Chandigarh.

  • How to reach Lake Sukhna in Chandigarh?: Lake Sukhna can easily be reached from Chandigarh by road. You can drive, hire a taxi or travel by local buses in Chandigarh to reach Lake Sukhna.
  • What is Lake Sukhna famous for?: Lake Sukhna is famous for boating and it’s scenic backdrop. Lake Sukhna is an artificially created lake and well maintained for everyone to enjoy here. You can also enjoy sightseeing, bird watching, food and an exciting stay at nearby resort or hotel to enjoy your camping at Lake Sukhna to the fullest. A visit to the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary can be an interesting add-on in your camping experience in Chandigarh too.
  • Best time to visit Lake Sukhna: Lake Sukhna looks stunning at the time of Sunrise and Sunset. So, you can plan to visit Lake Sukhna during these hours of the day. Winters in Chandigarh are cold and so is the area near Lake Sukhna. Summers are quite sunny and the lakes shine brightly throughout the day but it’s hot. Monsoons are lovely but not the best time to visit Lake Sukhna because of the unpredictable showers and rising water levels at the lake.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh Kalka

Credit: HotelDekho.com

Kalka is a famous town in the district of Panchkula, Haryana. Camping at Kalka can be an exciting experience. Kalka is refreshing with its scenic beauty of hills, and green forests, divine and tranquil presence of the ‘Kali Mata Mandir’, and many nearby camping places which can be visited.

Kalka is also a gateway to Shimla, the famous hill station in Himachal Pradesh, that is an awesome tourist and camping destination of India too. All in all, travellers can feel happy and blessed by the time you spend in Kalka.

  • How to reach Kalka from Chandigarh?: The best way to reach Kalka is by train from Chandigarh.You can also drive, hire a taxi or take a bus to Kalka from Chandigarh city.The nearest airport to reach Kalka from Chandigarh is Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh-Mohali.
  • What is Kalka famous for?: Kalka derives its name from a Hindu Goddess named Kali. There is a famous Goddess Kali Temple (aka Kali Mata Mandir) in Kalka. Family, couples, groups and solo travelers can visit the Gurudwara Nada Sahib, and Mansa Devi Temple, Panchkula too. All the travellers should also enjoy a ride on the Kalka-Shimla toy train, explore the Cactus Garden in Panchkula, and some more nearby camping places with panoramic views like Dharampur.
  • Best time to visit Kalka: Kalka looks beautiful all year long. Due to the higher temperatures in summer, many visitors can choose winter or monsoon season to visit Kalka. So, the best time to visit Kalka is from July till January. July and August are the monsoon months while winter begins from October in Kalka.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: FeelTourism.com

Kasauli is a famous, and mesmerising hill station in Himachal Pradesh. The distance between Chandigarh and Kasauli is 58 km . Kasauli can boast of its greenery, hilly terrain, orchards, etc.

Kasauli is an ideal camping place for couples. There are plenty of nature trails, treks, camping activities, sightseeing, food, beverage and stay services available in Kasauli.

  • How to reach Kasauli from Chandigarh?: Kasauli can be reached by road in a private vehicle, taxi or bus from Chandigarh. Alternatively, you can travel by train till Kalka, which is the nearest railway station to reach Kasauli and hire a taxi further.To reach Kasauli by air, the nearest airport is Chandigarh International Airport.
  • What is Kasauli famous for?: Kasauli is mesmerising. It’s one of the best camping places for couples. Its famous camping spots include Manki Point, Gilbert Nature Trail, Sunset Point, Christ Church, Baptist Church, Mall road, Baba Balak nath Temple, Kasauli Brewery & Distillery and much more.
  • Best time to visit Kasauli: October to February is the best time to visit Kasauli for couples. You can enjoy snowfall and a chilled climate. Summer months of March to May are also pleasant months to visit Kasauli for all.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Trip.com

Dharampur is a must-visit town in the district of Solan, Himachal Pradesh. Dharampur is at a distance of around 50 km from Chandigarh.

It is a panoramic place and travellers can be sure to adore this place on their visit. Dharampur is beautiful and filled with greenery and tranquillity.

