By : Kunal Thakurani

35 Amazing Places To Visit Near Raipur

Banjari Mandir

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Banjari Mandir is a temple devoted to Goddess Banjari, a colorful piece of religious architecture situated right in the center of the city.

Kankali Talab

Kankali Talab was once the seat of the great sages of Goswami Naga belonging to the Dashnami Sanyasi sect.

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Gandhi Udyan Park

Gandhi Udyan Park is one of the oldest and most well-known parks in Raipur. It is a well-maintained park and has a large widespread walking area of 400 meters.

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Town Hall

Town hall is one of the tourist places in Raipur which also functions as a government building. It acts as a time capsule capturing the history of dynasties

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Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum

While town hall gives us an insight into the collective past of the Nation, Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum gives us an insight into the collective past of Raipur.

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Swami Vivekanda Sarovar

Swami Vivekananda Sarovar is a popular landmark for the people of Raipur. This park is filled with people at any time of the day, in the morning people are seen exercising in the park,

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Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a popular tourist destination in Raipur opposite the beautiful Telibandha Lake.

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Energy Park

Energy Park or Urja Park’s specialty is that all the rides that operate in the park run entirely on solar power.

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