Places To Visit In Mizoram

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Places To Visit In Mizoram

If you love to travel, you probably have a list of dream destinations. In India, there is a special place that is like a hidden treasure waiting to be explored! It is called the North East Indian states, and they are also known as the seven sister states.

These states are really unique and different from the rest of India. The culture, the food, and the people here are just amazing and diverse. One of these beautiful states is Mizoram, and this place should be your dream destination.

Today, we are going to talk about the unique places to visit in Mizoram, so let’s get ready to discover the wonders of Mizoram! There are incredible landscapes, rich traditions, and tasty treats waiting for you.

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Top 5 Places To Visit In Mizoram

When you are in Mizoram, get ready to experience the wonders of nature and dive into the rich culture of this incredible state. Mizoram is truly like no other place! If you are planning a vacation with your family and friends, you should definitely consider visiting the beautiful tourist spots in Mizoram.

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the best places to visit in Mizoram. These places will leave you mesmerized and take away all your worries, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed when you return to your daily routine.

Be ready for an amazing adventure in Mizoram and explore the top 5 places to visit in Mizoram that will fill your heart with joy.

Explore Top 5 Places In Mizoram


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Imagine a place so beautiful, it feels like paradise on Earth. Well, that dream comes true in Aizawl! Aizawl is one of Mizoram’s oldest and most charming cities, and people from all over the region come here to see its breathtaking views. The peaceful atmosphere of this little town can make you feel completely relaxed in your mind, body, and soul. It has lots of amazing places for tourists to explore!

For the adventurous souls, there are nearby hills to hike, and from the top, you can see the entire town in all its panoramic glory. While visiting the Aizawl, don’t miss out on the lively Mizoram festivals that happen in Aizawl – they are bursting with color and energy!

So, if you want to experience a place straight out of your dreams, Aizawl is the place to be. It is a unique place to visit in Mizoram that will leave you in awe and make your heart feel lighter than ever!

  • How to reach Aizawl? The nearest railway station to Aizawl is Silchar Railway Station located around 130 kilometers away. From Silchar, you can continue your journey to Aizawl by road.
  • What is Aizawl famous for? Aizawl is famous for its beautiful places such as Hmuifang, Tamdil Lake, Chanmari, Handicraft Museum, and more.
  • Best time to visit Aizawl: The best time to visit Aizawl is from November to March. During these months, the weather is pleasant and ideal for a visit.

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In Mizoram, you can find a rich variety of plants and animals, thanks to its lush greenery. But if you want a break from the busy city life, Phawngpui is the place to be! It is one of the top attractions in Mizoram and a haven for rare animals like Goral, Serrow, and barking deer.

You will be amazed to know that this place is also home to wild creatures like leopards and tigers! And for bird lovers, it is just like a paradise with colorful birds like Falcon, Sunbirds, Dark rumped swift, Mountain bamboo partridge, Oriental pied hornbill, Larks, and Pipits.

The vibrant village itself adds a special touch to your trip, making it truly unforgettable. And if you love trekking, Phawngpui offers one of the best trekking places in Mizoram.

So, pack your bags and get ready to be amazed by the incredible wildlife and nature in Phawngpui.

  • How to reach Phawngpui? To reach Phawngpui, you can take a flight from Lingui Airport or take a train from the Silchar Railway Station.
  • What is Phawngpui famous for? Phawngpui is famous for being the highest peak in Mizoram and is often referred to as the “Blue Mountain” due to its blue-hued peak.
  • Best time to visit Phawngpui: The best time to visit Phawngpui is during the months of October to April. This period falls during the dry season and offers pleasant weather.

Tamdil lake

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Hey there, tired souls in need of a break! Listen up, because we have got the perfect spot for you in Mizoram – Tamdil Lake! It is like a hidden treasure, and people visit Tamdil Lake for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Imagine, a sparkling, crystal-clear lake surrounded by a lush jungle that will leave you spellbound from the moment you arrive. It is a magical sight! Imagine being surrounded by green trees, with the clear blue sky above you, and dipping your feet into the refreshing, clear waters of the lake.