You can visit Dharampur also to enjoy the delicious food at any Dhaba in Dharampur. Besides this, hikers, mountaineers and all travel enthusiasts can indulge in trekking, hiking, and various sightseeing activities.

  • How to reach Dharampur?: Chandigarh airport is the nearest airport to reach Dharampur. Dharampur can be reached by road from Chandigarh in a private vehicle, taxi or bus via the Chandigarh-Shimla Highway (NH-5).
  • What is Dharampur famous for?: Dharampur is famous for the Dhaba-culture and is home to some amazing dhaba like Food Mistri, Dharampur Haveli, Dharam Sweet Hot Point, Modern Dhaba, New Sharma Dhaba and Giani Da Dhaba. When in Dharampur everyone must try the delicious food and treat their taste buds. The Banasar Fort and pine tree forests in Dharampur are a fascinating sight too. 
  • Best time to visit Dharampur: Best time to visit Dharampur would be from November to March. These are the winter months and the weather is cool and pleasant.

Morni Hills Camping 

Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh
Morni Hills

Credit: LuxuryTrailsofIndia.com

Morni Hills is one of the best camping places near Chandigarh at an altitude of around 1220 metres. Morni Hills are a part of the Shivalik Mountains which inturn are an extension of the widespread Himalayas.

Along with the mountains, there are lush green forests, waterfalls, blossoms, bird-life, historical forts and tons of adventurous Aero and Water Sports activities such as parasailing, para-motor and jet scooter near Morni Hills. Boating and trekking also take place near Morni Hills.

So, camping at Morni Hills can be a beautiful blend of picturesque, exciting, fun filled and adventurous activities for all.

  • How to reach Morni Hills from Chandigarh?: You can reach Morni Hills from Chandigarh International Airport. Hire a taxi to reach Morni Hills from the airport. By train the nearest railway station to reach Morni Hills is Chandigarh Junction. By road, you can drive via NH-5 and Panchkula-Badiyal road to reach Morni Hills from Chandigarh.You can also take a bus from Panchkula bus stand near Chandigarh to reach Morni Hills.
  • What is Morni Hills famous for?: Morni Hills is famous for the Lake Tikkar, River Ghaggar, Shivalik range, Morni Fort, Morni Hill Adventure Park, Karoh Peak, Thakurdwar Temple, Gurudwara Nada Sahib, Shri Baglamukhi Dham, Goddess Samlotha Temple, Trimurti Temple, Bhuri Singh Devta Temple, Morni Fort Museum, Masoompur Fort and Garhi Kotaha Fort.
  • Best time to visit Morni Hills: The best time to visit Morni Hills is from September to March. Winter is a good season to visit this place. Summer here is from March till June and is very hot. Monsoon is from July till September.

Shivalik Foothills

Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh
Shivalik Hills

Credit: Times of India

Shivalik Foothills are located at 14 km from Chandigarh city, and is a stunning landscape. Shivalik Foothills also known as Shiva’s tresses are truly amazing camping place near Chandigarh.

Everyone can spend a splendid time at the Shivalik Foothills and enjoy the sight of green forests, beautiful flora and fauna, pristine lake views, and a lot more.

  • How to reach Shivalik Foothills from Chandigarh?: Shivalik Foothills are at a distance of around 14 km from Chandigarh city. You can drive from Chandigarh to Shivalik Foothills.By air or railway, you can first reach Chandigarh and then hire a taxi to reach the Shivalik Foothills from the airport or railway station.CITCO bus service is available in Chandigarh to reach Shivalik Foothills.
  • What are Shivalik Foothills famous for?: Shivalik Foothills are impressive because of the forests, greenery, lakes, the feel and view of the Great Himalayan range, trekking, boating, golf, camping experiences, flora and fauna, Shivalik Fossil Park, and more. 
  • Best time to visit Shivalik Foothills: Best time to visit Shivalik Foothills is from October to March. Winters in Chandigarh are pleasant and you can explore a lot at the Shivalik Foothills during winter. 


