By : Kunal Thakurani

10 Breathtaking Coastal Roads in India

Vizag Beach Road 

Image Credit: Contruction Review 

Vizag Beach Road in Vishakhapattanam offers stunning views of beaches and the Bay of Bengal.

Marine Drive in Mumbai 

Image Credit: Wikipedia 

Marine Drive in Mumbai is known as the 'Queen's Necklace', famous for its sunset views.

Puri Konark Marine Drive 

Image Credit: Sai Chintala's Blog

Puri Konark Marine Drive Road in Odisha connects two historic sites with scenic coastal views.

Dhanushkodi Beach Road 

Image Credit: Sai Chintala's Blog

Dhanushkodi Beach Road in Rameswaram leads to an abandoned town with oceanic landscapes.

Maravanthe Beach Road 

Image Credit: Adventure Buddha

Maravanthe Beach Road in Karnataka is unique with sea on one side and river on the other.

Pithrody Beach Road 

Image Credit: Local Guides Connect

Pithrody Beach Road in Karnataka is a tranquil drive through unspoiled coastal landscapes.

Upada Kakinada Beach Road

Image Credit: TripAdvisor 

Upada Kakinada Beach Road in Andhra Pradesh offers a peaceful drive along the Bay of Bengal.

Anjuthengu Perumathura Beach Road 

Image Credit: Whatshot

Anjuthengu Perumathura Beach Road in Kerala is a serene drive through fishing villages and backwaters.

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