By : Rahul Gupta


Little Cove Wellness

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Little Cove Wellness Resort offers tranquility with wooden cottages, Ayurveda ambiance, yoga, ayurvedic massages, and a luxury pool.

Savana Lake

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Savana Lake Resort in Dahegaon offers a picturesque escape surrounded by nature, with amenities like boating, games, and family-friendly facilities.

Anand Resorts

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Anand Resort is a beautiful resort that offers budget-friendly accommodation with amenities like an indoor pool, parking, restaurant, and free Wi-Fi in every room.

Gp Hotels & Resorts

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GP Hotels and Resorts in Girnare Village near Nashik offers budget-friendly options with an outdoor pool, free parking, karaoke, horse riding, and more. Ideal for a one-day picnic.

Green Estate Resort

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Green Estate Resort is located near Matori Village. It offers a rural retreat with amenities like free parking, a large outdoor pool, gardens, and complimentary bikes.

Aria Resort N Spa

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Aria Resort N Spa, near Gangapur Dam, stands out with lush greenery, a large pool, a restaurant, free parking, and spa facilities. 

Holiday Inn Express

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Holiday Inn Express is loacted, close to business and tourist centers. It offers budget-friendly accommodation with basic amenities, a fitness center, and a restaurant. 

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