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Wikipedia

Parwanoo has the beauty and serenity of a pleasing hill station. It is an ideal camping destination for all. You can enjoy the chilled climate, natural extravagance, orchards, lakeside view at Lake Renuka and the simplicity of the culture of Parwanoo.

Located around 35 km from Chandigarh, Parwanoo is a must-visit and one of the best camping place near Chandigarh.

  • How to reach Parwanoo from Chandigarh?: The nearest airport to reach Parwanoo is Chandigarh International airport. From the airport, you can hire a taxi to reach Parwanoo.Direct trains are available from Chandigarh to Kalka. Then, the nearest railway station to reach Parwanoo is Taksal railway station on the Kalka-Shimla rail route.Cab or bus services are available from Kalka and Chandigarh to reach Parwanoo. Driving by a private vehicle to Parwanoo is also recommended as the road (NH-5) connectivity and condition is good.
  • What is Parwanoo famous for?: Parwanoo is famous for the breathtaking 1.8 km long Timber Trail Resorts’ Cable Car Ride. The magnificent view of the Shivalik range seen on this ride is mind blowing. The sunset view at the Timber Trail Resorts is also a great time to indulge in nature-photography. Parwanoo is an industrial town. It is also famous for the orchards, HPMC and the HP Agro Industries. Orchards in Parwanoo grow peaches and apples. Shopping is a delightful experience in Parwanoo. You can shop for a lot of jams, jellies, syrups and pickles from Parwanoo for your friends and family back home. Dhalli is a nearby place that is famous for unique non-vegetarian pickles. Besides the sweet and sour treats, Parwanoo also has the Gorkha Fort for a trekking experience, temples like the Kali Mata Temple, Hanuman Temple in the closer vicinity for a divine and tranquil time. Lake Renuka, the beautiful lake in Parwanoo is a must-visit too. All in all, a visit to Parwanoo for everyone can be a wonderful camping experience.
  • Best time to visit Parwanoo: Best time to visit Parwanoo is from March till October. The summer season is best because you can enjoy the taste of luscious fruits of the lovely orchards in Parwanoo. Winter lovers can visit Parwanoo from November till January.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh


Barog is a cool hill station in the district of Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The driving distance from Chandigarh to Barog is about 60 km.

Barog offers interesting camping and outdoor activities for all. Trekking, bon fires, and mouth watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian food are some of the common attractions of camping in Barog.

  • How to reach Barog from Chandigarh?: From Chandigarh via Kalka by train, you can reach Barog railway station on the Kalka-Shimla rail route. By road, you can drive, hire a taxi or take a bus from Chandigarh to Barog.
  • What is Barog famous for?: Barog boasts of many attractions for the travellers to enjoy their camping experience. Dolanji Bon Monastery is a peaceful place, Choor Chandni Peak is a picturesque place, Barog Camping Grounds are a fun camping place amidst the natural beauty, Graveyard of Barog is a historical entity, and Suketi Fossil Park can give you a chance to explore some amazing fossils dating back to millions of years ago. Delightful restaurants like Spencer, the divine Jatoli Temple, and a wonderful view under the night sky filled with bright stars in Barog are a few more attractions of camping in Barog.
  • Best time to visit Barog: Barog turns lush green in the monsoon. So, the best time to visit Barog is from July till September. Those of you who prefer the winter season can be recommended to travel between November and March. The climate of Barog is pleasant throughout monsoon and winter season in Barog.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Trivago

Nalagarh is a gateway to Himachal Pradesh. Nalagarh has beautiful views of the Shivalik mountains, River Sirsa and is studded with a lot of Mughal architecture. Nalagarh is just around 47 km from Chandigarh.

Nalagarh has become a famous camping place in recent times with its mind boggling natural spread and cultural heritage.

