13 Secret Places In India Not Allowed To Visit

Secret Places In India

Hey there! This article is not trying to stop you from exploring cool places to visit in India. Instead, we want to tell you about some super beautiful spots that are a bit tricky to visit. India has loads of amazing natural beauty however there are a few secret places in India not allowed to visit.

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Top 13 Places In India Not Allowed To Visit

These places are stunning however getting there is not as easy as you might think. Come along as we share a list of awesome places in India.

Don’t Visit These Secret Places In India

Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park
Credit: KeralaTourism

Silent Valley National Park is one of the places restricted to visit in India. There has been a significant drop in the number of tourists visiting Silent Valley National Park in Kerala due to a recent Maoist attack.

The park’s tropical evergreen forests are famous for their pristine natural beauty and are truly breathtaking. Despite being one of the most beautiful places in India and is currently prohibited to visit due to safety concerns.

Chambal Basin

Restricted Area In India
Credit: Wikipedia

Chambal is popular for its unmatched beauty, but it has also been the hiding place of some of India’s most infamous outlaws. Bollywood filmmakers have been drawn to the creative potential of the area for a long time.

However, the danger of falling prey to the local dacoits remains a real threat for travelers, so it is generally avoided. Nonetheless, you will be amazed by the magnificence of this destination, which is one of the forbidden places in India.

Manas National Park

Manas National Park
Credit: Tripoto

It may come as a surprise, but a wildlife sanctuary that has been heavily promoted as a tourist destination has also been targeted by terrorists. In 2011, Bodo militants kidnapped officials from the Manas National Park, where the sanctuary is located.

Despite this, the government is commit to maintaining peace and promoting tourism in this incredible wildlife sanctuary, which is one of the most remarkable places to visit in India.

Pangong Tso Lake 

Forbidden Places In India
Credit: WallpapeFlare

It may seem surprising that a beautiful lake like Pangong Tso is on the list of forbidden places in India. After all, it attracts a large number of tourists every year who come to witness its unique color-changing phenomenon. However, it is important to note that a significant portion of the lake is inaccessible to tourists due to it being located in disputed territory. 

The Line of Actual Control (LAC) divides the Indian-controlled territory from the Chinese-controlled territory, cutting through the middle of Pangong Lake. As a result, only the part of the lake that lies on the Indian side is accessible to tourists.


Secret Places In India
Credit: TripiWiki

Tura is a beautiful town in Meghalaya that is popular for its vibrant tribes, picturesque landscapes, gushing waterfalls, limestone caves, and more. Unfortunately, it is also famous for terrorism. It has been targeted by some of the most notorious terrorist organizations in the Northeast. 

This has made it a dangerous place for travelers which is a sad reality. The picture shown here does not do justice to the beauty of this region. Tura is one of the most prominent prohibited places in India and caution is advised when considering travel to this area.

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Aksai Chin

No Go Area In India
Credit: TravelTheHimalaya

Aksai Chin is considered one of the most restricted places in the world. It is a ceasefire line that separates the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir from the Chinese-controlled area. This line, known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC), is located further to the east. 

The LAC is infamous for being one of the world’s most dangerous places in India and passes through the famous Pangong Tso Lake of Ladakh. It is needless to say that this place is incredibly beautiful and mysterious.

Nicobar Island

Secret Places In India
Credit: Pxfuel

The Nicobar Islands are an untouched and pristine destination, unlike the Andamans. The forests are lush and the beaches are surreal beyond explanation. However, foreigners need passes to enter the Islands, and visitors are not allowed to enter the tribal belts unless it is for a special purpose such as research. 

Even for that, one would have to go through rigorous formalities. The Nicobar Islands are a unique destination that is worth experiencing.


Haflong Lake
Credit: Odisha

Haflong is a charming town located in the heart of NC Hills in Assam. Unfortunately, the town’s tourism sector is greatly affected by militants from various terrorist organizations, which is very disheartening.

