By : Rahul Gupta

15 Best Nature Resorts Near Mumbai For Your Next Trip

Rainforest Resort

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Rainforest Resort Igatpuri is situated in a tranquil and serene location in Igatpuri, 120 km from Mumbai. It is surrounded by lush greenery and offers stunning views of the Igatpuri mountains.

The Machan 

Image Credit: The Machan

It is an eco-village resort near Mumbai in Lonavala that provides a peaceful retreat in tree houses located within 25 acres of forest with 20,000 native trees. It is 83 km from Mumbai.

The Hidden Village

Image Credit: Hidden Village

The resort is located in a 4-acre space filled with lush greenery and has a beautiful natural freshwater spring offering fun activites. It is located in Igatpuri, 120 km from Mumbai.

Fariyas Resort

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Fariyas Resort is one of the top resorts near Mumbai that offers all modern amenities. This deluxe five-star resort is nestled in Frichley Hills about 83 km from Mumbai in Lonavala.

Zara’s Resort

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Zara’s resort, an affordable nature retreat, situated in Lonavala on the Pune-Mumbai Road. It is amongst the best nature resorts near Mumbai about 80 km away offering various activities.

Della Resorts & Villas 

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Della Resorts & Villas is a nature retreat in Lonavala 83 km from Mumbai for the weekend. Covering 43 acres of land, this designer resort offers three types of five-star accommodations. 

Dune Barr House

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Dune Barr House is a 170 year old British mansion built by Captain Barr in the 19th century, and is Asia’s only pedestrian hill resort. It offers various amenities and is  about 84 km from Mumbai.

Grape County

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Grape County is a popular resort that boasts an outdoor pool and views of the lake. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant along with other premium amenities. It is 180 km from Mumbai in Nashik.

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