By : Kunal Thakurani

States with Highest Number of Hindu Mandir in Bharat 

Tamil Nadu - 79,154 

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Tamil Nadu leads the list with an impressive count of 79,154 Hindu temples. The state is renowned for its magnificent and historically significant temples.

Maharashtra - 77,283 

Following closely is Maharashtra, boasting 77,283 Hindu temples. The state's temples reflect a blend of architectural styles and cultural influences.

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Karnataka - 66,465 

Karnataka embraces a rich religious heritage with 66,465 Hindu temples. Each temple narrates stories of devotion and spirituality.

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Andhra Pradesh - 56,890 

Andhra Pradesh, with 56,890 temples, showcases the deep-rooted spiritual practices prevalent in the region.

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Gujarat - 49,984 

Gujarat's landscape is adorned with 49,984 Hindu temples, each holding significance in the hearts of the devotees.

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Himachal Pradesh - 42,652 

Himachal Pradesh, known for its scenic beauty, also hosts 42,652 Hindu temples, adding to its cultural allure.

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Rajasthan - 38,955 

Rajasthan, with its royal heritage, is home to 38,955 Hindu temples, each narrating tales of devotion and architectural grandeur.

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