  • How to reach Nalagarh from Chandigarh?: The nearest airport to reach Nalagarh is Shaheed Bhagat Singh International Airport, Chandigarh. From Chandigarh airport you can hire a taxi to reach Nalagarh.The major railway stations to reach Nalagarh are Kalka or Ropar railway station. From the station, you can hire a taxi to reach Nalagarh.You can also drive, hire a taxi or take a bus from Chandigarh to reach Nalagarh.
  • What is Nalagarh famous for?: Nalagarh is famous for its forts and views of the mighty Shivalik mountains. Its main attractions are Nalagarh Fort, Nalagarh Green Forests, Ramshehar Fort Resort,Yadavindra Gardens, Lake Govind Sagar, Baisakhi and Mango festivals and Nalagarh Church.
  • Best time to visit Nalagarh: Nalagarh looks splendid with snow-clad mountains in winter. The cold climate and snow covered Nalagarh can be enjoyed by couples. Couples who are looking for camping in a warmer and a more pleasant climate can visit Nalagarh in the summer months which would be the best time. Considering all, the best time to visit Nalagarh is from November to February and March till May for experiencing the winter and summer fun respectively.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: 365Hops

Nahan in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect camping place for couples, families and travel enthusiasts. Nahan has a picture perfect landscape.

Nahan is studded with the Shivalik range, lake Renuka, Churdhar peak, Dhaula Kuan, Jaitak fort, Suketi fossil park and more. Camping and trekking in Nahan can be a wonderful experience.

Enjoy the trail, learn about the interesting history and culture of Nahan and indulge in sumptuous Himachali food to enjoy camping in Nahan to the fullest.

  • How to reach Nahan from Chandigarh? From Chandigarh airport, railway station or the city you can hire a taxi, take a bus or drive to reach Nahan by road. Nahan is about 85 km from Chandigarh.
  • What is Nahan famous for?: Nahan is famous for a variety of things. Besides the beauty of the hill station, a trek to lake Renuka and Churdhar peak, a visit to Simbalbara wildlife sanctuary and Rani Tal, you can enjoy some shopping at the Nahan Bada Bazaar or go totally offbeat to fish at the Pakka talab to get to see some amazing fishes like Mahaseer, brown and rainbow trout.
  • Best time to visit Nahan: Best time to visit Nahan is from September to March. It gets very cold during these winter months but the views are mesmerising.You can also visit Nahan during spring-summer to enjoy the harvest festivals from February to May.

Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh Within 200 Km


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Woodsmoke Resort And Spa

Shoghi is an amazing camping place famous for hiking, trekking, temples, fruit orchards and products such as jams, jellies, syrup-juices and pickles too. Family, solo travellers and groups can have fun camping in Shoghi.

Shoghi is at a distance of over 100 km from Chandigarh. So, it is one of the closest and best camping place near Chandigarh within 200 km category.

  • How to reach Shoghi from Chandigarh?: Shoghi is a railway station on the Kalka-Shimla rail route. By railway, you can first reach Kalka station from Chandigarh then take the Kalka-Shimla train to reach Shoghi.Shoghi can also be reached by a private vehicle, taxi or bus from Chandigarh.
  • What is Shoghi famous for?: Shoghi is a must-visit wonderful hill station with its Rhododendron and Oak forests, Tara Devi Temple (Tara, is a Tibetan-Buddist Goddess), Tara Parbat, Sharad Navratri, Diwali and Tara Devi Festival celebration and extravagance, Anjaneya Mandir, and Shoghi Marketplace.Some other enjoyable activities such as hiking, trekking, camping, bird watching, or a visit to Jakhoo Hills can also be done in Shoghi. Shoghi is also famous for fruit products such as jams, jellies, syrups, marmalades and pickles too, so, shopping here can be delightful too.
  • Best time to visit Shoghi: The Best time for family, groups and solo travelers to go camping in Shoghi can be in the Winter or Summer months. Winter brings in the snowfall and turns the region into a spectacular snow blanketed spread. Summer is from March till May. The weather is pleasant in summer. Sightseeing and camping in Shoghi during the summer is splendid too.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Triphills.com

Chail attracts a lot of travellers for camping because its a hill station featuring adventurous treks and activities, wildlife sanctuaries, Lake Sadhupul, River Ashwin, Chail Cricket Ground and much more. Chandigarh to Chail distance is around 107 km.

