By : Kunal Thakurani

8 Best Sleeping Bag Brands in India


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Decathlon is a renowned brand offering a diverse range of outdoor products, including high-quality sleeping bags. 


Their sleeping bags are designed to provide comfort in different temperature conditions, making them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

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Wildcraft, a well-established Indian brand, is synonymous with outdoor adventure gear. 

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The North Face

An international brand with a strong presence in India, The North Face offers premium sleeping bags designed for extreme conditions.

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Columbia, a global brand, has made a mark in the Indian market with its high-performance outdoor gear.

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TrekNTrails is an emerging Indian brand that focuses on outdoor gear, including sleeping bags. Known for their quality and affordability,

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Very comfortable even under the cold, harsh winds. Keeps warm and cozy even when it’s 32F~ 50F, it is extremely comfortable and super warm.

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This camouflage sleeping bag cover is made of Nylon, which is water-resistant and super high quality Hollow fiber with Fleece Liner to support -10 to 0°C

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Coleman Sun Ridge

This sleeping bag is very sleep comfortable, even when it’s 40⁰ F (4.44⁰ C) outside. The warm weather bag fits heights up to 5ft 11-inch (1.8 m) and is designed to keep you cozy and safe.

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It's not over yet!   Check out these sleeping bag brands in more details.