How to Plan Dubai Trip from India?

How to plan Dubai Trip from India

For any avid traveller, Dubai has got a prime spot in their dream travel wishlist. This charming emirate in the UAE may be hyped as a desert city but it has never limited itself to it. It has never been afraid of breaking stereotypes, ultimately emerging as an opulent, contemporary global city on the world map.

Lets Plan Your Perfect Dubai Trip From India!

For Indian citizens, Dubai is a popular destination to visit due to its proximity and popularity for travel. Many flock from India to explore the rich blend of modern architectural wonders, Bedouin cultural experiences, and awe-inspiring record-breaking attractions.

Planning a Dubai trip from India?

Burj Khalifa - Planning A trip to Dubai from India
Burj Khalifa

Then, this post is for you where you can get valuable insight into how to plan Dubai trip from India. 

Check your passport

Your passport will decide if you can plan your visit to Dubai smoothly. To plan your trip to Dubai, your passport must be valid for at least six months after your arrival. It should not be handwritten or damaged, and have enough blank pages.

Depending on the passport you hold, you may qualify for visa-on-arrival or visa exemption benefits.

Explore visa types available for you

Another important aspect to keep in mind while travel planning – decide which kind of visa suits your travel purpose. A short-term stay Dubai visa can be acquired for tourism, business or social visit.

Indians with US visas, UK residence permits, EU residence permits, and US Green Cards are eligible for visa-on-arrival benefits in Dubai. Further, Indian citizens can apply for Dubai evisa as well.

Plan what kind of holiday experience you desire

Once you know the type of visa you require for your Dubai travel, plan the next step – shortlist attractions as per your interest.

Are you in Dubai visiting family? Planning a weekend romantic Dubai getaway with your beloved? Venturing out on an adventure solo trip? Maybe you would like to visit Dubai during the Dubai Food Festival or Dubai Shopping Festival or perhaps bring in the New Year in Dubai.

Your reason for visiting Dubai greatly affects your travel date and what attractions you would like to enjoy in Dubai.

Choose your date of travel

This step is crucial as it will make or break your holiday experience. Make sure you check which time of the year you wish to visit Dubai.

August to April are generally the most comfortable months to visit Dubai. August to October is shoulder season offering the opportunity to explore the city with fewer crowds of tourists and enjoy more affordable rates for accommodations and sightseeing.

If you are seeking the bustling, festive vibe of Dubai, then December to February are ideal months to visit for you. Seasonal attractions such as Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village operate only from October to April.

Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden

Certain popular events and festivals also operate during these months. So keep an eye out on Dubai’s attractions, events and festival calendar if you wish to be part of it on your Dubai holiday.

Book your journey tickets

Once the dates are decided, it’s time to reserve your tickets for your chosen travel dates. You can travel to Dubai via flight. You will need to book return tickets as it is a compulsory requirement to get a Dubai visa. It confirms that you will be leaving the UAE once your purpose of visit is complete.

Plan your trip itinerary and travel bookings

As per the purpose of your visit, number of days you intend to stay in Dubai, your holiday budget and interest in travel, choose the attractions that you want to experience in Dubai. Proceed with hotel, transport and sightseeing bookings.

If you are planning a family holiday, reserve tickets for theme park tickets such as IMG World tickets in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. Do not forget to visit iconic experiences such as the view from Burj Khalifa, the Dubai desert safari, and Dhow cruise in Dubai experiences.

Dhow cruise in Dubai
Dhow cruise in Dubai

Include free-of-cost attractions as well when you plan your Dubai holiday as there are plenty of them to visit. Dubai has ample recreational activities and experiences and it can become a bit overwhelming to actually choose which ones to include in your trip.

So, it is best to approach a Dubai travel specialist who will help out in designing and booking your ideal Dubai holiday. 

Apply for your visa

Depending upon your passport, apply for your visa in advance. You can completely skip this step if you qualify for a visa-on-arrival benefits. However, remember to carry all the travel documents required for getting your visa-on-arrival after landing in Dubai.

Apply and acquire travel and health insurance as well as it is a mandatory requisite for getting a Dubai visa. While applying for a Dubai visa before arriving in the emirate, ensure that you follow the visa requirements meticulously to avoid any last-minute delays or visa rejection.

Make a travel packing checklist

When your visa is in processing, it’s time to start packing! Make a list of everything you will need for each person travelling with you to Dubai. Remember this: No matter what time of the year you are travelling to Dubai, the weather will always be hot.

So carry lightweight, cotton clothes and apparel that can be used as layers if the air conditioning feels chilly or if the temperature drops at night.

Certain Dubai attractions have dress codes that visitors must adhere to, so it’s important to pack accordingly if you plan to visit them. Sunscreen, hats, closed shoes and sunglasses are staples in your utility bag while visiting Dubai. Get some UAE dirhams for day-to-day expenditures.

Pack only the essentials and aim to travel light as much as possible.

Sort out connectivity issues

There is no way you can travel to a foreign country without active network connectivity. Activate your SIM card’s international roaming before you arrive in Dubai, or get a new international SIM card for uninterrupted data and connectivity.

You can also use the complimentary SIM card provided to you when you arrive at Dubai Airport. Travelling around Dubai is another connectivity issue to consider. You can always rely on the efficient Dubai bus and metro system.

Getting a Nol card saves you time and money and drastically eases your commute within Dubai.

IMG Worlds of Adventure
IMG Worlds of Adventure

Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Dubai Etiquettes and Law

Finally, all your documents are sorted and your bags are packed. Now it is time to understand the law of the land of a foreign destination. When you arrive in Dubai, you should adhere to agree and act on all laws and customs of the emirate irrespective of your country’s norms and customs.

Dubai laws are also quite strict and breaking them can cause you to pay a heavy fine or land you in jail. So it is best to know the Dos and Don’ts of Dubai and be cautious about offending locals or breaking Dubai laws.

For instance, the Ramadan month in Dubai is a holy period of fasting and hence even Dubai visitors are advised not to dine during the fasting times in public. Even the medications you bring along must be double-checked as some medicines commonly used in your country are not allowed in Dubai.

And that’s all! Follow these steps and you can confidently go ahead and visit the wonderful world of Dubai!