Chail receives a lot of snowfall in the months of December and January. In summer and monsoon Chail has a pleasant climate. So, we can say Chail looks stunning almost all year long.

  • How to reach Chail from Chandigarh?: The nearest major railway station for reaching Chail is Kalka railway station. You can reach Kalka from Chandigarh by a train or taxi.Further, you can take a bus or taxi from Kalka railway station to reach Chail.You can also drive, hire a taxi or take a bus to Chail from Chandigarh.
  • What is Chail famous for?: Chail’s main attractions are the Chail Palace, Chail Cricket Ground, Sadhupul Lake, Chail Gurudwara, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Kali Ka Tibba/Goddess Kali Temple, Lovers’ point, Stone Kumbh Shiv Temple, etc. Chail can give couples an awesome time visiting all its cool camping destinations.
  • Best time to visit Chail: Best time to visit Chail for anyone is from September to March right up till May. Chail is pleasing and beautiful during winter and summer seasons.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Hindustan Times

Shimla is the state capital of Himachal Pradesh, India. Shimla is a charming hill station and undoubtedly one of the best camping places near Chandigarh.

Shimla sees travellers from India and the world over. Shimla is very attractive and favourite among families and couples as their camping destination.

Shimla is a charming city with amazing colonial architecture. It is a pleasant city with an equally pleasant climate throughout the year.

  • How to reach Shimla from Chandigarh?: You can board the Kalka-Shimla train to reach Shimla from Chandigarh. For that, you can reach Kalka from Chandigarh by a train or taxi.You can also reach Shimla by road from Chandigarh in a private vehicle, taxi or bus.
  • What is Shimla famous for?Shimla is famous for both its urban and colonial charm. It is also endowed with a lot of natural beauty.The famous places to visit in Shimla are Christ Church, Viceregal Lodge, Scandal point, Gaiety Heritage-Cultural complex, Mall road, the Ridge, Army Heritage Museum, Johnnie’s Wax Museum, Gorton Castle, Lakkar Bazar, Hanuman temple, and many more. Some of the best camping sites in Shimla are Himalayan Bird Park, Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary, Annadale Ground and Jakhu Ropeway.
  • Best time to visit Shimla: Best time to visit Shimla for a family is between March till May. These are the summer months and the climate is pleasant.Couples and those who want to enjoy snow and snow activities in Shimla should visit between November to February.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: JapjiTravel.com

Kufri is a beautiful hill town near Shimla. Kufri looks stunning all year long. Kufri has a lot in store to impress everyone. Kufri offers sports, leisure activities and sightseeing.

  • How to reach Kufri from Chandigarh? You can reach Kufri by train from Kalka or Shimla railway stations. You can hire a taxi to reach Kufri from the station. You can also reach Kufri directly from Chandigarh by a private vehicle, taxi or bus from Chandigarh. Flights from Chandigarh to reach Kufri or Shimla are infrequent.
  • What is Kufri famous for?: You can enjoy skiing and tobogganging in Kufri during winter months. Families and children can enjoy horse, yak and donkey rides in Kufri.You can also enjoy a day at the Kufri adventure park. Go karting and many more fun rides are available at Kufri adventure park and resort.Kufri is also a great place for couples to enjoy. It offers panoramic views amidst pleasant climate during summer and beautiful snow and cold weather during winter.
  • Best time to visit Kufri: The best time to visit Kufri for camping activities and nature is during summer months from March to May. To enjoy snow activities and fun you should visit Kufri between November to January.

Solang Valley

Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh
Solang Valley

Credit: Travalour.com

Solang Valley is a skiing capital of India. It is an awesome camping place and is known for a lot of exciting snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, other adventurous activities like paragliding, trekking, etc.

Solang Valley looks stunning in the winters with snow clad mountains. Solang Valley is a must-visit camping place for all.

Couples can enjoy Solang Valley with its picture-perfect backdrop. Solang Valley is highly recommended as it’s one of the best camping places near Chandigarh within 200 km.