As a result, visitors are not allowed to visit this spellbinding and unbelievable place. It is truly magnificent and definitely worth seeing. Have you ever wished you could go there?

Barren Island

Active Volcano In India
Credit: AndamanBliss

The Barren Island of Andaman and Nicobar is home to the only active volcano in India. From the safety of a small ship, you can witness the red-hot lava and smoke erupting from the mouth of the volcano for a distance.

However, for safety reasons, nobody is allowed to get any closer to the hill. The region is breathtakingly beautiful, almost surreal.

North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island
Credit: StrongTravelers

Under the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Protection of Aboriginal Tribes Act of 1956, it is illegal to visit the North Sentinel Islands. The reason behind this is that the Sentinel tribal people, who have a population of just 50 to 150 individuals, have isolated themselves from the outside world and do not have any interest in being a part of modern civilization. 

To prevent any harm and with respect to the Sentinelese tribe’s wishes, the Indian Government has restricted individuals from going anywhere within 4 km of the islands from 2006 onwards.

Despite this, an American traveler had attempted to enter the islands secretly in 2018 and was attacked by the Sentinel tribe. It is believed that he was trying to preach Christianity to the tribal people. 

Cholamu Lake

Cholamu Lake
Credit: Holidify

Cholamu Lake is also known as Tso Lhamo Lake. It is one of the highest lakes in the world. It is located just a few kilometers away from the Tibet border in India and is therefore off-limits to tourists. Only the army and Sikkim police/administration are permitted to visit this stunning lake in Sikkim. 

Despite its restricted status, the beauty of Cholamu Lake is unparalleled. It is fed by the waters of the Kangtse, Pauhunri, and Zemu glaciers, making it a spotless lake that is the source of the famous Teesta River.

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Mt. Kanchenjunga

Forbidden Place
Credit: Pixabay

Mount Kanchenjunga is the world’s third-highest peak. It is a dream destination for many mountaineers and adventure seekers in India. However, it is not possible to climb it from India due to a ban imposed by the Sikkim Government in 2001.

The ban was put under the Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991 which prohibits expeditions to Kanchenjunga. The mountain was closed to climbers after the local Buddhist community expressed their strong opposition to what they considered the desecration of the revered mountain by foreign climbers.

As a result, it has become a no-go area in India in India and has remained closed for more than two decades now.

BARC Research Center

BARC Research Center
Credit: HindustanTimes

The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is located in Trombay, a suburb of Mumbai. It is India’s premier multi-disciplinary nuclear research center. It is equipped with futuristic facilities for advanced research and studies. Despite being an attraction for many it is a restricted area in India due to security reasons. 

Only students and researchers are allowed to enter the premises after a series of security checks and obtaining permission from government institutions.

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As a traveler, it is important to respect the decisions of authorities who are trying to keep locals and tourists safe. India has several forbidden places which include isolated islands, trekking peaks, and disputed borders. Do not attempt to visit these places or you may find yourself in trouble.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the nearest railway station to Silent Valley National Park?

The closest railway station to Silent Valley National Park is Palghat Junction in Palakkad. From there, you can easily hop on a private bus to cover the rest of the journey.

What type of volcano is Barren Island?

Barren Island is classified as a Stratovolcano, located in the Andaman Sea.

How can I get to Manas National Park?

The nearest railway station to Manas is Barpeta Road. It is well connected to major cities in Assam by road. You can hire a cab from Guwahati or the railway station to reach the park.

What is Manas National Park popular for?

Manas National Park holds the titles of a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, a Project Tiger Reserve, an Elephant Reserve, and a Biosphere Reserve. It’s the only tiger reserve in Assam and is popular for its diverse wildlife, including the golden langur, red panda, and other rare species.

Can tourists visit Barren Island?

Yes, tourists can reach the island by boat or ferry. However, they are limited to landing ashore due to restrictions.

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