So, if you are craving a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Tamdil Lake is calling your name! Pack your bags and get ready to dive into the beauty of Tamdil Lake. It is time to let go of all your stress and enjoy the serene beauty of this beautiful place in Mizoram!

  • How to reach Tamdil Lake? Silchar Railway Station in Assam is the closest railway station, and from there, you can continue your journey by road.
  • What is Tamdil Lake famous for? Tamil Lake is a natural freshwater lake surrounded by dense forests, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers and peace seekers.
  • Best time to visit Tamdil Lake: The best time to visit Tamdil Lake is during the months of November to March.
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Mamit is like a shining star among Mizoram’s top tourist spots! There is so much to see here, especially for wildlife enthusiasts. One of the best places you can’t miss is the Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary. If you love being in nature’s wild embrace, this is the place to be!

Just imagine spotting a peacock showing off its feathers, a majestic Malabar pied hornbill soaring in the sky, or a crested serpent eagle gliding through the trees. It is like a dream come true for nature lovers! And guess what? You might even get lucky and see some rare species like rhesus macaque and leaf monkeys.

The wildlife here will leave you awe-inspired and make your trip truly unforgettable! It is a paradise for all those who cherish the beauty of the wild.

  • How to reach Mamit? The nearest major airport is Lengpui Airport in Aizawl, and from there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Mamit.
  • What is Mamit famous for? Mamit is famous for its natural beauty and wildlife. It is home to the Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can spot a diverse range of flora and fauna.
  • Best time to visit Mamit: The best time to visit Mamit is during the months of November to March. During this period, the weather is pleasant, and the temperature is moderate.

Murlen National Park

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Welcome to Murlen National Park, nestled in Mizoram’s Champhal district! If you love nature, this place is heaven for you. Here you can see, a wide variety of plants and animals. Can you believe it? Around 150 different bird species call this place home, and you will see vibrant bamboos and beautiful orchids that add splashes of color to the landscape.

Now, let me tell you a fascinating fact about the forests here. They are so dense and lush that even on a bright, sunny day, only 1% of sunlight can penetrate through the trees. It is like stepping into a secret realm, far away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Some people even compare this wonder to the famous Amazon rainforest in South America – that is how incredible it is!

  • How to reach Murlen National Park? To reach the park, you can first travel to Aizawl. From Aizawl, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to reach Murlen National Park. The park is around 160 kilometers away from Aizawl.
  • What is Murlen National Park famous for? Murlen National Park is famous for its incredible biodiversity and dense forests. It is a haven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Best time to visit Murlen National Park: The best time to visit Murlen National Park is during the months of October to March.
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In the end, Mizoram is a real gem with its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and wildlife. From the tranquil beauty of Aizawl to the breathtaking sights at Phawngpui and Tamdil Lake, this state offers a dreamy escape for anyone seeking a peaceful holiday. And for nature lovers, the Mamit and Murlen National Park will leave you in awe of Mother Nature’s wonders.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: What are the top tourist attractions in Mizoram?

Answer: Some of the top tourist attractions in Mizoram include Aizawl, Phawngpui, Tamdil Lake, Mamit, and Murlen National Park.

Question 2: What makes Murlen National Park special?

Answer: Murlen National Park is special due to its rich biodiversity, dense forests, and home to around 150 bird species and various animals, making it a paradise for nature lovers.

Question 3: How do I reach Murlen National Park?

Answer: To reach Murlen National Park, you need to first travel to Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram. From Aizawl, you can take a taxi or bus to reach the park, which is approximately 245 kilometers away.

Question 4: Which place in Mizoram is known for its crystal-clear lake and tranquil surroundings?

Answer: Tamdil Lake in Mizoram is famous for its crystal-clear waters and peaceful ambiance, attracting many visitors seeking a relaxing holiday.

Question 5: What unique wildlife can I spot at Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram?

Answer: At Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary, you can spot various rare animals like the Goral, Serrow, rhesus macaque, and leaf monkeys.

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