  • How to reach Solang Valley from Chandigarh?: Direct flights from Chandigarh to reach Manali-Solang Valley are infrequent.The nearest railway station to reach Solang Valley is Joginder Nagar railway station. Chandigarh is not directly connected to Joginder Nagar railway station so the best way is to travel via road by a private vehicle, taxi or bus to reach Manali-Solang Valley from Chandigarh.
  • What is Solang Valley famous for?: Solang Valley is absolutely enticing in the winters and summers. During winter, Solang Valley is covered with snow. Skiing, zorbing, paragliding, winter skiing festival, snowboarding, snowmobiling, quad biking or ATV rides, and more can be enjoyed in Solang Valley during most months of the year.Solang Valley ropeway ride is one of the main attractions of Solang Valley that everyone must try.
  • Best time to visit Solang Valley: The best time to visit Solang Valley is from September to February. These are the winter months. Visiting Solang Valley in the summer from March till May is also beautiful.To enjoy snow sports you must visit Solang Valley in winter from November to January. Paragliding can be done anytime except in the monsoon, ie. June-August.

Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh Within 300 Km


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Uttarakhand Tourism

Mussoorie is famous for its hills and is also called the ‘Queen of Hills’. Mussoorie is a year long beautiful camping place in the district of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Mussoorie is at a distance of about 201 km from Chandigarh. Mussoorie is a cool and happening camping place in all seasons and for all to enjoy.

  • How to reach Mussoorie from Chandigarh?: You can book a flight from Chandigarh to Dehradun and hire a taxi from Dehradun airport to reach Mussoorie.You can also travel by train from Chandigarh to Dehradun railway station. Then hire a taxi from Dehradun station to reach Mussoorie.
  • What is Mussoorie famous for?: Mussoorie is famous for the Shivalik-Himalayan range, Greenfield, Lal Tibba, Camel’s Back road, Gun hill, Chaukhamba peaks, Dalai Hills, Happy Valley. Also, Van Chetna Kendra, Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, Mussoorie Lake, Kempty Falls (Camp tea) Bhatta Falls, Lake Mist, and much more.
  • Best time to visit Mussoorie: Best time to visit Mussoorie is during winter between November to January. In this season, it is less crowded in Mussoorie.The summer too is beautiful in Mussoorie with pleasant climate but being a famous camping place for Indians as well as foreigners, it gets crowded during summer.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: TravelTriangle

Dharamshala needs no introduction. The Indian abode of the renowned Dalai Lama, Dharamshala is a camping place near Chandigarh no one should ever miss.

Dharamshala is a camping place to seek peace, tranquillity, and absolute rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. Dharamshala is just around 240 km from Chandigarh and is situated in the beautiful district of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

Tibetan culture prevails in Dharamshala and its Buddhist monasteries add a spiritual touch to the town. Camping in Dharamshala and visiting these larger than life Tibetan and Buddhist entities can be an extraordinary exploration.

  • How to reach Dharamshala from Chandigarh?: The best way to reach Dharamshala from Chandigarh is by road in a private vehicle, taxi or bus. The nearest railway station to reach Dharamshala is Pathankot. The nearest airport to reach Dharamshala is Gaggal Airport, Kangra. Direct train or flight from Chandigarh is unavailable to reach Dharamshala.
  • What is Dharamshala famous for?: Dharamshala is famous for the oak and coniferous tree forests, the mighty Dhauladhar range, Dharamshala cricket stadium, Namgyal monastery, Gyuto monastery, Triund trek, Namgyalma stupa, Chamunda Devi temple, Indru Nag, etc.
  • Best time to visit Dharamshala: The best time to visit Dharamshala is from March to June. The summer months are pleasant in Dharamshala for camping and sightseeing.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Thrillophilia

Kasol is a picture perfect village in the district of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Kasol looks amazing with the Parvati valley and river Parvati flowing through it and is a base camp for many beautiful treks to Malana, Kheerganga, and river Beas.

Kasol is a favourite camping place among the Israeli tourists visiting India. Kasol musical festival that takes place during the New Year’s Eve is famous worldwide because of the large number of tourists coming to Kasol for this fest from around the globe.

