By : Kunal Thakurani

17 Best Hill Stations Near Ahmedabad

Thol Lake

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Thol Lake which is just 30 km from Ahmedabad is home to the well-known Thol nature refuge, which attracts a wide variety of birds.

Kanjari Deer Park

It is a lovely area for a day trip away from Ahmedabad city’s bustle. An area of open grassland where black bucks, various birds, and butterflies can be found.

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The most popular and nearby picnic location from Ahmedabad is Gandhinagar. It boasts a lot of tourist attractions and a very green atmosphere.

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Polo Forest

This hill station is located in the Aravalli range and feels somewhat new compared to other different hill stations close to Ahmedabad. Polo Forest,

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Mount Abu

It takes 5 hours to drive from Ahmedabad to the mountainous, forested hills of Mount Abu. The Aravalli Range’s tallest peaks are where Mount Abu is situated.

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Ranakpur is one of the best hill towns to visit nearby Ahmedabad. It also serves as the most sacred site for Jains.Ranakpur is one of the best hill towns to visit nearby Ahmedabad. 

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Wilson Hillsv

Wilson Hills is one of the few hill stations in the world that offers a glimpse of the sea, with an average altitude of 2500 feet.

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A rocky outcrop in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar district is home to the fortress town of Mandu.

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