By : Kunal Thakurani

8 Popular Painting Art Forms In Bharat

Patachitra Painting, Odisha

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Originating from Odisha, Patachitra paintings feature intricate details and vibrant colors, often depicting mythological themes.

Madhubani Painting, Mithila Bihar

Hailing from the Mithila region of Bihar, Madhubani paintings are characterized by bold colors and intricate patterns, portraying scenes from mythology and nature.

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Kalamkari Painting, Andhra Pradesh

With roots in Andhra Pradesh, Kalamkari involves hand-painting or block-printing on fabric using natural dyes, showcasing elaborate storytelling.

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Gond Painting,  Madhya Pradesh

Gond paintings, originating from Madhya Pradesh, are known for their intricate patterns and vibrant depictions of nature, animals, and tribal life.

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Phad Painting, Rajasthan

Rajasthan's Phad paintings are narrative scrolls depicting stories of local deities and legends, often showcasing bold colors and detailed storytelling.

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Thanjavur Painting, Tamil Nadu

Thanjavur paintings, native to Tamil Nadu, are characterized by rich colors, gold leaf work, and depictions of Hindu deities, adding a touch of opulence.

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Kalighat Painting, West Bengal

Originating near the Kalighat temple in Kolkata, Kalighat paintings showcase bold brushwork and depict daily life, mythology, and social issues.

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Mural Painting, Kerala

Kerala Mural paintings, rooted in Kerala's traditions, adorn temples and palaces, featuring intricate details and a distinctive color palette, often portraying 

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