  • How to reach Kasol from Chandigarh? The best way to reach Kasol from Chandigarh is by road. You can travel in a private vehicle, taxi or bus to Kasol from Chandigarh.The nearest airport to reach Kasol is Kullu-Manali Airport, Bhuntar. The nearest railway station to reach Kasol is Joginder Nagar railway station.
  • What is Kasol famous for?: Kasol is famous for its Kheerganga trek, the beautiful Tosh village, Parvati Shangri-La fest, fishing at Naggar and a lot of snowfall during the winter.
  • Best time to visit Kasol: The best time to visit Kasol is during summer, that is, from March till June. Kasol also looks stunning during winter months of October to February but travelling to and in the valley becomes inconvenient due to snowfall.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Hindustan Times

Bir is a small panoramic hill town in the district of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Bir is closely associated with another beautiful village, Billing.

Bir-Billing is famous for paragliding. Camping, trekking and paragliding are all must-try activities at Bir-Billing

  • How to reach Bir-Billing from Chandigarh?: The best way to reach Bir from Chandigarh is by road. You can travel by a private or hired vehicle or take a bus to reach Bir from Chandigarh.The nearest airport to reach Bir is Kangra airport. Chandigarh, Pathankot and Ahju railway stations are nearby railway stations to reach Bir. From these airport or the stations, you can hire a taxi and reach Bir-Billing.
  • What is Bir-Billing famous for?: Bir-Billing is famous as the paragliding capital. Bir and Billing are the landing and takeoff sites for paragliding, respectively. Bir-Billing also has Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries which make it a town-of-meditation and widespread panoramic landscape offering refreshing sightseeing and camping experience.
  • Best time to visit Bir-Billing: The best time to visit Bir for paragliding is from March till May and September to November. Bir-Billing host a paragliding event around October.


Best Camping Places Near Chandigarh

Credit: Thrillophilia

Rishikesh is a divine camping place in Uttarakhand, India. Rishikesh is situated at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas with river Ganga flowing through this panoramic and holy camping place.

Rishikesh is the starting point for the famous Char Dham pilgrimage and its camping experience is extraordinary too.

  • How to reach Rishikesh from Chandigarh?: Best way to reach Rishikesh from Chandigarh is to book a flight from Chandigarh to Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. You can hire a taxi to reach Rishikesh from Dehradun airport.The nearest railway station to reach Rishikesh from Chandigarh is Haridwar railway station. From Haridwar station you can hire a taxi or an auto rickshaw or take a bus to reach Rishikesh.You can also drive in a private vehicle, hire a taxi or take a bus all the way from Chandigarh to Rishikesh.
  • What is Rishikesh famous for?: Rishikesh has several temples, yoga centres, and ashrams. Some of the main camping activities done in Rishikesh are white water rafting, mountaineering, mountain biking, bungee jumping and trekking.
  • Best time to visit Rishikesh: Best time to visit Rishikesh is from October to February. There are special Yoga events in Rishikesh in the month of February.

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Hope you liked reading this blog, about the best camping places near Chandigarh for you. Travelling and camping can be fun and a cherished experience when we go well prepared. Its time to say, travel well and have fun, while camping near Chandigarh!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is camping safe near Chandigarh?

You should visit the camping places near Chandigarh in their best season. It is advisable to consult a trusted travel planner for your camping plan. Overall, camping near Chandigarh is safe.

How many days are enough for camping near Chandigarh?

You can plan an itinerary of at least 3 days for camping near Chandigarh. Certain activities like hiking, trekking, etc. require you to get sufficient rest and may require more days to be added to your camping schedule.

Is camping near Chandigarh safe for solo women travellers?

Women or solo travellers can feel safe in any of the camping places near Chandigarh. For safety purpose, one should also follow the local rules and stay well equipped for emergency situations. For example: Keeping emergency numbers handy, avoiding night time outdoor explorations, etc.

What facilities are available during camping?

The facilities and services available for camping may vary according to the service provider. It is best to opt for reputed camp planners providing all necessary camping facilities for all genders and age groups. Remember to ask your travel partner about the list of all the facilities provided by them during the camp.

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