By : Rahul Gupta

8 Extremely Beautiful Beaches in Bharat

Om Beach

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Om Beach is a serene crescent in Gokarna, India, renowned for its spiritual ambiance, golden sand, turquoise waters, and water sports.

Varkala Beach

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Varkala Beach, on Kerala's coast, offers a unique cliffside setting, spiritual charm, mineral-rich waters, Ayurvedic treatments, and vibrant markets.

Ramakrishna Beach

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Ramakrishna Beach located in Visakhapatnam is a picturesque shoreline known for its peaceful promenade, golden sands, cultural events, and seafood delights.

Palolem Beach

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Palolem Beach in Goa boasts pristine shores, palm-fringed surroundings, vibrant shacks, water activities, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Malvan Beach

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Malvan Beach is nestled in Maharashtra enchants with its pristine stretch, water sports, historic Sindhudurg Fort, and delectable Malvani cuisine.

Rushikonda Beach

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Rushikonda Beach near Visakhapatnam is a scenic haven with golden sands, clear waters, ideal surfing conditions, and a tranquil ambiance, perfect for relaxation.

Kapu Beach

Image Credit: Karnataka Tourism

Kapu Beach is located in Karnataka. It is renowned for its picturesque lighthouse, golden shores, soothing waves, and tranquil environment.

Radhanagar Beach

Image Credit: Andaman Tourism, Andaman Tour Packages

Radhanagar Beach, in the Andaman Islands, is celebrated for its pristine white sands, crystal-clear waters, lush greenery, and breathtaking sunsets, offering a serene tropical paradise.

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